[Top 10] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons And How To Get Them

Top 10 Cyberpunk 2077 best weapons in the whole game!
So many options so little time.

Sup choombas! When it comes to weapons they come in all different flavors. This game has it all to satisfy your need for guns. If you’re someone who loves to get up close and personal, you have a variety of shotguns and katanas to pick.

If you love the medium range you have SMGs and pistols. But if you’re more of a guy who loves to stand back and fire at your targets you have a huge pool of sniper rifles and assault rifles to choose from. So let’s not daddle around anymore and get into the list!

10. Mantis Blades

Their speed is incredible and you can slice up people in seconds and turn them into mincemeat. Not only that but you can also find a legendary variant for free in a footlocker in Wellsprings on a rooftop near Epistrophy: Wellsprings. They go well with a melee build. 

What makes Mantis Blades great:

  • Quick speed 
  • High DPS (if going a melee build). 
  • Able to deal with thermal damage.
  • Few legendary variants are free to find. 
  • Medium cost at a ripper doc. 

Mantis Blades Stats:

  • Base DPS: 118-144
  • Attack speed: 2
  • Bleeding Chance: 10%
  • Physical/thermal damage: 63-77

9. Skippy

But to keep this little annoying guy around you forever, you simply never finish this quest. Don’t worry about being the highest level in this game as this little handgun scales to your level. 

What makes Skippy great:

  • He’s a smart gun, which means he shoots people for you. 
  • Each shot is a headshot. 
  • He can talk to you while you’re using him. 
  • Deals a nice amount of damage. 

Skippy stats:

  • DPS is 181.9.
  • 36-44 damage. 
  • 4.55 Attack speed. 
  • Lock onto people and each shot is a headshot. 

8. Fenrir

But the upside is that if anyone is in your zone or range they’ll have to suffer the wrath of Odin himself by the number of bullets that will leave this gun's barrel. Thank god CDPR didn’t implement a feature where the guns can overheat. Fenrir can be found anywhere around the map for free. 

What makes Fenrir great:

  • High attack speed. 
  • Shreds people limb by limb. 
  • Can fit inside of your back pocket. 
  • Named after the great wolf from Norse mythology. 

Fenrir stats:

  • DPS is 123.2. 
  • 16-19 damage per bullet. 
  • 6.90 Attack speed. 
  • Has a chance to deal either thermal, burn, or crit damage depending on what variant you have. 

7. Overwatch

Overwatch also has some unique perks and stats because it’s an iconic weapon which makes them better than the normal variants in some cases. This sniper rifle sounds powerful and while shooting it you’ll feel like you’re in the movie “American Sniper”. 

What makes Overwatch great: 

  • Iconic sniper rifle. 
  • Unique perks and stats. 
  • Able to deal up to 10,000k damage per shot. 
  • Sounds powerful while firing it. 

Overwatch stats: 

  • DPS is 490.3 
  • 1026-1254 damage. It’s also able to do up to 10,000 damage with the correct build.
  • 0.3 Attack speed. 
  • 40-80% crit chance.
  • 10% bleeding chance. 
  • 54.35% to ricochet and deal bonus damage. 

6. Ba Xing Chong

This weapon being iconic and the fact it shoots rockets has to be the most broken weapon in the game if you’re going the explosive build. You can craft this weapon after acquiring the blueprint from Adam Smasher’s secret stash. 

What makes Ba Xing Chong great:

  • Fires explosive bullets at enemies. 
  • A smart weapon so you don’t have to aim at all. 
  • An iconic weapon that comes with a lot of unique stats. 

Ba Xing Chong stats:

  • DPS is 487.5
  • 27-33 damage. 
  • 0.87 Attack speed. 
  • 19.46% crit chance. 
  • 83.40% crit damage. 

5. Rostović DB-2 Satara

The downside to this shotgun is the low ammo capacity but the upside is being able to destroy pretty much anything in its path. It’s a tech shotgun but same as other tech weapons it can be charged to release a more powerful shot that’s capable of shooting through the cover. 

What makes Rostović DB-2 Satara great:

  • Able to penetrate through cover with a charged shot. 
  • Tech shotgun. 
  • Able to tear limbs apart from enemies. 

Rostović DB-2 Satara stats:

  • DPS is 559,2.
  • 46-57 damage. 
  • Holds 2 shots. 
  • Charge time: 1.90 seconds. 
  • 0.77 Attack speed. 

4. O’Five

You can collect this weapon after beating the life out of a brat called Buck. He’s an American veteran that turned cocky for whatever reason. After you beat him and murder him you can take the weapon from his cold dead body and use it however you wish. 

What makes O’Five great:

  • Fires explosive bullets. 
  • A high amount of damage. 
  • An iconic weapon with unique perks. 

O’Five stats:

  • DPS is 287.0. 
  • 998-1200 Damage. 
  • 0.26 Attack Speed.
  • 42.44% Crit Chance. 
  • 4.6 Headshot Damage Multiplier

3. Moron Labe

It’s an iconic weapon that can be crafted after getting the perk “Edgerunner Artisan Perk” and you get the blueprint from a gang leader that resides in West Wind Estate. If you love using assault rifles or just having a decent high-power gun with you, you should craft this one. 

What makes Moron Labe great:

  • Makes limbs fly off of enemies. 
  • Easy to acquire and craft. 
  • High power. 
  • An iconic weapon with unique stats. 

Moron Labe stats:

  • 249.9 DPS.
  • 46-56 Damage. 
  • 4.89 Attack Speed.
  • Deals Chemical and Physical damage. 

2. Widow Maker

This gun might not come with a thick booty, like from the game “Overwatch” but what it does have is a high power rate and a great sound when being fired. It’s also a tech weapon that can be charged up to deal extra damage to your enemies and also comes with a lot of unique stats. It can also be upgraded from a rare to an epic variant to deal either chemical or poison damage. 

What makes Widow Maker great:

  • It’s a tech weapon which means it can be charged up for additional damage. 
  • Can be easily acquired just after killing some random dude called Nash. 
  • Can be upgraded from a rare variant into an epic one. 

Widow Maker Stats:

  • 381.1 DPS.
  • 27-33 damage. 
  • 12.41 Attack Speed. 
  • 1.50 Headshot Multiplier. 

1. Johnny's Silverhand handgun/Malorian Arms 3516

If you’re shooting the gun from your hip or simply hip firing with the pistol the bullets will ricochet but if you’re aiming down sights with it you can shoot through walls. This handgun was custom made for Johnny Silverhand and many people said that he had a unique taste in guns and weapons. The handgun can be obtained from Grayson after completing a side gig. 

What makes Johnny’s Silverhand handgun great:

  • Bullets can ricochet when hip fired. 
  • Bullets can penetrate walls or cover when aiming down sights. 
  • The best handgun in the whole game. 
  • Owned by the legendary rebel Johnny Silverhand. 

Johnny’s Silverhand handgun stats:

  • 238.5 DPS. 
  • 96-118 Damage. 
  • 2.22 Attack Speed.
  • 1.20 Headshot Damage Multiplier. 

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