The 25 Best Cyberpunk Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Most Beautiful / Best Looking)

Image of a futuristic pair of goggles with overlying text: Cyberpunk
You can't prove it's not going to happen for another 50 years, and by then you wont care!

Cyberpunk will always be remembered for its release date. Having been pushed back multiple times, when released many users found the game to crash and overall issues. But a few months after release, people began to love the game for the story and fantastic gameplay. The story tells of a crime-ridden Night City, overtaken by drugs, sex, or violence it’s a far cry from the technologically advanced society we hope for. V is simply a person with extraordinary hacking abilities and trying to make their best life in Night City, but let’s take a look at some of the residents that inhabit the streets.


25) Cosplay By: Meier 

If you know anything about mantis', not someone you want to marry!

A favorite among the Aragami Sidewinder, this weapon acts as a type of hidden blade. The mantis blade consists of two simultaneously implanted blades that when flexed would extend into a weapon. Its name comes from how it appears in its expanded form. It really makes you question if someone really is unarmed and I think it would throw up a couple red flags if your girlfriend or boyfriend had one.


24)  Cosplay By: BlinksCosCave

After getting a computer, do you have to get a specific haircut?

One of the best friends you can ask for. Working hard as a mercenary to provide for his family. He was previously a Valentino, he values many of the same things as Vin Diesel: loyalty, friendship, and of course family. He is a very early contact of V. and he is highly skilled during heists as well as general thievery, but I don't think he’ll be answering the phone anytime soon.


23) Cosplay By: Shipou-Negiru

I'm guessing a lot of people in this place own sunglasses if you know what I mean.

Drugs are some of the most prominent goods in Night City. Having been manufactured by companies looking for guinea pigs, many are made in basements and sold on the streets at a high profit, and some are created by the military looking to create a mindless army of soldiers. Being 2077, all of these drugs are highly addictive and far nastier than most drugs in, say… 2020? Regardless, some of the rich pay for these drugs, but are somehow able to leave out the addictiveness in what people call designer drugs. I don’t know how that works, but I’ll relax with the non-addictive drugs I have thanks.


22) Cosplay By: Katfromrivia

It is nice to see a bit more gender equality in the future! Boys, Girls, Robots, everyone just wants to screw you over! 

Ruthlessness is a required trait among residents in Night City. While you stay in the city, if you choose to care for every soul you come across, it’s likely going to end with a bullet in the skull. Even still, there are those who do their best to help those around them, but in reality, most simply keep their heads down and move on. It’s far worse for those who truly need help and realize those on the street would likely kick them if given even a credit.


21) Cosplay By: Anastasiya Dryomova

I wonder what costume contests look like in 2077?

Night City has a very specific… Fashion trend. Most gear people wear is similar to this in a city where women either have to fight or sell their bodies and are likely going to be fitting clothes that make people question which option is closer. The way they are treated, Night city is closer to the year 1997. Night City has a ruthless, almost cruel view of women as mostly a simple tool. The most influential women in night city only barely managed to capitalize on people's views towards them in order to gain power very quickly. It’s unfortunate to see that such an advanced year would have us regress so far in this area.


20) Cosplay By: AngelOrav

Personally I don't think it's combat worthy, but I also don't live in 2077 so what do I know?

The pistol has held our back for a hundred years now, and it’s pretty reliable. Sure a pistol may not have as high impact as a shotgun (Unless it’s a hand cannon). And of course, they don't have a fully automatic option like assault rifles. But they are very easily concealed, can be made to be very quiet in stealth, and do not use nearly as much ammo as the two previous. Personally, there’s something about the small nature and easy to procure ammo that makes many residents in Night City carry one, despite being unlikely to fight. Hahahahahahahaha heh… no but actually keep it on you at all times.


19) Cosplay By:  Ben Bergmann

I wonder what it's like actually shopping for the high neck guards? I love the style, but the iron makes it heavy on my shoulders...

(Warning 4th wall break) V is one of the most interesting characters in the game. Being the playable character, they’re a mercenary who would end up toppling power throughout Night City. Being the player, V has a different upbringing depending on the early life choice they had. They could have been a nomad, a street kid, or been brought up as a corporate rich man. All these options would eventually lead to doing mercenary work with Jackie for several years giving them a lot of street cred. He slowly began earning himself enough money to rent a nicer apartment, but the “Thug Life” is not something easily escaped. Something I’m sure any gamer knows about.


18) Cosplay By: Southernlocust

With how many shootings their are, the undertaker must be making mad bank from this!

While it appears to be a horrible sense of fashion, most clothing in Night City is highly intentional even if many don't realize it. Being long sleeve conceals any potential weaponry, its loose-fitting design lets it become easily shed, its fluid design makes the actual target harder to hit, the balls on the shoulders provide some equipment, and the high collar protects the back of the wearer's neck. This design is meant for people on the streets, those who get in fights often and ask questions at a later date. Or it is a fashion thing and I just don’t get it. I’m willing to bet it’s probably both.


17) Cosplay By: love-squad

Love is nice, but the cold steel of a gun is for life... And coincidentally also death!

Most in the underground have led very rough lives. Most are either in debt or trying to get rich but almost all of them can be seen with a drug in one hand, and a gun in the other. While some may feel inclined to be a white knight and help these people, others like to keep their hands. In reality, these people are apathetic, tired of the day in day out slaughter, and are just looking for some kind of excitement in their lives. Most eagerly pick up their weapons hoping to find action or coin. You’ll also notice the wallet chain many people wear… I wonder if that's another cosmetic choice?


16)  Cosplay By: KADArt-Cosplay

I like to imagine a blooper reel of these guys failing. Like jumping in the wrong window and shooting up a party or something on accident.

Trauma team to the rescue! Most trauma team squads are equipped to cover almost any medical emergency one of their patients may be having. Each trauma team has an aerodyne pilot and co-pilot, 2 Security Specialists, a lead EMT, and an assistant EMT. These groups are specifically picked due to the less than friendly nature of most residents in Night City. The tactical members are set with heavy weaponry and allowed to clear a path to the patient if necessary while the EMTs care for the patient. Just in case, each EMT carries a single sidearm for self-defense, but their main priority is the safety of the patient. The EMTs are highly trained and given the necessary supplies to save any non-fatal wound, or are able to stabilize the patient until they can get them to a facility. I think it would be pretty cool to have a kind of personal doctor on hand for whenever you’re dying.


15) Cosplay By: Papertiger

Better or worse, If someone like this came at me, I'm going in the other direction!

A face covering is a really good idea for anyone planning to fight in Night City. While it does get a bit harder to see, the ability to shrug off at least a few headshots is right up there with one of the most useful things to have when being shot at. Even so, masks also come with opportunity. For those without cybernetic enhancements to their eyes, a mask can be equipped with night vision, thermal vision, heat vision, and a processor much like Iron-Man's mask that can immediately gather information on something. In a world where information is priceless, a mask could very well save your life in more than one way. Or you could just surgically enhance your eyes, but it’s a lot less cool.


14) Cosplay By:  CD Projekt RED

Whats the average life expectency in Night City? I'm pretty sure its close to 25, but I could guess lower.

With such an aggressive world, many of the people able to grow old are no slouches. While this man may appear to be someone who hunts, or possibly even a witcher, it is simply a facade to hide his true nature. being old, many of these people have the earliest versions of cybernetic enhancements including metal limbs that, shall we say, do not blend in. We can also tell many of the elderly do not have an addiction to some of the more powerful drugs Night City has to offer but prefer to stick with their traditional favorites: Cigarettes. Even due to age I would not want to mess with this beast of a man, nor tick him off enough to use his large weaponry.


13) Cosplay By: Props It Yourself

I'd be the grandpa in the corner saying "Back in my day, when you went to medicle school it didnt require you to shoot a gun!" Yes grandpa, here's another pudding cup

Trauma team doesn't mess around. Even though their main purpose is to heal the target, anyone who stands in the way of that is going to get mowed down pretty quickly. The two tactical members of the Trauma Team carry an assault weapon as well as a submachine gun. While the trauma team has been around since 2020, the assault team only appears to have been added after 2045. I’m assuming the government used to be a lot more worried about giving guns to doctors, but this is America dang it! If your doctors cant inflict the same damage they heal, can they even be considered doctors?


12) Cosplay By: Alex Wolf

How many people died in Night City holding a sawed off shotgun gangster style? I'm Going with 12

Ocular implants are the newest fad among street thugs. Costing more than $5,000 per eye, they become a near essential piece of equipment with any line of work. Including a personal zoom-in and enhancement, bettering your aim, predicting grenade paths, or any other ability that is likely to save your life! The best part is that all these abilities are built directly into your eyes so you never have to worry about losing it, or not having it when you've been thrown into a trunk! There is one issue it can cause, however, and that's a hacker. Any hacker worth a decent amount can just shut your eyes off so maybe hold off until you can get some kind of in-head VPN.


11) Cosplay By Yugoro

Nope Nope Nope, I'm not touching this topic because I like having an online presence and I enjoy living.

(Major 4th wall break) Chromanticore is… a problematic topic. Advertising for a company about mixed drinks, the topic itself is a fairly transphobic advertisement about a man in women's clothing drinking these juices. While I won't get too much into it here, the advertisement would never fly in the year 2020 as it has depicted a very disturbing image of a trans person. Again I won't get far into it here, but I will admit to the dedication of the person currently above. I’m uh… I’m not touching this topic so I’m moving on to the next.


10) Cosplay By: 14th-division

Like with a lightsaber, you have to ask how many people accidentally cut their arm off doing a trick?

While not as long-range, melee weapons are a much more cost-effective solution than guns. That and there is something disturbingly satisfying about taking on an entire group while using a club, a sword, or even your bare fists. With the advanced age of 2077, Night city certainly has a wide variety of melee weapons without any clear sole creator. Many of the weapons are as simple as knives, or broken bottles, but then there are weapons like the Black Unicorn or Jinchu-Maru which just look fun! Many of the richest people use the Caretakers Spear simply due to its massive damage potential and three mod slots that can further increase to where your enemy with being naught but a diced onion.  If you see anyone pull these out, be very afraid because you just know they’ve been waiting forever for a chance to use them.


9) Cosplay By: Zeroxnero

If these people wore a fitbit, how much running do you think they would get in a single day?

You can’t go wrong with a good assault rifle. With the number of options at hand, the assault rifle doesn’t look all that impressive, but I assure you this thing can save your life. Often being fully automatic or shot in three-round bursts, assault weapons are best used when trying to quickly take out a target regardless of noise. While they are bulky, the main reason is their massive ammo storage. With the ability for some to hold around 700 bullets, it’s no wonder most gangsters prefer this weapon. Interestingly, a silencer can be added with a modification, but let's just say that if you're using this thing, it isn't likely you're using it to sneak around.


8) Shared By: Iren Cybermachine

I'm just assuming, but doesn't this kind of body mean you don't have to... powder your nose?

With so many cybernetic enhancements, it’s surprising mercenaries don't use this one more often. With a type of energy field, it appears most of the organs are either missing, or this person is in fact a robot with realistic skin. Does the curiosity come with why more people don't attempt to download themselves into a robot body? I mean if they can do as much as they currently do with cybernetics, why not throw the brain in a robot and call it a day? Either way, most people are considered cyborgs and do have more metal in them than even Wolverine!


7) Cosplay By: Mirjam Piuk

With how much ammo actually costs, do you ever think it's just too expensive to kill someone with a gun?

While a less than charitable name, Dum Dum actually plays a pretty important role in Night City. He may appear to be an idiot, but he actually holds a lot of social tact even quickly becoming partners with Royce after Royce's less than friendly takeover of Maelstrom. While working with Royce, he actively worried about him verbally showing his care of the current leader and hoping for his welfare. It’s nice to see someone who stays loyal until the end.


6) Cosplay By:  Liana Ruppert

I'd fallow this man to hell and back!... because he probobly rivals the doom slayer and, like Kratos, could find the way out of hell

(4th wall break again) It is so nice to see Keanu Reeves in full John Wick hairstyle. For a world in which we see ourselves several decades in the future one in which some of the players actually would see, having a friendly face to greet us is really awesome! As Johnny Silverhand it’s really fun to see John Wick as a guitarist, but also see him in-game as an absolute badass. I’m sure I am not the only one to say he is personally one of my favorite characters.


5) Cosplay By: Melell

I like to imagine each night putting this thing on a charger and making sure to bring an extra "Just in case"

I wouldn't say it's covert, but it certainly gets the job done. Alongside the city, many implants, clothing, and even weapons are fairly bright or give off some kind of light. Sometimes the light is to show how powerful the weapon is, and sometimes the user just has it for aesthetics. I can’t imagine a world in which someone chooses appearance over efficiency, but I suppose that's what 2077 has in store for its residents. It is well known that many people in the city keep large weapons like this, or guns without ammo as a type of intimidation method preventing others from attacking them. To be fair, I also wouldn't attack someone whose sword is larger than my body.


4) Cosplay By x_kodyalexander_x

Interestgly,it's hard to photograph him as the flash apparently has him bash in the heads of photo takers. Still a cool dude though.

Johnny Silverhand may be one of the most interesting people in Night City. Having fought in the second American Central War, he brought up the Rockerboy genre into what it is today. He often fights against Nasu governments and multiple megacorporations often being called a terrorist, but he calls it all just some fun. He is a highly charming and charismatic man, but also irrational, impulsive, and manipulator. The only thing that has him moving forward is his many ambitions and he doesn’t care what his friends or partners do as long as they accomplish those ambitions. Basically is a metalhead went to war and only learned the fighting. 


3) Cosplay By: TwoHornsUnited

With so much armor, why leave the mouth hole? 

For the right fee, you’re life can be saved! Their cheapest package is $500 per month and they promise they’ll arrive with a coffee in hand 10 minutes after an incident. The patient must also pay $100 per minute until reaching the hospital and cover the cost of ammunition used in order to get them. On the plus side of the bronze package, the ammo cost is 50% off if they are more than 10 minutes after the call. It's like a pizza but with more bleeding hearts! The best package they have is called High Priority Coverage. Costing about $34,000 per month and they promise to be at your position in 3 minutes of being called. Additionally, the only thing you have to pay for afterward is personnel injuries! I'm sure they know how much it is, but for 34,000 you essentially have a private special ops squad saving you, and isn't that all anyone wants?


2) Cosplay By: Larry Hastings

I can't wait for LASIK to start making ads about these LED eyes.

I know it’s hard, but the best way to tell Royce apart from every other person in Night City is his implanted LED eyes. Leader of the Maelstromes, Royce is not what I would call sane. He’s manic-obsessive, erratic, paranoid, and in general pretty unstable. All of his men either love him or love him because all the ones that dislike him are shot in the jugular. Despite how he appears he does have some impressive talents. I mean you have to in order to keep the Maelstroms together so long. Whether it be his true fewer, dictator-like leadership, or his erratic behavior, he keeps the Maelstromes well in line. I imagine it's hard saying no to a guy with a massive red eye.


1)  Cosplay By: Ammaormeli

With a body of metal, she has to be ripped right? being able to support that weight on a daily basis? and imagine how hot it gets in the summer? No bueno!

It would be no exaggeration to say Lizzy Wizzy is the most popular celebrity of Night City. Acting like some kind of Bionicle, she has detachable hair and jaws to fit any appearance she wants as the mood strikes her. She uses a full-body replacement in order to keep her body a chrome color as a unique design choice. Her cyber body is more of a recent transformation happening in 2071, but she calls herself an erotic re-imagining of snow-white. However she wants to put it, she certainly has a large amount of pull and power in Night city, although a celebrity or maybe because she was a celebrity, she pulled off a heist stealing 1,200 different implants that would then be given away at her next show. Funny enough the police nor soldiers didn't arrest her during the show nor were willing to harm her on live TV likely in fear of her fans. K-POP fans really are terrifying.

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