[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Blunt Weapons And How To Get Them

Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 best blunt weapons!
Getting hit by these will make you wish you were dead.

Are you stuck in the game because you want a melee build choomba? You don’t know which blunt melee weapon would suit you best? Worry not because this list right here will help you out. Here we will list the best blunt weapons Night City can offer so you can finally jump into battle and smash everyone’s head in with a baseball bat.

This list isn’t only for a blunt melee build, you can also use these weapons for an aggressive build. When you run out of ammo in your handgun you can simply switch to a crowbar and swing away as much as you want. Just keep an eye out for your stamina bar. 

5. Gorilla Arms 

Gorilla arms enhance your melee damage and they’re really useful during the boxing side quest. You can also hold down your attack button and charge these bad boys up for a power attack. The damage of the power attack is based on the charge level. 

What makes Gorilla Arms great:

  • Enhance your melee damage. 
  • Execute a power attack by holding down the attack button. 
  • You can get a pair of gorilla arms at your local ripper doc. 
  • Helps you open locked doors. 

Gorilla Arms stats:

  • 159-194 Damage. 
  • 65+80 Melee Damage.
  • 2.5 Attack Speed.
  • 20% Bleeding Chance

4. Kanabo

This weapon might not be lethal but everyone that gets hit by it will wish it was. This weapon also has a slot for an attachment. So be careful with what you put in that slot. 

What makes Kanabot great:

  • Two-handed weapon. 
  • Mostly used by Tyger Claws. 
  • Deals a decent amount of damage. 
  • Great for caving in skulls. 

Kanabo stats:

  • 1400.1 DPS.
  • 320 Damage.
  • 4.38 Attack Speed. 

3. Steel Pipe

This weapon has an average attack speed and you can block normal attacks with it. If a robber breaks into your house you can just yell “I’m stuck step-bro” and when they come close to you knock their heads out with this pipe. 

What makes Steel Pipe great: 

  • 1 handed weapon. 
  • Average attack speed. 
  • Can be found anywhere around Night City. 
  • A legendary version of this weapon exists. 

Steel Pipe stats:

  • 1.400.1 DPS.
  • 400 Damage.
  • 3.50 Attack Speed. 

2. Crowbar

You can find this weapon pretty much anywhere and on anyone. It does not matter from which clan they’re from. It deals more damage than the previous two blunt weapons. It’s a one-handed weapon that can be great for anyone that’s going that specific build especially because you can find it pretty much anywhere. 

What makes Crowbar great:

  • One-handed weapon. 
  • Deals more damage than your average blunt weapon. 
  • It’s carried around by anyone. 

Crowbar stats:

  • 1,456.7 DPS.
  • 416 Damage. 
  • 3.50 Attack Speed. 

1. Caretaker’s Spade

You can get this weapon during the quest “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” after leaning on a pile of rocks in the central area of the Arasaka Tower jungle floor. It’s also a legendary weapon which means it can fit 3 mods onto itself. Pretty much solidified itself as the best blunt weapon in the game.  

What makes Caretaker’s Spade great:

  • It’s not hard to obtain after you know what you need to do. 
  • Great easter egg from the Witcher 3. 
  • Best blunt weapon in the whole game. 

Caretaker’s Spade stats:

  • 2,080.8 DPS.
  • 832 Damage.
  • 2.50 Attack Speed. 

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