[Top 5] Best Cyberpunk Board Games

Best Cyberpunk Board Games
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Looking for a cyberpunk game? Here is the list for you.

The cyberpunk genre is seeing a resurgence. Cyberpunk 2077 has gaming fans ravenous for anything cyberpunk. Recently CD Project Red announced that there is another delay. The release date for Cyberpunk 2077 has yet again gotten pushed out. In the meantime, fans need to get their cyberpunk fix. These five board games should scratch that cyberpunk itch.

5. Android

Android Game Box Front Image

Android is a cyberpunk-themed game published by Fantasy Flight Games. They set the game between the city of New Angeles and a colony on the moon named Heinlein. Android has you playing an investigator. Your goal is to solve a murder and uncover malevolent conspiracies.

You have the choice of five different characters to play. You don't have a lot of time to conduct your investigation, so get out there and start snooping. The game only lasts for twelve days (rounds.)

The goal of the game is to be the player with the most victory points at the end of the 12 rounds. Earn victory points when you solve conspiracy puzzles, work out the murder, or resolve plot cards.

This game is for three to five players and playtime can take two to four hours to complete.

Price Tag: $59.95 but is out of stock on the publisher's website.


· Beautiful artwork that captures the setting.

· Cards have plenty of fluff to add the story to the game.


· Publisher shows this as out of stock, but it is for sale on Amazon for an inflated price ($89.95).

· Minimum of 3 players

· The possibility of a four-hour games with a bit of downtime when it is not your turn.

4. New Angeles

New Angeles board game box and contents.

New Angeles is another board game set in the Android Universe. Published by Fantasy Flight Games it is a game that takes four to six players about two to four hours playing.

You have control of a powerful megacorporation based in the city of New Angeles. You possess a substantial amount of wealth and power. What do you do with this wealth and power? You gain more wealth and power. Increase your net worth by making deals with other players or manipulating them to get what you want.

The goal of the game is to be the one with the most money. As the old saying goes, he who dies with the most toys wins. This goal isn’t easy to do. While trying to become the richest corporation in the world, watch what is going on in the city. Keep order or the feds show up and interfere in your rise to power. 

Price Tag: $59.95


· Super cool minis

· Excellent artwork that captures the setting.


· Takes a minimum of four plays for a game.

3. Specter Ops

Front of the Specter Ops box

Specter Ops is a stealth game published by Plaid Hat Games. The game will take two to five players about one or two hours to play. One player controls the stealthy A.R.K. agent. Everyone else plays genetically modified Raxxon hunters that are trying to track the A.R.K. agent. 

The goal of the game is different depending on the side you choose. If you are the stealthy A.R.K. agent, must collect three mission objectives in the Raxxon facility. After you have them in your possession you have to escape with your life.

As a lone A.R.K agent, you get to move in secret. Making note of the agent’s location on the board using a separate smaller version of the board. You only reveal your location if you pass through a hunter’s line of sight. Don't forget that Raxxon hunters can also use a special ability to reveal your location.

Playing as a Raxxon hunter, your goal is to prevent the A.R.K. agent from collecting their mission objectives. You complete this goal by exposing and killing them. Whenever you have the agent in your line of sight, you can attempt to damage them. If you kill the agent, congratulations, you have been successful in your mission to keep the facility safe. But you must find them to succeed. Don’t forget that the A.R.K. agent also has special abilities that will make them a troublesome opponent.

Price Tag: $49.99


· Detailed minis.

· Cyberpunk look and feel.

· Hidden player mechanic.


· Some rules are unclear.

2. Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops

The killer art of Shadowrun on a board game box.

Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops is a mixup of the cyberpunk and fantasy genres. Publisher Catalyst Game Labs has rolled these two genres into a competitive board game. The game is for two to four players and could take you anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to play.

You put together a team of runners to go on missions. Your team completes tasks and gets paid for those tasks. With this newfound wealth, you can advance your team of runners. To advance your team, spend your money on upgrades. These upgrades could be new gear, better cybernetic augmentations, or a new magic spell. All these options will increase your team's effectiveness. Which increases your chances of winning.

Resolve missions using the custom dice provided with the game. After you complete a few smaller missions and upgraded your runners, try running the final mission. The first team to complete the final mission wins the game and can declare themselves to be prime runners.

Price Tag: $54.99


· Awesome artwork.

· Captures the Shadowrun setting.

· Purchasing upgrades for runners.


· Large Dice pools.

· Generic cardboard player pawns.

1. Human Interface: Nakamura Tower

Human Interface box contents.

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower is a miniatures game published by Postindustrial Games. Gameplay is for one to five players taking one to three hours to complete. Human Interface has an interesting feature. Some scenarios can allow for single-player games.

You represent one of two factions in the game world. Your team has skills, abilities, and weapons to help them fight towards their goal. You can upgrade characters with different equipment and augmentations. Human Interface uses a modular board made up of interlocking tiles. The board represents the inside of the Nakamura Tower.

The object of the game differs from scenario to scenario. New expansions add in new factions and scenarios.


· Highly detailed minis.

· Single-player mode.

· Cyberpunk Feel.


· Rules can be unclear.

· Can only be purchased from the publisher's site and currently out of stock.

Honorable mention – Cyberpunk 2020

The iconic cover for Cyberpunk 2020.

Cyberpunk 2020 isn’t technically a board game. It falls into the roleplaying category. But let’s face it. Can we really talk about cyberpunk games and not mention the grandfather of all cyberpunk games?

Published by R. Telsorian Games, Cyberpunk 2020 takes place in a future dystopian metropolis known as Night City. Megacorporations rule everything. Day-to-day living is a struggle, but the tech is super cool.

Cyberpunk 2020 places you in control of a character fighting back against the corruption that runs rampant. You could play as a netrunner stealing information and selling to the highest bidder. Maybe you would rather play a Solo with the latest cybernetic implants working as a mercenary. Whatever you type of character you end up playing, play that character with style.

Cyberpunk 2020 tends to sell out pretty quick. When it is in stock, you can find it on the R. Talsorian store for $30.

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