[Guide] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Gangs

Who doesn’t love a little variety?

Night City is notorious for its ever-present violence and over-abundance of criminal activity. After all, tuning into the news has Stan remind us that “yesterday’s body count lottery rounded out to a solid ‘n’ sturdy thirty!” So it comes as no shock that there are a plethora of gangs that run rampant throughout Night City and the surrounding Badlands. We encounter 10 main gangs in the game, and they all have distinct aesthetics, motivating factors, and origins. So if you want to learn more about the gangs you will encounter throughout Cyberpunk 2077, and fantasize about what gangs you would join, take a look at the most notable gangs Cyberpunk has to offer. 

10. Wraiths

Take the worst of the worst nomads and throw ‘em together with zero moral compass and here’s what you got!

The Wraiths are the largest group of Raffen Shiv, a.k.a rogue nomads. All Wraiths used to belong to a pre-existing nomad nation, but were exiled from their nation due to lying, sexual assault, or murder of their fellow nomads. Known for lacking any sort of moral compass, If you’re looking for a reliable group of black-market workers, you might want to pass on Wraiths, because they’re known for not holding up their end of the bargain. Plus, they end up kidnapping people for ransom…or for “their pleasure”...so be wary of crossing the path of Wraiths. 

What's Great About Wraiths

  • Wraiths are the largest group of rogue nomads (Raffen Shiv).
  • If you’re looking for the worst of the worst nomad nations, look no further.
  • They always put themselves first, so if you’re looking for loot over honor, you’ve found your gang.
  • “United in Exile” is a cool group motto.

Choose Wraiths if...

  • You’re a nomad who’s been exiled from their clan.
  • Honor or moral guidelines mean nothing to you.
  • You place loot and personal satisfaction above all else.

9. Scavengers

Think Repo Men but black market style.

Scavengers, also called Scavs, are a mysterious gang operating in Night City, whose driving force is to kidnap citizens in order to harvest and sell their cyberware on the blackmarket. The fact that they do not have any centralized location makes them very nearly impossible to apprehend. 

Rumors suggest that most Scavs have connections to the Soviet Union, but due to their mysterious nature, it is hard to say. Regardless, they are known for taking any job that pays well, no matter how brutal or morally questionable. 

What's Great About the Scavengers

  • The Scavs remain fairly mysterious, even to those who are experts in the underground world.
  • Scavs are consistent in their behavior–although horrendous, at least you know what to expect (unlike some gangs, *cough cough Maelstrom*).
  • Scavs have built up a fearsome reputation, as even other gangs consider them to be low-life scum…that’s like the best worst gang, so that’s something.

Choose the Scavengers if...

  • You too have zero regard for human life.
  • Will utilize every part of their kidnapped “donors”...so at least nothing goes to waste.
  • You want to practice your surgical skills on the black market. 
  • Money drives the jobs you decide to take–money over morals. 

8. Tyger Claws

These tigers got some claws…or at least katanas and mantis blades. 

Starting as a small combat gang establishing their territory in 2020, the Tyger Claws originally avoided cyberware, preferring to rely on traditional Japanese weapons, martial arts, and enhanced reflexes (plus the rumored financial backer, mega-corp Arasaka). Since their origin, they have cut ties with Arasaka, refocused their efforts on protecting the Asian community in Night City, expanding their territory, riding preem bikes, utilizing more cyberware–including their own Smart link–to the point they have become one of the largest gangs in all of Night City. 

The Tyger Claws are known for not having any limits to their behavior. Although higher level members generally prefer business to war, they all will go to depraved lengths including abduction, torture, sexual assault, and brutal killings. Although they own the majority of Night City’s nightlife, the Tyger Claws make the majority of their money from human trafficking and prostitution…and are rumored to still have close ties with Arasaka.

What's Great About the Tyger Claws

  • The Tyger Claws worked their way up from being a small combat gang to becoming one of the largest and most powerful gangs in all of Night City.
  • They have maintained their cultural heritage–using traditional Japanese weapons and martial arts techniques–while also cybering up to keep up with advancing technology. 
  • They have protected the Asian community in Night City, while simultaneously rebuilding Old Japantown and expanding their territory.
  • Tyger Claws own a vast amount of Night City’s nightlife–bars, restaurants, casinos, BD clubs, and brothels.

Choose Tyger Claws if...

  • You want to be part of one of the largest criminal organizations in Night City.
  • You want to utilize a mix of traditional Japanese fighting techniques and top-of-the-line combative cyberware.
  • Money and community are the most important things in your life.

7. 6th Street

Just some vets blowing off steam.

Founded by Fourth Corporate War veterans fed up with the inefficiency of NCPD, 6th Street started as a force of justice and protection for Vista Del Rey. However, over the years 6th Street began relying on extortion, arms smuggling, stealing and modifying vehicles, drug creation and selling, and murder to make ends meet. In 2077, two corporations–Militech and Kantachi–began funding 6th Street, which caused a violent civil feud and divide within the gang, given the fact that the gang was initially founded with an anti-government and anti-corpo perspective. Regardless, 6th Street are a mid-level gang, and considering the fact that their criminal activity can sometimes be beneficial for particular corporations, they are usually tolerated by corpos and government officials. 

What's Great About 6th Street

  • 6th Street started as a force of justice and protection for Vista Del Rey, since NCPD proved consistently inefficient. 
  • Unlike some gangs, 6th Street does not seem to profit from human trafficking, kidnapping, or prostitution. 
  • Usually not much of a threat to V or innocent citizens. 

Choose Gang Name if...

  • You are a veteran who wants to put your combat skills to use. 
  • You have a grudge against corpos and/or government bodies. 
  • You want to get involved in illicit activity, but do not want to get involved in human trafficking or prostitution.

6. Animals

This is what you look like when you’re hopped up on horse hormones.

The Animals are a very aggressive Pacifica boostergang focused on achieving peak physical strength, which they demonstrate through street-fighting (often to the death). Known for only using melee-combat enhancing cyberware, as they prefer ultra-testoterone, animal supplements, and “the Juice” (think steroids on steroids). Their philosophy fits their name, as they are guided by a deep fascination regarding animal behavior and animal group dynamics. In order to make money, the Animals create and sell drugs (mostly performance enhancing drugs) and corner the market on underground fights to the death, in addition to selling their skills for bodyguard positions and performing raids where brute force is needed.

What's Great About the Animals

  • The Animals are not unnecessarily cruel unlike some other gangs. 
  • Everything they do is driven by their fascination with reaching peak physical strength, bridging the line between humans and animals. 
  • Due to their driving motivation, the Animals do not engage in cruel criminal activities such as human trafficking or cyberware harvesting. 

Choose Gang Name if...

  • You want to reach peak physical prowess.
  • You want to merge animal and human nature. 
  • Your main focus for joining a gang is not to make money, but rather reach peak physical performance amongst like-minded individuals.

5. Maelstrom

Pushing the limits of sanity with cybertech and drugs…we have Maelstrom!

The Maelstrom started as a boostergang formed by members from former gangs–primarily the Metal Warriors–that were disbanded by the Inquisitors. After losing their Metal Warriors era leader, they lost their code of honor. Maelstrom is known for their obsession with cybertechnology, the net, the occult, drugs, and other transcendental experiences. Their obsessions with transcending human form, and their lack of stable leadership, has led them to become increasingly dangerous, deranged, and violent, as they pursue cybering up and selling (and using) more dangerous drugs. Their chaotic and dangerous nature is solidified by the fact that 1/3 of them can be classified as cyberpsychos, with the remaining majority classifiable as borderline cyberpsycho. 

To pursue their transcendental modifications, Maelstrom smuggle drugs, perform hit jobs (usually in violent, bizarre ways), heists, and run the popular “drink&riot” club Totentanz. They are also rumored to have begun producing and distributing violent XBDs. 

What's Great About the Maelstrom

  • The Maelstrom have a badass aesthetic–cybered up with their signature red eyes?! Nova! 
  • Their chaotic nature is fun to watch (unless you are at the receiving end of it).
  • Many members are cyberpsychos who are still *relatively* functioning. 

Choose Maelstrom if...

  • You want to transcend your human form, particularly by cybering up.
  • You aren’t afraid of getting cyberpsychosis in the process of your pursuits.
  • You like chaotic, crazy, derangement.
  • You aren’t afraid to get involved in some dark and demented criminal activity.

4. Voodoo Boys

Don’t be fooled–these bad boys’ edgerunning can make you a vegetable in a matter of seconds!

The modern day Voodoo Boys are nothing like their founders. When the Voodoo Boys started in the 2020s, they were primarily white drug dealers who would incorporate voodoo “magic” rituals into their deals. They would also kidnap, torture, kill, maim, and rape people for seemingly no reason. However, in the 2040s, creole immigrants began a transformation of the Voodoo Boys, so that it actually comprised of Haitians and Voodoo practitioners. 

The Voodoo Boys underwent a massive change in 2062; when Haiti was wiped out by climate change in 2062, the Voodoo Boys became a refuge for Haitian refugees and began focusing on netrunning instead of drug dealing. In 2077, the Voodoo Boys are still a refuge for Haitians forced to Pacifica, but they have also become edgerunners, pushing the limits of netrunning, breaking rules, and programming viruses into neural networks. 

What's Great About the Voodoo Boys

  • The Voodoo Boys serve as a refuge for Haitian refugees. 
  • They have become edgerunners, pushing the limits of netrunning and sometimes using their netrunning prowess to target mega-corporations. 
  • As long as you do not cross them, they are usually not a threat (unless you’re an Animal–then you’ll need to watch your back).

Choose Voodoo Boys if...

  • You are of Haitian descent and are seeking a welcoming community in Night City.
  • You have top-tier netrunning skills. 
  • You want to work with edgerunners, breaking the status-quo.

3. Valentinos

Style, tradition, and honor…what more could you ask for?

The Valentinos started as a posergang in the 2020s, impersonating famous men to seduce attractive women. Overtime, the Valentinos evolved to celebrate their shared Latino heritage and protect not only their members, but their surrounding neighborhoods. The Valentinos have since become one of the largest gangs in Night City, primarily operating in Latino barrios. 

Valentinos make their money through legitimate businesses–restaurants, bars, sports-betting places, auto shops, etc.--which are also used for money laundering and gang meet-ups, in addition to gun smuggling, car theft, drug trafficking, hit jobs, prostitution, and illegal vehicle and weapon modification. Notably, honor is the most important factor to the Valentinos–betraying another member of the Valentinos is one of the worst crimes you can commit.

What's Great About the Valentinos

  • The Valentinos are driven by a code of honor, which is something that is not easy to come by in Night City.
  • They protect not only gang members, but their neighborhoods.
  • They maintain and celebrate shared Latino (primarily Mexican) heritage. 

Choose the Valentinos if...

  • Style, tradition, and honor are important to you.
  • You want to celebrate and pass on Mexican cultural traditions. 
  • You want to protect neighborhood citizens in your community.

2. Aldecaldos

Roaming the Badlands with style and honor!

The Aldecaldos are one of 2 major nomad groups near Night City. Named after its founder, Juan Aldecaldo, the Aldecaldos originally formed in Los Angeles in the 1990s, when LA became a dangerous warzone. Due to the dangerous state of LA, Juan Aldecaldo led many people from the US to Mexico City until it was safe to return to the US. In doing so, he had formed one of the first nomad nations–the Aldecaldos. 

The Aldecaldos travel nomadically, operating in the West Coast Free States, transporting passengers and merchandise. They also make money by scavenging and selling their services for manual farm laborers, bootlegging, and transporting stolen goods. Known for an intense sense of loyalty to their nation, to betray a fellow Aldecaldo is an unforgivable act. 

What's Great About the Aldecaldos

  • Aldecaldos do not generally cause harm or pose a threat to innocent citizens.
  • They live outside the confines of society (as much as they can). 
  • They have a code of honor–they do not work for evil corporations nor do they take on jobs that involve harming or killing innocent civilians. 
  • They are extremely loyal to one another. 

Choose Gang Name if...

  • You do not want to settle down anywhere permanently, but rather move about with your chosen family. 
  • You want undying loyalty. 
  • You want to live outside the confines of society.
  • You do not want to sell your soul in order to make money.

1. The Mox

Standing up to oppressors without sacrificing style!

The Mox are a small gang, consisting of anarchists, sex workers, punks, and sexual minorities whose primary focus is self-defense and enacting justice against those who have oppressed or exploited the vulnerable. 

The Mox formed in 2067 during a series of riots in response to the murder of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden. Lizzie was a well known strip club owner and former prostitute who helped protect her workers. When one of her girls was brutally raped and murdered by Tyger Claws members, Lizzie found the men responsible, murdered them, and displayed their bodies in her club. Unfortunately, the Tyger Claws murdered Lizzie in retaliation, which set off a series of riots, the rebuilding of the bar, renaming it “Lizzie’s Bar,” and forming The Mox in the process. The Mox name is based on the word “moxie,” which means the spirit to stand up to your oppressor(s).

Unlike every other gang, The Mox do not actively instigate with any other gang, although the Tyger Claws continue to test their patience. They make their money primarily from Lizzie’s Bar (a BD club now), small member contributions, and some contribution from members’ sex work 

What's Great About The Mox

  • Unlike practically every other gang in Night City, The Mox do not instigate violence towards other gangs or innocent civilians, unless provoked.
  • Unlike many gangs, they are not driven by greed, but rather by a sense of fierce loyalty and protection, especially towards those who have been mistreated/exploited.
  • The Mox formed as a community of individuals who want to protect those who are most vulnerable–they are more like a vigilante community than a gang.

Choose The Mox if...

  • You want to protect those who are exploited and oppressed.
  • You want to fight back against oppressive forces.
  • You want a sense of community and protection. 
  • You are not driven by greed.

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