Top 10 Best Cosplay Websites That Are Awesome

Best cosplay websites
The spirited armor of Alphonso Elric

What are the top 10 cosplay sites that are awesome?

Finding the right cosplay website can be a real pain, there are too many of them! They all are different too. Here is a list for you of those cosplay websites that are really awesome!

I will give you a list of a Top 10 Best Cosplay Websites That Are Awesome, with all the information you need! So what are you waiting for? Check it out and look which one suits you the best!

10. Lightinthebox

Light in the Box is a very big global retail website that offers great prices on tons of different lifestyle products. Lightinthebox is used all over the world. Everyone loves their prices too!

  • This website has a super-fast delivery! If you need a cosplay last minute, this is your best option.
  • f you have a low(er) budget, they have very cheap cosplay costumes, who everyone can buy!
  • They carry all kinds of costumes, wigs, shoes and accessories.
  • They even carry full character costumes!

9. Etsy

Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies. It is also features factory-manufactured items. These items fall under a wide range of categories, including jewelry, bags, clothing, cosplay, home decoration and furniture, toys, art, craft supplies and tools. Etsy follows in the tradition of open craft fairs. If you want your own handmade cosplay, this is where you can get it.

  • If you want your own handmade cosplay, this is where you can get it.
  • You can get cheaper factory-manufactures items here too!
  • Browse through thousands of cosplays from thousands of sellers, choices enough!

8. Amazon

You probably know this already, but Amazon is the largest e-commerce marketplace and cloud computing platform in the world. It all started in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. started as an online bookstore. They started selling more and more. You can find almost everything is on Amazon nowadays! And a lot of cosplay costumes too!

  • This is the largest e-commerce marketplace ever made!
  • Amazon is used worldwide by all kinds of cosplayers, casual and proffesional!
  • You can get any kind of cosplay you want here.
  • You have millions of choices, because it’s so huge!

7. Cosplay Shops

Cosplay Shops is a website that offers thousands of animation products including cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, and cosplay accessories at very affordable prices

  • This website has cosplay for: games, anime, movies at a great quality!
  • They have everything from full costumes, to accessories to help you put together your own.
  • The masks, weapons and other props are very detailed, just the way you love it!
  • You can even get complete and detailed outfits, like Master Chief, Alphonse Elric and much more!

6. MicCostumes

MicCostumes is a website that doesn’t only have cosplay costumes, they also have Halloween costumes. They do also give great cosplay ideas for all cosplayers. You can find any costume you want, especially for Halloween. It’s not so expensive too! They even give you tutorials on how to make your own cosplay too!

  • You can get inspired for your own costume here by other users, who also wear cosplay.
  • When looking for a cheap yet convincing cosplay costume it can be a hard task. This website makes the search for the perfect costume like a breeze.
  • If you need an awesome Halloween costume, you can get it here! You can find literally any costume you want especially for Halloween.
  • If English is not your best language, there are plenty of language options available at the website.

5. CosplaySky

Cosplay Sky specializes in tailor made costumes hand sewn by their expert tailors. All of Cosplay Sky’s costumes are made to daily use standard meaning you can wear your cosplay as much as you like, without it wearing out, tearing or otherwise getting messed up from frequent use, how awesome is that?

  • You can buy any kind of specialized cosplay costume you want here! It’s all made by expert tailors.
  • You can wear their costumes as much as you want, they won’t wear out or tear!
  • You can even wear their costumes daily, whenever or wherever you want, they are made for it!

4. RoleCospay

RoleCosplay is a website where you can buy and shop for a wide range of high-quality cosplay costumes from anime, movie, game costumes and much more. This is an amazing store to get anime cosplay on a budget.

  • Are you a professional cosplayer? This is the place for the real professionals!
  • Their wigs are great quality!
  • The communication with the store is great.
  • All the costumes are really well made and they mostly fit perfectly with everyone.

3. ProCosplay

ProCosplay is dedicated to making professional cosplay costumes, but also cosplay wigs, cosplay props and accessories with high quality and exclusive designs from popular anime, TV series, films, and games. They don’t only have anime costumes; they also have costumes for marvel or DC comics’ superheroes!

They offer a large variety of cosplay related to movies, TV shows, and games. They also offer a lot of ready-to-ship items that you can quickly buy on the spot.

  • They are high quality and assembled well, especially considering the price!
  • They have lots of options for buying a premade cosplay!
  • Procoplay is inexpensive.
  • Everything you need for a good party can be found there. There is a large variety of costumes and wigs.
  • The shipping is super-fast.

2. CosplayShopper

CosplayShopper is a deluxe cosplay costumes & accessories shop where everything is 100% handmade and designed to fit your style. Making your own Cosplay custom can be hard. This website has lots of options, for every kind of cosplayer; the aspiring cosplayer to the experienced ones.

  • The main office is located in the US. So it’s easy to receive, or return.
  • You can find anything you want here!
  • They even have the sexy costumes! From Chinese, Christmas, to nurse costumes, and everything in between. 
  • Looking for handmade cosplay? This is the best place to get those!

1. EZCosplay

EZCosplay’s motto is “Everyone Can Cosplay”. They really do make that motto true. EZ Cosplay is a great costume store option for those people who are just getting into cosplay.

You will definitely find anything you can think of in their massive selection of over 3000 costumes. If you want, you can even commission them to make custom costumes, wigs, shoes or props for your next big cosplay idea!

  • If you are looking to get into cosplay, it might seem quite daunting to start. EZCosplay will make it so much easier for you!
  • This is your go-to website and online store when it comes to cosplay and anime.
  • It serves as a one-stop shop, because aside from costumes, you can also browse anime and games.
  • This website is very reliable!

Looking for cosplay community websites?

Here are the 5 best cosplay community websites:

  1. (
  2. American Cosplay Paradise (
  3. PopCultHQ (
  4. Kamui Cosplay (
  5. You can Cosplay (

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