The 10 Best Sci Fi RPGs To Play on PC Right Now

the best sci fi rpgs
Top 10 Best Sci-Fi RPGs for PC

How Many of These Sci Fi RPGs Have You Played?

When it comes to Sci-Fi PC games, it’s hard to beat an RPG.

The combination of world building, grand scale, and character customization means that a player can get more involved in the story and find a greater connection with the game itself which in turns lends itself to a better game experience overall.

Here are the 10 best Sci-Fi RPG’s available today.

10) EVE Online

The much talked about "This is EVE" trailer

Oh EVE Online you unique and magnificent beast. It’s hard to even label it as an RPG, or even a game really. At this point EVE is such an entity all to it’s own that it is basically its own genre. It is EVE.

If you have played it you understand and if you haven’t you are probably confused. For the sake of our list we are going to count EVE as an RPG since the player creates a character whose role they take on, and because there is a leveling skill system in place that has a drastic impact on gameplay, even if the system is time based instead of xp based.

That being said, if I took the time to list out what EVE’s core gameplay is as well as what makes it fun and unique enough to be on this list it would probably take months of typing and way more pages than I can deal with. So I'm going to go for the extremely light and simple version. All of you rabid EVE players out there please don’t come at me.

EVE is an online MMORPG where players learn skills in order to participate in jobs like mining, industry, exploration and combat. Unlike other RPG’s there isn’t much of a central storyline written by the creators that the character follows. Instead EVE is a dynamic, real world environment where the players are what drives the game.

The corporations (player run groups similar to guilds) own sectors of space and decide what goes on in their section. All of the major conflicts, wars, events, etc. are typically revolving around specific corporations and all of the drama and intrigue that this entails. That combined with the scale of EVE is what truly sets it apart, not just from other RPGs, but basically from any game ever created. It’s not so much a game as an actual simulation of a fictional world run by real people.

Characters aren’t even leveled up due to what happens in the game, but instead do all of their progression by learning new skills in real time. And not just sped up game time either, I mean actual real time. Hours and weeks and days and months. Speaking of real, the in game economy is backed by real world money, to the point that EVE has become known for large scale battles that have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of real world dollars.

The fact is EVE is so unique that it is hard to label it as any one thing, but for our purposes it is a solid RPG and that’s good enough to get it on our list at number 10.

Nothing bad ever happened in a giant field of ominous space debris.

I’m not entirely sure what is happening here, but I can imagine there is a lot of profanity involved.

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