[Top 5] Cyberpunk 2077 Best Assault Rifles And How To Get Them

Top 5 Cyberpunk 2077 Assault Rifles!
Assault rifles go brrrrr

Hello, choombas. Who doesn’t like a good ol’ assault rifle? Let me tell you that everyone in Night City surely does. They’re good for everything. Cooking your food, getting shekels, or even borrowing some shekels from the bank.

They’re a multi-purpose tool in Night City. There are countless varieties of assault rifles. If you’re going for a technical build smart assault rifles are for you or if you’re going a more strength build then power assault rifles are your best choice. Anyhow, let’s get into the best assault rifles Night City has to offer! 

5. Arasaka Nowaki

The gun comes loaded with 30 bullets in the magazine which is more than enough to mow down a group of gang members. Also, the Nowaki is a 3 round burst assault rifle which makes it different from the standard-issue assault rifles. 

What makes Arasaka Nowaki great:

  • It’s a pretty common assault rifle that’s carried by the Arasaka organization. 
  • Bullets can ricochet off of surfaces. 
  • The firing speed of the weapon depends on how fast you can click your LMB. 

Arasaka Nowaki stats:

  • 30 bullets in the magazine. 
  • 3 round burst assault rifle. 
  • 3.06 attack speed. 

4.  Nokota D5 Sidewinder

The rarity of this gun is uncommon so it’s scattered everywhere around Night City. Most of the shots that come out of this weapon should be a headshot as it has smart targeting inside of it. Maybe after using this gun you’ll finally be able to go pro in CS: GO. 

What makes Nokota D5 Sidewinder great:

  • The rarity of the weapon is uncommon; it's scattered everywhere around Night City. 
  • Contains 30 bullets in the magazine. 
  • Smart targeting so you don’t have to move a muscle while aiming. 
  • Pretty cheap to buy from gun vendors. 

Nokota D5 Sidewinder stats:

  • 6.00 attack speed. 
  • 30 bullets in the magazine.
  • 1.00x headshot damage multiplier.
  • Damage scales with your level. 

3. Nokota D5 Copperhead

D5 Copperhead is also fairly easy to find around Night City as its rarity is just common. You might see this weapon on some cops or some random tiny criminals. Anyone can get this assault rifle as it’s the most popular one for a reason. If you’re not having any luck finding it on your dead enemies try visiting some gun vendors around Night City. 

What makes Nokota D5 Copperhead great:

  • High fire rate. 
  • High DPS. 
  • Easy to find as this gun is everywhere around Night City. 

Nokota D5 Copperhead stats:

  • 448.3 DPS. 
  • 63-77 Damage. 
  • 6.38 Attack Speed. 
  • 30 bullet capacity. 

2. Prejudice

I highly encourage you to take the time and explore the bar and find this weapon for yourself. You’ll thank me later. The gun has a decent DPS and fire rate. It will go well with any build almost except the tech build but even if you’re going the tech build you can sell the gun for a lot of cash. 

What makes Prejudice great: 

  • An iconic weapon with great unique stats. 
  • Easy to find during the mission “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. 
  • High DPS and a high fire rate. 
  • Great with any build almost. 

Prejudice stats:

  • 346.7 DPS. 
  • 93-113 Damage.
  • 2.94 Attack Speed. 
  • 2x Headshot Damage Multiplier. 

1. Psalm 11:6

When the boss is using his mantis blades make sure to get on top of something so he can pull out his gun so he drops the blueprint for Psalm 11:6 once he dies. Once you do acquire the blueprint you’ll have to craft the gun for yourself but that won’t be an issue as the materials you need are easily acquired. When the gun is crafted and in your hands make sure to burn your enemies in holy fire and make them repent for their sins. 

What makes Psalm 11:6 great:

  • You can burn enemies in the holy fire with your bullets. 
  • The name sounds like a chapter from the Bible. 
  • Applies a “Burn” debuff on enemies. 

Psalm 11:6 stats:

  • 295.8 DPS.
  • 41-50 Damage. 
  • 6.38 Attack Speed. 
  • Thermal damage 31-38%.
  • 18% Burn Chance.
  • 24.08% Crit Chance. 
  • 1x Headshot Damage Multiplier. 

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