Top 15 Upcoming Sci-Fi Games We're Excited For (2019-2022)

Upcoming Sci-Fi Games
Mads Mikkelsen as the villian!?

Here are some Sci-Fi Games We're Excited For (2019-2022)!

Sci-Fi: a genre dealing with subjects like time travel, aliens, advanced technology and more. It’s a genre that can really pull a player in. It pulls us into a society that we will most likely never be a part of. But who knows, maybe someday we will finally have full immersion available. Today, I will be filling you guys in on a list of 15 upcoming Sci-Fi that we are super excited for.

15. Star Citizen

Star Citizen Gameplay

Choose a job as a smuggler, pirate, merchant, bounty hunter, or enlist as a pilot to stop enemies from crossing the border. Fly your spacecraft to explore and to fight enemies. Travel through Star Citizen, a universe, and complete missions and adventures. Make the decisions you want, you are in charge of your character. But remember, the universe will change based on what you do as a character. Even the adventures you choose to go on will change history.

Star Citizen gives players a variety of genres including first-player shooter

Fly in outer space to defeat your enemies!

14. Anthem

Anthem Gameplay

With the help of Javelin exosuits, armor that gives you superhuman abilities, roam into a contiguous open world. Dive into the world of Anthem. A world once ruled by Gods. Team up with fellow comrades. Then travel by foot or flight to reach rivals who became to be after the Gods disappeared.

Freelancers against monsters left by the Gods. We have Ranger on the left and Storm on the right

All four of Anthem characters. (From the Left to right) Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger, and Storm

13. Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point Gameplay

Aliens have landed on your planet. They evolve and mutate in response to your tactics and are roaming the lands freely. These Aliens can also generate mist and spawn larvae. And now it's your duty to wipe them out with the best equipment and weapons you can get your hands on.

Defeat the Hive!

Ready to fight aliens!

12. Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

It’s the year 2077 and you have been born into poverty. In a city full of drugs and violence you'll have to rise up and redeem yourself. First find means of transportation. And then fight gangs and survive the threats of mega corporations who wish to rule the city.

Any last words?

Cyberpunk isn’t a typical RPG

11. Rage 2

Rage 2 Gameplay

Rage 2 is set on planet Earth after a global catastrophe. The main goal in Rage 2 is for you, Walker, to travel the wasteland fighting gangs. While also searching for equipment and technology needed to stop the authority. Stop the authority from taking charge and making the wasteland their own.

Shooting it up in the wasteland

Game like no other. Here we have a character trying to shoot a vehicle, one handing and underneath her leg.

10. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal Gameplay

The Union Aerospace Corporation is having difficulty fighting off the forces of hell. So you, the doom slayer must defeat them. Use your flamethrower, the cannon mounted on your shoulder, and an extendable blade to annihilate every demon you cross. Take on missions while upgrading your equipment, mods, and your top weapon, a hook that you can use to attach yourself to any demon you face.

Use a vast array of guns to defeat your enemies

Doom Slayer's blade, used to chop up some demons

9. Griftlands

Griftlands Gameplay

Use your band of mercenaries to travel through towns and make a fortune. Deceive, steal, kill, negotiate or charm NPCS to gain more and more money. But remember, these NPCS will remember what you did to them. They will remember if you hurt them or stole from them so be careful of what decisions you make.

Fight against NPCs to get closer to making a fortune

Use your band of mercenaries to travel across towns and make NPCS either be on your side or become your enemy

8. Phantom Brigade

Phantom Brigade Gameplay

You are a mecha pilot in a world overridden by war. Alongside the last surviving mecha pilot squad, you’ll have to defeat enemies approaching your territory. Make guerrilla strikes against your rivals to gain equipment. And use that equipment so you can have a higher chance of winning the war.

Mecha VS Tanks

How you see the world when playing the game

7. Industries of Titan

Industries of Titan Gameplay

In a future where humans began to colonize outer space, you are in charge of making an industrial city on Saturn's moon, Titan. Build factories and ships to make your city grow. Compete with other great houses. And claim all of Titan.

You can build and design your own ships!

How your city can look like from the skies.

6. Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Age of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay

Emerge from a cosmic dark age. Arise and create a new future. Explore ruins and battle a wide variety of factions. Negotiate, build, fight, and advance your technology to reach utopia. Reach that utopia through diplomacy, conquest, or even doomsday technologies.

Fight against other factions!

The world as you know it

5. Death Stranding

Death Stranding Gameplay

You are Sam Bridges a man who works for a mysterious organization. Embark in quests given to you by that organization and travel across a dangerous and broken world. Use the special device you have, an infant, to see where your invisible enemies are so you can make it to your destination while also uncovering secrets about this dangerous world you live in.

Sam Bridges and the Infant that helps him see the invisible entities

A mysterious woman helps Sam not be attacked by the invisible entities

4. Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics Gameplay

Your task, control multiple COG soldiers to hunt down the locust monster maker. Also known as the monsters who destroyed the planet. Contain the locust and fight powerful bosses.  To do this, use all of your abilities and customizable equipment.

Ready to fire!

You will get to control multiple soldiers to defeat the enemy

3. Control

Control Gameplay

Become the Director and regain control of the Bureau of Control. You will have to travel through The Oldest House, also known as the shifting halls of the Bureau’s headquarters. While traveling through the shifting halls complete missions to find out the truth behind the Bureau, a company who studies the supernatural. Locate all secrets, decode cryptic ciphers, and defeat the Hiss before they destroy humankind.

Fight the Hiss!

Destroy the Hiss by upgrading your weapon and gaining new abilities

2. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Gameplay

You are back as Master Chief. Play in a continuation of Halo 5. Uncover the secrets left behind. Is Cortana going to use the Halo ring?  Is Master Chief going to end up in the middle of Cortana’s plan? What will happen to the Universe?

Most mysterious trailer ever

Master Chiefs new helmet!

1.Gears 5

Gears 5 Gameplay

Technology is the downfall of the World and enemies have banned together to kill all survivors.  Travel across Gears World. Travel through water, mountain, and caves. And defeat all enemies you encounter so you can find the locust’s origin.

Travel across Gears World to find the locusts origin

Don’t let anyone stop you. (Kait)

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