[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Optics And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Optics In The Whole Game
Make your eyes and vision stronger and better!

Sup choombas we all have eyes in our heads, right? But what if I told you that you could upgrade your puny mortal eyes to see even better, something like a Sharingan or a Rinnegan. Well, you for sure can upgrade your eyes but it comes at a price.

If you have the cash and the guts to do it then be my guest. Or let me do a better one for you, you can even put mods into your eye sockets to make them even stronger and better. I’ve already got the best eyes ever so I don’t need to upgrade anymore. I can see with my eyes on ultra 4K HDTV.

5. Weakspot Detection

This little chip also gives you a 5% increased crit chance and its rarity is uncommon. It can be found almost at any ripper doc or if you’re a special eye surgeon you can just rip it off your enemies and place it inside of your eye. But if you’re not a special eye surgeon it’s also really cheap to buy. You can buy it for a price of 885 shekels. 

What makes Weakspot Detection great:

  • Shows you the weakest points of your enemies. 
  • Its rarity is uncommon and can be found at almost any ripper doc.
  • Increases your crit chance by 5%. 
  • Only costs 885$. 

Weakspot Detection details:


4. Kiroshi Optics MK1

An old friend of yours who’s also a ripper doc will implant this optic inside of your skull when you’re about to go on a heist of your life. He says that you have to pay him but let’s be real you won’t have to. That’s what homies are for. Not to mention that kiroshi optics are the top-notch of the oculus implants. This optic also enhances your vision and gives you a free mod slot to put in mods. There’s a wide range of mods you can put in that slot but please put something useful in there.

What makes Kiroshi Optics MK.1 great:

  • It’s your first ever eye implant that you get for free. 
  • Enhances your vision. 
  • 1 available mod slot. 

Kiroshi Optics MK1 details:


3. Kiroshi Optics MK2

The rarity of this optic is rare but it can occasionally be found at a ripper doc for 3000$. There’s even an epic version that can be found at a ripper doc in Wellsprings. Anyone that’s had this eye implanted in them was 100% satisfied and no refunds were issued. 

What makes Kiroshi Optics MK.2 great:

  • A 100% upgrade from the MK.1 version. 
  • Costs 3000$ at your local ripper doc. 
  • An epic version can be found in Wellsprings.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.

Kiroshi Optics MK2 details:


2. Trajectory Analysis 

Crafting this mod will cost you over 8000$ but if you were to buy it it would cost you around 6500$. Combine this mod with others and I guarantee you that V will be unstoppable. Especially with the upgraded eyes where you’re even able to enhance your vision and detect if someone is trying to sneak up behind you. Like a kitty cat in the dark. 

What makes Trajectory Analysis great:

  • You’re able to calculate the bullet trajectory. 
  • 50% increased headshot damage. 
  • A legendary version can be found at a ripper doc in Watson. 

 Trajectory Analysis details:


1. Kiroshi Optics MK.3

There’s even an iconic version out in the world somewhere waiting to be found. That’s the rarest rarity of them all. Once you have 3 legendary mods placed into the free slots + this optic eye you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll be able to deal an insane amount of damage while predicting your enemy's movement like a master ninja. With this eye, you might even become Madara Uchiha of Night City. 

What makes Kiroshi Optics MK.3 great:

  • There’s an epic and an iconic version in Night City. 
  • The cost of this optic is 5000$. 
  • Enhances your vision and scanning abilities. 
  • 3 mod slots. 

Kiroshi Optics MK.3 details:


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