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Although most of the 17 current legends have only two finishers, one usually takes the number one spot. Saving you those crucial few milliseconds to instantly recharge your shield or simply being badass to watch. 

Excluding the default ones, the rest of the finishers are legendary class and unlockable with 1,200 crafting metals per finisher. 


Bloodhound (Clean Kill)

Showcase of Bloodhound's Clean Kill finisher. 

Bloodhound plunges their knife twice into the hostile andskoti's side before wiping the blade clean on their clothes. Artur gets his share, too, by swooping in, plucking out the dead hostile's eyes for a juicy treat. 

Clean Kill only takes 5.2s to complete, and they spend most of it in a crouched position, leaving them a difficult target for enemies to interrupt.

This is Bloodhound's best finisher because it includes Artur in the fun. It's incredibly satisfying to do, especially when knocking a difficult enemy (or any rival Bloodhound). 


Gibraltar (Force of Gravity)

Showcase of Gibraltar's Force of Gravity finisher. 

Slapping each forearm in an opening Haka dance, Gibraltar then spins around to happily crush the enemy under his *ahem* robust figure.

Force of Gravity is Gibraltar's longest finisher at 6.3s, but with the aid of his protective dome, he has plenty of time to squish the enemy into the ground. 

This finisher is his best because of his butt crush. Simple as that. No one wants to go out that way…


Lifeline (Ajay's Lullaby)

Showcase of Lifeline's Ajay's Lullaby finisher. 

Lifeline becomes an Angel of Death in this finisher. Pinning her begging enemy to the ground and silencing them, Ajay sinks her needle into their neck before closing their dead eyes. 

Ajay's Lullaby is one of the quickest finishers (just 5s), and she spends it in a crouched position making it difficult to disrupt her. 

Ajay's Lullaby is Lifeline's best finisher because it turns her angelic healer image on its head. She eases their suffering. Whether they want it or not. 


Pathfinder (Hi-5)

Showcase of Pathfinder's Hi-5 finisher. 

Wanting to share his success with his knocked friend, Pathfinder shoots a grapple through their neck, pulling them in for a high-five. Gurgling their last breath, Pathfinder gets his celebratory high-five in the end. His new friend…not so much.

Coming in at 4.7s, Hi-5 is one of the fastest finishers in the game. However, he does remain relatively still, which can leave him open to getting picked at by enemies. 

Hi-5 is Path's finest finisher. It's simple and quick and shows his endearing innocence, even in the killing. 


Wraith (Existential Crisis)

Showcase of Wraith's Existential Crisis.

Using the power of the Void to teleport, affect gravity and add strength, Wraith destroys her enemy with a skull crack, back slam, and finally, a skull stomp. 

Existential Crisis takes Wraith 5s to complete. She is constantly moving and teleporting, so interrupting her is challenging. 

This is her best finisher because of her constant movement and teleportation. Plus, striking those power punches is so pleasing. 


Bangalore (Recycle)

Showcase of Bangalore's Recycle finisher.

Strolling up to her downed hostile, Bang runs her hand through her hair before launching a smoke canister at their face knocking them back. The canister bounces back into her hand just as she turns away. 

Recycle is Bang's default finisher, and it is the longest out of the two (5.4s to complete), but her smoke can provide an epic smokey cover to protect her.

This finisher is her best because of her nonchalance in walking up to the hostile. She doesn't even give them the satisfaction of wasting a precious canister on them. She suffers no fools. 


Caustic (Strike Three)

Showcase of Caustic's Strike Three finisher. 

Caustic slowly strides up to his terrified subject and deals three skull-crushing power punches into the side of their head. 

Strike Three takes 5.2s to complete. Caustic can finish it out of enemy sight by using his gas as cover.  

Strike Three is the best finisher in the game, in my opinion. The slow stride and the sheer power in the punches make anyone want to mimic his actions. 


Mirage (Strike a Pose)

Showcase of Mirage's Strike a Pose finisher. 

Mirage employs his cheeky decoy to taunt his downed enemy into believing they will be shot (while pulling out some fantastic poses). Finally, Mirage ends their misery with a sidekick to the face, smugly strutting away, victorious. 

Strike a Pose is completed in 6.12s, one of the longer finishers of the game. However, he uses a decoy which takes the heat off him if an enemy does try to shoot. 

Mirage is a cocky jokester, and all his finishers play into that. However, this one takes the cake with the cruel but playful baiting before kicking the enemy's head into the ground. 


Octane (Full Throttled)

Showcase of Octane's Full Throttled finisher. 

Pushing the enemy back onto their butt, Octane uses his robotic leg to kick his downed enemy in the jaw rapidly. He finishes it by running in a circle before striking a victory pose.

Full Throttled is 5.3s in length. However, he stays stationary throughout, so doing it out of the enemy's sight is key to seeing him celebrate. 

Full Throttled gives major Thumper vibes. The way he uses his hydraulic leg to pummel his downed foe into the dust is just dirty, especially with the post-giddy celebrations. Gives a new meaning to a glass jaw, huh…


Wattson (Shocking Outcome)

Showcase of Wattson's Shocking Outcome finisher. 

Wattson happily skips up to her knocked enemy as she lays down electrical nodes. Her innocence and scientific curiosity radiate in her 'Oh' face after electrocuting them to death. 

Shocking Outcome is Wattson's default finisher and takes 5.2s to complete. The added electricity visual effect can attract the sight of enemy squads, so a safe location is important on this one. 

Both Wattson's Finishers show off her adorableness, but this one nudges in front. The childlike skip towards her kill, combined with her surprised face, skyrockets her cuteness level.


Crypto (Asset Procurement)

Showcase of Crypto's Asset Procurement finisher.

Shoving his struggling opponent to the ground, Crypto strikes them in the face before retrieving a microchip from their dead body. 

Asset Procurement is Crypto's default finishers and is 5.5s long. Crypto stays crouched over his victim throughout, making him a difficult target to shoot. 

This is Crypto's best finisher because his decisive blow shows he's not just a pretty boy recon specialist. He can get his hands dirty too. Plus, what's on the microchip? Was it worth dying for?


Revenant (Snap Decision)

Showcase of Revenant's Snap Decision finisher. 

Shushing his scared skin bag enemy, Rev teleports right behind their ear just before snapping their neck. He then stands, unleashing a nightmare-fuel-worthy scream.  

Snap decision comes in at 5.4s to complete and is his default finisher. However, his crouched positioning and teleportation make this finisher tricky to disrupt. 

Snap Decision is his best finisher for many reasons. His indifference to humans is obvious, and he shows this sadistic pleasure by teleporting behind them and snapping their necks. The laughing scream at the end completes this Rev-tastic animation.


Loba (Femme Fatale)

Showcase of Loba's Femme Fatale finisher. 

Using her Black Market cane, Loba vaults over it to stab her enemy in the face with her six-inch heel. Twisting her legs to secure the kill, the last thing her enemy gets to see is Loba strutting away, laughing as she twirls her cane. 

Another default and long finisher (just under 6s), Femme Fatale still works in Loba's favor. Her vaulting movement makes her hard to pin down. 

Femme Fatale is her best because her sultry deadliness comes into focus here with her killer heels and catwalk finish. 


Rampart (No Mercy)

Showcase of Rampart's No Mercy finisher. 

Confessed lazy girl Rampart lets Sheila take the reins on this finisher. After setting up Sheila, Rampart backs up, kissing her hands as she ends it in a 'boom' fashion, mocking her fallen foe. 

No Mercy takes a full 6s to finish, and she stays pretty still throughout, so it's best to use this finisher in cover. 

Rampart's taunt at the end is what makes this finisher her best. And it also highlights her laziness by letting Sheila do the work. This girl likes to poke fun and put in as little energy as possible. 


Horizon (Event Horizon)

Showcase of Horizon's Event Horizon's finisher. 

Horizon uses NEWT to create a miniature black hole dragging her downed kill into the dark abyss. After it contains the black hole and spits out a Wingman, Horizon pats NEWT on its head as it lets out a happy chirp. 

Event Horizon takes just under 7s to complete, the longest finisher yet. She does spend most of the time in a half-crouched position, though. But, with the added visual effects of the black hole, it makes sense to save Event Horizon for a covered location. 

Not knowing where her helpless enemy will end up, along with NEWT's pet-like mannerism, make this Horizon's best finisher. The fearful wonder of space is paradoxically paired with NEWT's happy bleeps at the end. 


Fuse (Helping Hand)

Showcase of Fuse's Helping Hand finisher. 

Fuse never leaves a mate behind. Tricking his enemy into being friendly, Fuse pulls them onto their feet. Then, giving a cheeky wink, Fuse headbutts them back to the ground before smoothing out his envy-worthy mustache.  

Helping Hand is Fuse's default finisher and takes 5.3s to complete. Again, cover is key to pulling this off, seeing as he stays pretty still.  

Helping Hand is his best finisher because, even if it's not the fastest finisher, it feels like it. It shows Fuse's cheeky side and pride in his facial hair all in one go. What're a few concussions between mates, eh?


Valkyrie (Hard Landing)

Showcase of Valkyrie's Hard Landing finisher.

With her hostile on their hands and knees, Valkyrie jetpacks around on them to deal a crushing blow, flattening them to the ground. She then stomps to their head, giving a cheeky look back to finish it. 

Hard Landing takes 5.5s to complete. Her jetpack movement helps keep the enemy's aim off her. However, the visual effects of the jetpack can give away her position. 

Hard Landing is Valk's best finisher because of its simplicity and bone-crushing animation. Her jetpack-aided movement helps to complete it without disruption.


There are pros and cons with each finisher you choose, between timing and movement perks. Sometimes you gotta go with your favorite even if it goes against what's quickest. 



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