[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cyberware Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Cyberwares In The Whole Game
Implants are the next level of life.

I was always questioning myself and looking up on youtube where I could find the best cyberware in Night City. Most of the time I’d find a long youtube video or an article about the cyberware I was searching for but no directions to the location.

No worries choombas, in this article I’ll list the best cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 and show you how to get to that certain location. The starting location will be in the middle of the map which is “Vista Del Rey” so keep that in mind. 

5. Westbrook, Japantown - Fingers M.D Ripperdoc (Pain Editor - Immune System)

This is a legendary cyberware that reduces all incoming damage by 10%. For the cyberware to be sold at this ripperdoc requires you to spend a minimum of 16 points on the cool attribute. Keep in mind that this is the only ripperdoc in the whole Night City that sells this legendary variant of this specific cyberware. 

What makes Westbrook, Japantown - Fingers M.D Ripperdoc great:

  • Location isn’t hidden, it's quite easy to find. 
  • The ripperdoc is in the middle of Japantown.
  • Accessible by car most of the way but you’ll have to walk later.

How to get to Westbrook, Japantown - Fingers M.D Ripperdoc:

  • Starting location is in Vista Del Rey. 
  • Start heading south across the bridge. 
  • On the first intersection make a left and keep following that road.  
  • Take the third right and the ripperdoc will be at the end of the road. 

4. Santo Domingo, Rancho Coronado - Octavio’s Clinic (Kerenzikov - Nervous System)

You can find this cyberware in a ripperdoc clinic in Rancho Coronado at a place called Octavio’s Clinic. It will make a dent in your bank account as the legendary variant costs 35,000$. The location of his clinic is in the open as he does not hide from anyone because he runs a legitimate business. 

What makes Santo Domingo, Rancho Coronado - Octavio’s Clinic great:

  • The clinic is on the outskirts of Night City. 
  • The ripperdoc lives in a small town called Rancho Coronado. 
  • He has quite a few other variants of this cyberware if you do not have the money to buy the legendary variant. 

How to get to Santo Domingo, Rancho Coronado - Octavio’s Clinic:

  • Starting location is Vista Del Rey
  • Rancho Coronado is on the south southeast of Night City, where you’ll start heading towards. 
  • Cross over the bridge to get into Arroyo. 
  • Take the main road towards Rancho Coronado. 
  • Head towards the main highway and you’ll spot the small city that’s a part of Rancho Coronado where the ripperdoc resides. 

3. Westbrook, Japantown - Ripperdoc Clinic (Biodyne Berserk - Operating System)

It’s quite handy to have around if you’re being surrounded. This cyberware resides in a ripperdoc clinic in Japantown. The ripperdoc clinic is in an open mall area that looks pretty. Yes, you won’t be able to reach it in your car alone but at least you’ll be able to take in the view while walking towards the ripperdoc clinic. 

What makes Westbrook, Japantown - Ripperdoc Clinic great:

  • The clinic resides in an open mall area. 
  • The view is breathtaking, be prepared to take a few screenshots. 
  • You can also buy clothes or other accessories while going towards the ripperdoc. 

How to get to Westbrook, Japantown - Ripperdoc Clinic:

  • Starting location Vista Del Rey. 
  • Get on the main road.
  • Start heading north along the main road and do not make any turns. 
  • When you reach an intersection that leads towards two huge buildings, take a right or the fifth right. 
  • Park your car somewhere and talk a walk through the open mall. 
  • Get your cyberware implant. 

2. Watson, Kabuki - Buck’s Clinic (Adrenaline Booster - Circulatory System)

The legendary variant of this implant can be found at a ripperdoc in Watson, Kabuki. He lives in the far north region of Kabuki. This implant costs a lot of money but don’t worry if you don’t have the money to pay up, his name is Buck and he likes to do something with you. But all jokes aside, this implant will cost you 28,000 shekels. 

What makes Watson, Kabuki - Buck’s Clinic great:

  • Buck sells a huge variety of cyberware for your character. 
  • Lives in the far north region of Kabuki. 
  • The area is mostly peaceful and you won’t be attacked. 

How to get to Watson, Kabuki - Buck’s Clinic:

  • Starting location is Vista Del Rey. 
  • Make sure to go through Japantown just by following the main road and you’ll get on the highway. 
  • Ride on the highway through Northside until you reach a sign that points you to Kabuki.
  • Follow the road towards Kabuki and the first building in the region will be Buck’s Clinic.
  • Buy the cyberware for your circulatory system. 

1. Watson, Northside - Cassius (Heal-On-Kill Frontal Cortex)

Once you do have this implanted inside of your head each takedown will restore a portion of your health. The legendary variant restores 10% of your health per kill. You can buy this cyberware in Northside at a ripperdoc called Cassius. This area is a bit of a warzone so make sure that you’re strapped once you venture out there. Also, make sure to bring lots of eddies with you as this cyberware costs 35,000$. 

What makes Watson, Northside - Cassius great:

  • The area is a warzone where you can earn yourself lots of XP. 
  • Lots of side jobs to do.
  • Cassius sells a huge variety of things. 
  • You’re able to get a 20% discount at his place. 

How to get to Watson, Northside - Cassius:

  • Starting location is Vista Del Rey. 
  • Go to Japantown and get on the highway. 
  • The highway will take you straight to the Northside. 
  • Make sure to take a left at the intersection. 
  • Follow the road until you get to an apartment complex. 
  • Cassius’s building will have a sign in front of it. 
  • Viola, you got your frontal cortex replaced. 

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