The 10 Best Lifeline Cosplays We've Ever Seen (Best Looking)

Best Lifeline Cosplays
"Check yo self - or wreck yo self."

Top 10 Best Looking Lifeline Cosplays

Lifeline is a Legend in the Apex Legends, a video game set in the fictitious Frontier and Core Systems worlds. The first-person shooter game by Respawn Entertainment was a big success thanks to the range of characters, the plot, and the battle royale features. The game is notable for the variety of its characters, their powers, and the story of how they became  Apex Games' competitors. Lifeline is a popular player choice as she is the Legends’ main healer and many people dress up like her. The top 10 Lifeline cosplays are shown below!

10-Luna Lyrik

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Luna Lyrik

Ajay Che is Lifeline’s real name. Her family is well-known, but they kept their daughter and the world in the dark about their main business, –profiting off war. Lifeline swore off her family and set out on her own after this discovery, eventually settling in the Frontier Corps as a combat medic.



Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Ninjayla

Lifeline is the only Legend with healing abilities among all the characters, making her a highly sought-after Legend to play or have on your team. One of her greatest advantages in the Apex Games is her prior training as a military medic.


8-Maple Cas

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Maple Cas

Lifeline’s London Calling attire was inspired by a punk band she joined (shortly after discovering her parent’s secret), which gave her the strength to leave her family and home.


7-Nashanda Gibbs

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Nashanda Gibbs and Sir Daggers 

Lifeline and Mirage may be excellent buddies in the game’s lore. It wouldn't be surprising if they were, given how friendly they appear here.


6-Master of Unlocking

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Master of Unlocking and @Bonedaddycos

Lifeline grew up with Octane and attended the same school because their parents ran in the same circles. She frequently sought his assistance, and now as Legends, they began to support and collaborate with one another. However, as a secret was revealed, that rapidly came to an end and they broke off their friendship.



Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Drrdoc

After noticing that their medical team was running low on supplies, Lifeline decided to participate in the Apex Games to raise funds for the Frontier Corps. Although she is aware that she must kill in order to succeed, she believes the ends justify the means.


4-Tatted Poodle

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Tatted Poodle

Lifeline is sporting one of her boldest ensembles in this photo, with bright yellow accents. She certainly stands out in the arena in this, and it also serves as a distraction for her adversaries.


3-Kelcium Chloride

Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by KelciumChloride

Lifeline uses the Drone of Compassion or D.O.C., a medical drone companion, as her tactical and passive abilities. She can simultaneously heal herself and other squad members thanks to the drone. When there aren’t any more health packs available or during periods of rest, it’s helpful.



Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Aqueha

Lifeline gets along well with a number of the other Legends, including Bloodhound, Fuse, and Maggie (once she gained her trust. She can easily converse with them and their combat styles complement one another.



Best Lifeline Cosplay

Cosplay by Miecy’s

Lifeline's only goal is to assist individuals who are in need in order to improve the world. She is so eager to take part in the Apex Games because of this.

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