Top 50 Cyberpunk Characters of all Time

Cyberpunk Characters
Whether they be heroes or villains, they're all legendary.

The Cyberpunk Sub-genre Spans Over Nearly all forms of Media

And, within each form of media it extends to, it leaves unforgettable stories and characters. From Neo (The Matrix), to Johnny Silverhand (Cyberpunk 2020) and many more, cyberpunk has always made a way into our hearts and minds; and wallets. But, maybe there's still a number of cyberpunk characters you don't now, but deserve the recognition.

In that case, you should be glad you're here today to find out who you're missing.

50) John Preston (Equilibrium)

The legendary cleric, turned savior of the resistance, John Preston, is an unstoppable machine. Whether it be emotional criminals or soldiers of a dispassionate regime, there’s nowhere this man walks without leaving bodies behind him.

More John Preston Images

49) Kyle Reese (Terminator)

The resistance soldier sent back in time to keep the future of humanity from being decimated by a supreme AI and metal killing machines. It was thanks to Kyle Reese that the Terminator series is where it is, today.

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48) Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)

Serving as the Batman of a futuristic Neo-Gotham City, Terry McGinnis is a bright future for the legacy of the Dark Knight mantle. He also was the star of an unforgettable cartoon series.

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47) John Anderton (Minority Report)

John was the chief of the pre-crime unit, until he was double-crossed by the ones he served. On his mission to prove his innocence, he discovered well-hidden secrets of the pre-crime unit, secrets that became the unit’s downfall in 2054.

More John Anderton Images

46) Ma-ma (Dredd 2012)

Starting off as a psychopathic prostitute, Madeline Madrigal, aka Ma-ma, became the Drug queenpin and the leader of her own clan in the Peach Tree Block Tower. She also made for one hell of an antagonist for our hero, Judge Dredd.

More Ma-ma Images

45) Niobe (Matrix Trilogy)

Created as a supporting role for actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, Niobe is the captain and pilot of the Logos, the smallest and most maneuverable ship in the human fleet. She also once had an aventure romantique(romantic fling, in french)  with our pal Morpheus, until it ended due to their disagreement of “the One” prophecy.

More Niobe Images

44) Trinity (Matrix Trilogy)

Being one of the most renowned hackers in the world, Trinity was recognized by Morpheus in the Matrix, as well as freed and recruited by him. And she lived up to her high status, until she died in the hands of her lover, Neo.

More Trinity Images

43) Batou (Ghost in the Shell)

Batou is a battle hardened cyborg operative with an absolutely “no BS” attitude and a hefty amount of military cred. He’s also second in command to Maj. Motoko Kusanagi and the second best melee fighter in Sector 9.

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42) Dr. Daisuke Ido (Alita: Battle Angel)

Before he played the role of a father for Alita, Ido would run a life as a hunter-warrior. After surviving in the Scrapyard, He retired and became a cyber-physician, as well as raising our future cyber-heroine.

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41) Shogo Makishima (Psycho-Pass)

In full Anarchist nature, Shogo Makishima seeks to overthrow the Sibyl System and liberate the citizens of Japan. He correctly fills his role as the Main antagonist of the first season by causing viewers to question whether they’re rooting for the right side.

More Shogo Makishima Images

40) Johnny Mnemonic (Johnny Mnemonic)

The man with something everyone wants, and only 48 hours to live. He also has a cybernetically enhanced badass of a bodyguard to help him make it to 72.

More Johnny Mnemonic Images

39) Roy Batty (Blade Runner)

Roy Batty was the leader of the renegade Nexus-6 replicants, as well as the main antagonist of Bladerunner. And, I know he’s an android and all, but it’s still worth mentioning that he was only around 3 years old, making him a pretty intelligent toddler.

More Roy Batty Images

38) Akane Tsunemori (Psycho Pass)

Serving as the main heroine of Psycho Pass in seasons 1 and 2, Akane made her way through the ranks of the Public Safety Bureau, from novice inspector to enforcer. She has her doubts about the Sibyl System, but that doesn’t stop her from working under it to keep the peace in her society.

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37) Molly Millions (Sprawl Trilogy)

First appearing in WIlliam Gibson’s screenplay, Johnny Mnemonic, Molly Millions has been characterized as a “street samurai” with razor-sharp blades underneath her nails. Molly also appears within the Sprawl Trilogy, going under the allies “Sally Shears”.

More Molly Millions Images

36) Vincent Law (Ergo Proxy)

As an immigrant of Mosk dome, Vincent Law dreamed of living in Romdeau, the last place of refugee on earth. His dreams are interrupted, however, after the awakening of the proxy, Monad.

More Vincent Law Images

35) Re-L Mayer (Ergo Proxy)

Before the events of Ergo Proxy, Re-L was just an investigator for the Intelligence Bureau in Romdeau. After being attacked by two monsters, leading her into the Proxy mysteries, she joins Vincent Law and Pino, the two other main characters, to find answers.

More Re-L Images

34) SHODAN (System Shock 2)

SHODAN is the main antagonist, and the source of the hive of infected psychos who try to kill you throughout the game. This AI has made itself a legend in sci-fi horror by tormenting System SHock players since 1999.

More SHODAN Images

33) MCP (Tron)The Master Control Program, aka MCP, is a rogue computer program created by Ed Dilinger. MCP ruled over the simulated world within Tron, and was the movie’s main antagonist.

More MCP images

32) Clu (Tron)

Clu, which is the acronym for Codified Likeness Utility, started as a hacking program created by Kevin Flynn, as a “tool of necessity”, until he became sentient, following the events of the first Tron movie.  Clu 2 fills the role as the “Big Bad” in Tron: Legacy, making himself the game’s new evil overlord.

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31) Shotaro Kaneda

Kaneda is the leader of the biker gang known as The Capsules, as well as childhood friend of Tetsuo Shima. Once Tetsuo falls in the hands of the Neo-Tokyo Government and gains supernatural powers, Kaneda and the gang spring to action to save his friend from impending danger; or even himself. 

More Kaneda Images

30) Lizzy Wizzy (Cyberpunk 2077)

During a stage performance with her band, Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves, Lizzy commited suicide and died for an hour, but was revived and had her entire body replaced by cyberware by Trauma Team. She even finished the concert, resulting in it being deemed one of the greatest forms of art.

More Lizzy Wizzy Images

29) The Oracle (The Matrix Trilogy)

The Oracle is the clairvoyant program, within the Matrix, that helps Neo, “The One”, discover his purpose in ending the machine war. She’s also a lovely older black woman who bakes cookies and gives philosophical advice.

More Oracle Images

28) Bob (Reboot)

As a Guardian made by the Super Computer, it is Bob’s responsibility to protect the digital city of Mainframe from malicious viruses. “To Defend and mend” is his motto.

More Bob Images

27) Akira (Akira)

Being the titular character of the Akira universe, it’s slightly odd how the character himself is barely seen. However, being as though he’s the catalyst of the events that take place in the manga and the movie, His omni-presence is enough to make up for it.

More Akira Images

26) Agent Smith (The Matrix Trilogy)

Once he was initially destroyed, Agent Smith “rose from the grave” as a virus within the matrix, enabling him to copy himself over the minds of others trapped in the matrix. Due to this, he rages on to be a menace to Neo and the rest of the resistance.

More Agent Smith Images

25) Ronin (Ronin)

Created by the legendary man who made “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Sin City”, Ronin is a 13th century samurai, reincarnated in a futuristic New York City to avenge his fallen master. As it turns out, However, the one who slain his master isn’t the only demon he’ll have to face.

More Ronin Images

24) Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane (Ghost Rider 2099)

Zero was just your average hacker, until he was double-crossed and murdered by those he trusted. Now, given another chance and a penchant for vengeance and murdering bad guys, he stalks the futuristic Transverse City as Ghost Rider!

More Zero Cochrane Images

23) Nathan Never (Nathan Never)

Our titular hero is the best special agent of Agenzia Alfa, which is a private vigilance organization supported by the government. The suffrage of having a dead wife and a mentally scarred daughter only makes him a deadlier soldier, and is also the reason for his all white hair.

More Nathan Never Images 

22) Priss Asagiri (Bubblegum Crisis)

Priss is the moody, yet entertaining 19 year old member of the Knight Sabers and the main protagonist of Bubblegum Crisis. She’s a reckless fighter, yet selfless friend, and she also has a bitchin’ motorcycle.

More Priss Asagiri Images

21) Sark (Tron)

Although he’s a secondary antagonist to MCP, Sark is still imitating and sinister in his own right. Overseer of the Game Grid and commander of an entire army, there’s nothing that he can’t (or won’t) do to please the MCP.

More Sark Images

20) Sarah Connor (Terminator)

As the mother of the resistance leader, Sarah becomes an important person in the future of humanity, and a last stand against Skynet. On her journey, she also becomes a badass robot killer.

More Sarah Connor Images

19) Hiro Protagonist (Snow Crash) 

Whether he’s delivering pizza or justice, Hiro does it the best. And let me just say, His business card doesn’t say “Greatest Swordfighter in the World” for no reason.

More Hiro Protagonist Images

18) Joe (Looper)

Joe was a looper; an assassin, from the present, assigned to kill people from the future. And Joe was good at his job, until he was assigned to kill himself from the future, in the present.

More Joe Images Here

17) John Connor (Terminator)

The leader of the resistance had a hard life to live, in the original and alternate timelines. And before he died, John conquered each of his life’s adversities, every step of the way.

More John Connor Images

16) Grey Trace (Upgrade)

Endowed with an AI, and enhanced human capabilities, Grey Trace becomes evolution’s greatest prize! But… Then he goes on a rampage, killing a bunch of gang members to avenge his murdered wife.

More Grey Trace Images

15) Tetsuo Shima (Akira)

In a matter of about a day, Tetsuo, a once frail biker thug, became the strongest entity in Neo Tokyo, after his accident with a supernatural child. Following in Akira’s cataclysmic footsteps, he imploded into his own universe, right in the middle of the city.

More Tetsuo Images

14) Kevin Flynn (Tron)

Kevin Flynn is the legendary game engineer who originally created Tron. He's also the hero who destroyed the MCP and freed the denizens of the program, as a hero-god should.

More Kevin Flynn Images

13) Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan)

Heavily inspired by the founder of Gonzo Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson, Spider Jerusalem is a chain-smoking anti-hero obsessed with spreading the truth. In a futuristic melting pot of cultures, species, and a butt load of crime and drugs, Spider’s work is never done.

More Spider Jerusalem Images

12) Douglas Quaid (Total Recall)

Imagine discovering one day that your life, everything you thought you were experiencing, the people you’ve encountered, your job, was all a lie. That’s what it’s like being Quaid, who, after taking a trip to Rekall, finds out that he was never who he brainwashed to be. 

More Quaid Images

11) Alita (Alita: Battle Angel)

Originally named Yoko, Alita originated as a cyborg soldier who fought in resistance to Tiphares. Shortly after being found and raised by Dr. Ido, Alita became a hunter-warrior and fought those who tormented the innocent.

More Alita Images

10) Morpheus (The Matrix Trilogy)

Sent on a mission to find “The One”, Morpheus freed and recruited a team from within the Matrix to fight in the machine war. It’s also worth noting that his “Red pill or Blue pill” speech to Neo made him a big deal, within the meme culture.

More Morpheus Images

9) Adam Jensen (Deus Ex)

Being a cybernetically augmented individual, forced to operate in a  world where most of humanity hates his kind, Adam Jensen doesn't have it easy. But, with his plentiful and highly-lethal augments and abilities, He does know how to make it look otherwise.

More Adam Jensen Images 

8) Officer K (Blade Runner 2049)

In the future of the world of Bladerunner, Nexus-9 replicant Agent K is our new hero, which means it’s now his job to hunt down Nexus-8 replicants and “retire” them. Upon his mission to do just that, he unearths a potentially society changing secret, causing him to chase down an old ghost.

More Officer K Images

7) T-800 (Terminator)

The T-800 was the very first terminator sent back in time to stop the resistance from existing in the future. In later movies, he becomes reprogrammed by the resistance to protect John Connor, and at his “death”, gave us that iconic “thumbs-up” as he sank in lava.

More T-800 Images 

6) Robocop (Robocop)

Created by an evil corporation, Robocop is the future’s last stand against crime in a near-apocalyptic Detroit. And once he finds out that his creators are no better than the crooks he eradicates, he faces dying again to make sure they don’t get away with their wrongdoings.

More Robocop Images

5) Takeshi Kovacs (Altered Carbon)

The Last Envoy, Takeshi Kovacs, is one of the settled worlds’ hottest items. With each sleeve his stack is brought back through, comes a huge conspiracy and dozens of bodies to follow.

More Kovacs Images

4) Judge Dredd (Dredd) 

Dredd is Mega City One’s most feared Judge, and all for good reason. Just imagine him saying “I AM THE LAW”, and that being the very last thing you’ll ever hear.

More Judge Dredd Images

3) Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell)

There’s nothing more legendary than when a female is the leader of an elite policing force, much like Maj. Kusanagi, here. However, there’s more to Motoko than just her role in law enforcement, things that she doesn’t even know about herself.

More Maj. Kusanagi Images

2) Neo (The Matrix)

Before being sought out by Morpheus, Neo was just a computer programmer. Since discovering his true potential, he’s lived up to legendary status by taking on Agent Smith armies and being the beacon for the resistance.

More Neo Images

1) Rick Deckard

30 years before Officer K, Rick Deckard was a bladerunner of the LAPD. After completing his assignment of “retiring” 4 rogue Nexus-8 replicants, he defected from his job and escaped with replicant Rachel, and had a precious daughter.

More Rick Deckard Images


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