[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cars And How To Get Them

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cars In The Whole Game
When V was 16, he or she was in a car crash. Luckily it was just a Herra Outlaw GTS..

Sup choombas today we will be going as fast as possible through Night City. We will be leaving our tire tracks everywhere we go while showing our middle fingers to the pigs that call themselves cops. Night City has a huge range of vehicles ranging from super and hypercars to motorbikes and trucks. Today we’ll mainly be focusing on cars.

I’ll be listing the best cars that Night City has to offer. I’ll be ranking the cars by their engine sound, appearance, and most importantly speed. Let me also add that the interior of any of these cars listed looks really damn good. CDPR did an outstanding job detailing the cars in this game. 

5. Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo

It has a total of 296 horsepower and a top speed of 160. You might not be able to outrun your pursuers with this vehicle but god damn will you look cool while driving it. Everyone will be turning their heads to look at your car or take a picture of it. Even though you’ll look cool while driving it, you won’t be able to beat Johnny Silverhand. 

What makes Porsche 911 II (930) Turbo great:

  • An old-time classic and only 1% of these cars are left in the world. 
  • It’s a sports car that has 296 horsepower with a total of 160 MPH top speed.
  • You’ll make heads turn with this vehicle.
  • The coolest looking car in the game. 

4. Quadra Turbo R V-Tech

This is a sports car that has 740 horsepower and the top speed it can go is 187 MPH. But remember this is a V-tech version of the car, the standard R Turbo isn’t that great. On the outside they look the same but what’s under the hood matters the most. And because this car isn’t tall you might be able to get into places where your chasers won’t be able to follow you allowing you for a quick and easy escape. 

What makes Quadra Turbo R V-Tech great:

  • It has 780 Horsepower with a 187 MPH top speed. 
  • A sports car that can outrun anyone who doesn’t match its speed. 
  • Because it’s short it can get into spaces a normal car isn’t able to. 
  • Easy to escape your pursuers. 

3. Quadra Type-66 “Javelina”

This car is also equipped with light armor platings on the outside hence its model name “Javelina”. The windows of this car are protected with light steel plates but they do not obstruct the view for the driver. The driver has a full visibility range with added protection so a rival gang can’t do a drive-by on you. 

What makes Quadra Type-66 “Javelina” great:

  • It’s covered in light armor plates.
  • The windows have steel plates on them that do not obstruct the view for the driver. 
  • It has a total of 1000 horsepower with a total of 190 MPH.
  • Really great off-road.

2. Herrera Outlaw GTS

It has 755 horsepower under its hood and its top speed is 190 MPH. It’s just slightly faster than the “Javelina”. The biggest upside is that this car can carry 4 people, the driver, and 3 passengers. It’s great for driving around Night City with your homies or doing a drive-by with your family. Nothing beats a great family time than doing a drive-by with them.

What makes Herrera Outlaw GTS great:

  • A luxury limousine that goes quick once you step on the pedal. 
  • Owned by people in power or by criminals. 
  • 755 horsepower with a 190 MPH top speed. 
  • 4 people can fit inside of the car. 

1. Rayfield Caliburn

It has a whopping 1660 horsepower with a top speed of 211 MPH. To add to this insane speed it’s also an all-wheel-drive or AWD for short.  It also has the fastest acceleration of any car in the game. What else is there to say except that this car is the best of the best. Once you do have the money you have to reward yourself and get this car in your garage!

What makes Rayfield Caliburn great:

  • It’s an AWD or all-wheel-drive car. 
  • Fastest accelerating car in the game. 
  • 1660 horsepower and a total speed of 211 MPH. 
  • Able to outrun anyone that’s trying to catch you. 
  • Slightly resembles the Bugatti Chiron. 

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