[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Berserk Cyberware And How To Get Them

The best 5 berserk cyberware you can get in Cyberpunk 2077.
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What’s the berserk cyberware might be your first question? Simply said, it's cyberware that enhances your killing capabilities. The berserks increase your resistances, damage, they heal you upon getting a kill and they reduce your weapon recoil.

The best use of this cyberware is in close-quarter combat or when using automatic weapons. While using the berserk cyberware your athletics skill will slowly increase with each successful melee hit. Choom now you know what the berserk cyberware is, how about we get into the list?

5. Biodyne Berserk MK.2   

“I feel stronger already.” (Video by WoW Quest)

For our first berserk implant, we have one that’s affordable. Is it good? Well yes of course it is otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list. It’s a rare implant that can be bought at a ripperdoc for 15,000 eddies. You’ll be able to afford it after you’ve completed a few quick gigs for your local fixer. The ripperdoc in question is one located in Downtown.

The duration of the berserk implant will last 5 seconds with a cooldown of 15 seconds. Sadly this implant will not restore your health upon getting a kill but it does reduce weapon recoil by 25%. At first, this implant was developed for the European market but later after it was well received it went into mass production and was delivered all over the globe. 

What makes BioDyne Berserk MK.2 great: 

  • It’s affordable. It only costs 15,000 eddies. 
  • Reduces your weapon recoil by 25%. 
  • Sold by a ripperdoc in Downtown. 
  • Lasts 5 seconds upon activation. 
  • The cooldown is 15 seconds. 

BioDyne Berserk MK.2 details:


4. Moore Tech Berserk MK.3 

"I feel like something is waking up inside of me." (Video by WoW Quest)

Here we have an implant that’s 20,000 eddies more expensive than the last one. It’s sold by a ripperdoc in Downtown in a tiny working complex. It has 2 available mod slots and it lasts 10 seconds. It certainly lasts longer than any gamer does in bed. This implant will decrease your weapon recoil by 10%, increase your melee damage by 10%.

You might think this isn’t a lot for 35,000 eddies. Well, the best part about this berserk implant is that it increases your armor and resistances by 15%, you’ll be able to restore 2% of your health upon getting a kill, and it will increase your health by 20%. You’ll be able to take far more damage during combat while also regenerating any lost HP. 

What makes Moore Tech Berserk MK.3 great:

  • The cost is 35,000 eddies. 
  • 2 available mod slots. 
  • Weapon recoil decreased by 10%. 
  • 15% armor and resistance increase.
  • 2% health restoration when getting a kill. 
  • Increasing your health by 20%.
  • When activated it will make you a walking tank. 

 Moore Tech Berserk MK.3 details:


3. BioDyne Berserk MK.4 

“The better, stronger, faster version of the MK.2.” (Video by Loopcorn Gaming)

Here we have the younger brother of the MK.2 version. Being fresh from the oven it’s better, stronger, faster, and lasts longer. The MK.4 version is a total upgrade from the basic MK.2. It’s better in every single aspect no matter how you look at it. But it also comes with a steep price. This implant will cost you 35,000 eddies. Currently, it’s sold by a ripperdoc in Japantown.

This implant also comes with 3 mod slots. The other stats go as such: decreasing weapon recoil by 25%, melee damage increase by 25%, armor and resistance increases by 5%, ranged attack damage increase by 20%, and it restores 4% of your health upon killing somebody. The only downside is that the cooldown of this implant is 30 seconds long. 

What makes BioDyne Berserk MK.4 great:

  • A total upgrade from the MK.2 version. 
  • Sold at a ripperdoc in Japantown for 35,000 eddies. 
  • 25% melee damage increase
  • 20% ranged attack damage increase. 
  • 4% health restoration upon getting a kill. 
  • The cooldown is sadly 30 seconds long. 

BioDyne Berserk MK.4 details:


2. Zetatech MK.5

“I feel something waking up in me…I’m becoming a cyber psycho.” (Video by SpookyFairy)

Here we have an iconic legendary berserk implant. You know this one is going to be good simply by being an iconic piece of cyberware. Sadly it’s not the best, the best one is developed for the army and it’s used by the army of course. The Zetatech MK.5 will cost you 43,750 eddies. But for a good reason of course. It has 3 available mod slots and the duration is 10 seconds.

The other buffs that it gives you are: weapon recoil decreased by 20%, melee damage increased 20%, armor and resistances increased by 20%, and lastly it will restore 5% of your max health when killing somebody. Once activated you have about 10 seconds to go on a mindless killing spree. I suggest that you use this opportunity to your advantage as this implant has a cooldown of 30 seconds. Try not to sit behind a wall once you use it okay?

What makes Zetatech MK.5 great:

  • An iconic legendary cyberware implant. 
  • 20% armor and resistance increase. 
  • 5% max health restored upon getting a kill. 
  • Once activated you have 10 seconds to do the most damage.
  • Sold by a ripperdoc in Kabuki. 

Zetatech MK.5 details:


1. Militech Berserk MK.5

“Rip and tear until it is done!” (Video by ZaFrostPet)

Here we have it choom the best berserk cyberware Night City has to offer. The cost of this implant is 43,750 eddies. Which is highly expensive but the price is reasonable after all. Let's quickly go over a few buffs it gives.

Firstly it enhances your melee damage by 15%, decreases your weapon recoil by 15%, gives you armor and extra resistances by 15%, and it restores 5% of your max health upon getting a kill. Now you might be thinking by these stats that the previous one is stronger and better. Wait until you’ve heard this choom.

This implant once activated lasts 10 seconds but it gives you 40% extra health and stamina. It’s the perfect implant for anyone who loves going in and beating up people. Sadly this implant has a long cooldown of 60 seconds, so don’t just go around spamming it every single time it’s up. Use it accordingly. You can find this implant at a ripperdoc shop in Charter Hill.

What makes Militech Berserk MK.5 great:

  • Increases your health by 40%. 
  • Increases your stamina by 40%. 
  • Lasts 10 seconds. 
  • Increases your melee damage by 15%. 
  • Restores 5% of your max health. 
  • Legendary cyberware implant. 
  • Only used by the army. 
  • The best implant for a melee build. 

Militech Berserk MK.5 details:


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