The 10 Best Sci Fi Games of 2017

Best Sci Fi Games 2017
There is more than what meets eye on the Talos 1 Space Station in Bethesda's Prey.

2017 was a strange year for science fiction PC games. Games were highly anticipated, seemed to fail or impossibly flop. The much-anticipated sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect: Andromeda, caused a lot of waves, but overall resulted in being a disappointing entry to the franchise. This not the only huge franchise heavy hitter that fell on its face this year. Battlefront 2, promised more maps, characters, and an actual single player campaign, but ultimately it was disappointing, especially with the developer’s choice of including loot boxes.

Out of all that turmoil, there were still some winners in the genre for PC and here are the top ten:

10. Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 Cinematic Launch Trailer

Sequel to Endless Space, this game takes what made the first an addicting turn-based 4x strategy game. Still taking place in a mysterious galaxy where the precursor race, the Endless, rose and fell long ago. New civilizations are beginning to rise up and all of them seek to control Dust, the magical mcguffin of this universe. The game is overall, beautiful and elegant. It is very much a much needed update for the franchise, though the game does little else revolutionary with the strategy game genre. It will provide endless hours of entertainment when you just want to take one more turn.

9. Nex Machina

Nex Machina's Launch Trailer

This is a game that flew under the radar for most, but as far as a games go, this is a beautifully zany game. An arcade style shooter that focuses on action and destruction. Set, in cyberpunk universe, the world is filled with bright lasers and fast paced moves, it's the perfect game to decompress to.

8. Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 VR's E3 Gameplay Trailer

Being that this is 2018 and VR has now been around for a few years, they are now reaching a point that they worthy of being included on a list like this. Bethesda's Fallout universe takes a whole new immersive level as virtual reality. Players can experience the whole story of Fallout 4 and actually travel through the nuclear wasteland that is former Boston and the surrounding area. While, release wasn’t perfect, bugs and other hotfixes have been applied and the game is as fantastic as the “vanilla” console version. Not sure I’d want to be that close to deathclaws though.

7. Tacoma

Tacoma Gameplay Trailer
Tacoma is a new game from the makers of Gone Home and with it they continue their story driven tradition aboard a space station in 2088. You’ve been tasked with investigating what went on and what is left of the crew is nothing about surveillance videos, which form the core of the game’s narrative. For lovers of other “walking sims” you will dive into an immersive mystery where you are continually pulled toward the end. A simple, but overall fantastic experience for any lover of science fiction.

6. Everspace

Everspace Gameplay Launch Trailer

What do you get when you combine: Starpoint Gemini, Elite Dangerous, and No Man’s Sky? You get Everspace. From Developer ROCKFISH, this game is a fantastic entry to spaceship combat and exploration genre. Each mission gives you a randomly generated system to explore and navigate as you unlock puzzles, blueprints, and more story. All of this is paired with amazing visuals and dynamic, action-packed gameplay to deliver an entertaining experience.

5. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Cinematic/Gameplay Trailer

There are not many games that have shook up the landscape more than Destiny, but the sequel was one that decided to change the formula even more with a new loadout and even having a real story campaign that in many ways, is the best part of this new entry into the franchise. You are a Guardian, who has beaten the Vex, Crota, and Oryx. You have beaten back the SIVA infestation and restored the Iron Lord legacy, but now you face a threat that saps the very light from your being. Ghaul, the Destroyer of Worlds, leads the Red Legion of Cabal into the Sol system for a singular purpose…to take control of the Light and make the Traveler his thrall. Filled with all the action and smooth gunplay of the first, Destiny 2 is back and better than before.

4. Stellaris (Utopia & Synthetic Dawn DLC)

Stellaris Synthetic Dawn Launch Trailer

Stellaris originally released back in 2016, but Paradox Interactive has not stopped rolling out a mixture of free and paid DLC for the game. For most PC gamers, this game is THE defining space strategy game out there, and the DLC that was dropped this year only reinforces this claim. Utopia brought with it excellent quality of life improvements to the game, that were folded right into the base game. Synthetic Dawn introduced a new racial system in the form of artificial intelligence and robotic life. Both of these added new elements into the already deep gameplay of Stellaris. Use a pre-made or create your own civilization, to explore and either cooperate, conquer, or exterminate any you meet in the galaxy of your choosing.

3. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Death of the Outsider Gameplay Trailer

Following the sequel to the landmark game from Arkane Studios, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, follows Billie Lurk, an assassin, who reunites with her old mentor Daud to attempt the insane. The mission, assassinate the Outsider, an almost god-like being, who Billie believes to be behind the worst marks against the Empire. As Billie and Daud venture deeper and deeper into the maze, learning of the Outsider’s origins and knowledge, they will face fierce enemies and strange powers and it may change the very world they hold so dear. Still holding to the series hallmarks of stealth, cool powers, and brutal assassinations, Death of the Outsider is a great addition to the franchise.

2. NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata Cinematic/Gameplay Trailer

Blending RPG, an open world, and an intricate fighting system, NeiR: Automata, is a desolate world torn by war and invasion. Humanity has been forced off earth by an invading robotic alien army. The remnants of humanity send a force of androids to combat the robots in an attempt to reclaim the planet. The game follows three of these androids as they fight these robots to reclaim Earth, little do they know the secrets that they will find, will change everything forever. This game was a groundbreaker for 2017, being an RPG that seamlessly blends the world, but still managed to carry a 60 fps rate, while being essentially an fighting game at its core. The game itself, isn’t just beautiful vistas, but also a creative and intimate narrative as the player follows androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they fight the robotic hordes and reclaim the robotic dystopia that is now Earth.

1. Prey

Prey Launch Gameplay Trailer

Now, taking our number 1 spot, is Prey. You wake up aboard the Talos I space station as it orbits the moon and something is not right… You play as Morgan Yu, one of the few remaining survivors aboard and key subject to an experiment that could change humanity forever. The station is overrun by a shadowy, hostile force and it is up to you to survive as you try to understand your purpose and past. This game is a work of art, with an immersive setting and storyline to bring players in and then thrill them with the aliens who can literally hide in plain sight. This game was one that was somewhat passed over during 2017 due to its competitors, but it surely outlasts them by a quality experience.

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