[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Daemons And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Daemons And How To Get Them!
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First things first let’s explain what a daemon is. A daemon is a type of virus that you can plant inside of someone after you breach their protocol or after you complete a quick hacking mini-game. Daemons are useful when you’re going for a netrunner build or a basic stealth build. The way that you unlock daemons is by leveling up your intelligence skill.

The higher the intelligence the stronger and better daemons you get. Now I mentioned before that you need to initiate a breach protocol so you can implant the daemons into the network of your targets. To do so you need to buy a little device called a cyberdeck and it so happens that I already have an article about the best cyberdecks in Cyberpunk 2077 (check the description for that article). Now that you know what daemons are and how they work we can start listing them!

5. Mass Vulnerability

“Skiddale skadoodle your arms are now a noodle.” (Video by PCGamingGoodies)

For our first virus or daemon as it’s better known we have “Mass Vulnerability”. After you breach into the head of your enemy you can then insert this daemon inside of him to lower the physical resistance by 30%. It’s unlocked by default but to get to level 2 you have to spend 16 points on the intelligence attribute.

On level 1 the duration lasts 3 minutes but at level 2 the duration is 6 minutes and has a wider range spread. Once this daemon has implanted itself into your enemies make sure to take advantage of it and try to take down as many as you can while it lasts. 

What makes Mass Vulnerability great:

  • Unlocked by default. 
  • Lowers the physical resistance by 30%. 
  • At level 1 the duration is 3 minutes at level 2 it’s 6. 

Mass Vulnerability details:


4. Big Sleep

“Nighty night suckas!” (Video by MajorSlackVideos)

Next up is a daemon that every stealth build playstyle requires and that’s the “Big Sleep”. Big Sleep disables all cameras that are connected to the network. All you have to do is infect 1 lonely camera and the daemon will do its thing.

You can unlock this daemon in the breach protocol tab under the intelligence attribute. At level 1 you’ll disable all cameras in the network for 3 minutes while at level 2 you’ll disable them for 6. So depending on your stealth skills and how fast you are, maybe 3 minutes is more than enough for you. 

What makes Big Sleep great:

  • The perk can be found in the breach protocol section. 
  • Disables all cameras for 3/6 minutes depending on the perk level. 
  • Breaching 1 camera is more than enough. 
  • Useful for a stealth build. 

Big Sleep details:


3. Turret Shutdown

“Andddd to sleep you go.” (Video by ViejoPlays)

What this daemon does is in its name. It shuts down turrets. This little guy can be useful for any time of playstyle because let’s be real nobody likes to go against a stationary target that’s made out of metal and being controlled by an AI.

Especially if you’re a melee character, you won’t rush with your katana in hand at a turret. It’s suicide. You can unlock this daemon once you place 9 points in the intelligence attribute. Once you breach inside of a turret you can place in your daemon and disable every single turret in the network.

It’s rather simple and magnificent. At level 1 you can disable turrets for 3 minutes while at level 2 they’re disabled for 6 minutes. Now depending on your build and play style the amount of time you need only depends on you. 

What makes Turret Shutdown great:

  • Disabled all turrets in the network.
  • At level 1 turrets are disabled for 3 minutes while at level 2 for 6 minutes. 
  • Unlocked after you put 9 attribute points in intelligence. 
  • Great daemon for any character build.

Turret Shutdown details:


2. Optics Jammer

“That’s what you get for having robotic eyes!” (Video by Chester Whitlow)

I simply adore and love this daemon. 99% of people in Night City have robotics for their eyes. For what reason you might ask? I dunno it’s trendy and hip so why the hell not. But this works in your favor a lot.

By breaching inside of your target's head you can install a daemon that turns their eyes off for 3 whole minutes when you’re spotted. Within those 3 minutes, you can do your business and later disappear like the wind and the enemies won’t have a clue about what happened. They might notice that their drugs and health kits are missing and some important papers but that’s about it.

If you’ve been looking to play as a ninja or someone who’s completely invisible while doing random things this daemon is for you. To obtain this daemon you’ll have to get the legendary version of “Reboot Optics”. 

What makes Optics Jammer great:

  • Blinds your enemies for 3 minutes once you’re spotted. 
  • Great if you’re trying to roleplay as a ninja. 
  • Works on any enemy you encounter. 
  • To obtain this daemon you’ll have to obtain the legendary version of “Reboot Optics”.

Optics Jammer details:


1. Turret Tamer

“I command you to fire at your people!” (Video by angeldust117)

What’s better than turning a turret off for 3 minutes, let me tell you. Befriending it and making it attack its creators! That will never get old. Having people just chill and suddenly their equipment started to rebel against them. You can unlock this wonderful daemon after you’ve spent 12 attribute points in intelligence.

Then you’ll be able to breach into the turret network and set them to a friendly mode for 3/6 minutes depending on your level. This works wonderfully with a stealth build. Because you’ll be able to watch the chaos unfold before you from the shadows or the comfort of your hiding place. 

What makes Turret Tamer great:

  • Turn all turrets to the friendly mode that is connected to that network. 
  • Friendly mode lasts 3/6 minutes depending on the daemon level. 
  • You’ll have to spend at least 12 points on intelligence to be able to use this daemon. 
  • You can watch the chaos unfold from the shadows! 
  • Most fun daemon to have in your possession. 

Turret Tamer details:


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