[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Fun Legends

Apex Legends Most Fun Legends

10. Mirage

Mirage is the clown of the Apex squad, but don't take him as just a joke. He might have a crazy personality, sad backstory and weird antics, but Mirage is an insanely fun legend to play in ranked and casual play. Though he might be a pretty mid-tier legend when compared to others, Mirage still has a lot to offer if your main goal of playing Apex is to have some fun!

His tactical and ultimate are the main things that make him enjoyable, as you can mess with your enemies by bamboozling them in different ways. Sending out your decoy to mess with people, using it to dance around or even messing with a new player. He has so much to offer in terms of fun!

What Makes Mirage Fun:

  • Using his decoys to mess with enemies should always bring a smile to your face as you see their confusion.
  • You can also emote with your decoys, in both your tactical and your ultimate. This is super funny as you can confuse your enemies with dance moves.
  • Finally, Mirage’s game plan in a fight is just super exciting and fun as you are trying to confuse your enemy as much as possible.


9. Bloodhound

One of the most basic legends in the game is Bloodhound, but that doesn't take away from how fun this legend is to play. Bloodhound might be extremely simple when compared to other legends, but the impact they have on a team can be massive and you will have a boatload of fun doing so.

Bloodhound is a recon legend, meaning all of their abilities are based on finding and marking enemies in your surroundings. It's super fun to track enemies down with their passive, Follow your White Raven and pair them up with other legends like Caustic and Bangalore for a cheeky combination attack.

What Makes Bloodhound Fun:

  • Tracking down your enemies is always extremely rewarding, which makes the game more fun in those down moments.
  • Having the ability to track enemies means that even in the quiet moments of a match you always feel like you are doing something, ensuring you won't get bored.
  • Finally, running around in Bloodhound’s ultimate and stomping on enemies will not be fun as it rewards kills. Who doesn't love kills in Apex?


8. Bangalore

Another extremely simple yet fun legend is the ever-loved Bangalore. Bang is the most simple character in Apex by far, but that doesn't remove the fun factor that many players get out of her. Being simple means you don't need to think about your abilities too much and kind of use them as a reaction more than anything.

Bangalore is based around her smoke, allowing her to hide and distract enemies as well as her passive which allows her to move super fast after being shot at. Bang is extremely fun because of this movement ability and because of how reactionary her abilities are. You can kind of just run around shooting people like a normal shooter, but when the time comes you have some super fun abilities to help you in a fight.


What Makes Bangalore Fun:

  • Having a movement ability immediately skyrockets the fun factor of any legend as it's always fun to just move faster than anyone else.
  • Bang has reactionary abilities, meaning she is very simple to play until someone attacks her. You can just chill out and shoot some enemies!
  • Finally, Bang pairs well with other legends, so you always feel like you are doing something for your team even if you smoke in the wrong areas lol.


7. Valkyrie

Valkyrie has been one of the most played legends in the game ever since her launch a few years back. Players immediately connected with her kit as it was something we hadn't seen in Apex at all when she was released. We already had movement abilities, but a jet pack, nah now that was insane to see.

Valk is extremely fun because of her passive movement, but also because of her ability to move her and her team around the map with ease. This legend is never a bad choice so it's no wonder players love playing her so much in both ranked and casual play. She is just an amazing legend, with an extremely fun kit to boot.


What Makes Valkyrie Fun:

  • Her passive jet pack allows her to move in ways other legends can't, which is super fun on all maps. Who doesn't love flying around?
  • Her team utility is always appreciated so you never feel like a burden to your team.
  • Finally, her tactical is super fun to use as it feels rewarding to land it correctly and slow/stun your enemies with it.


6. Horizon

Oh Horizon, what hasn't been said about you already in the community? Horizon used to easily be the most fun legend in the game, but she has received a lot of changes that make her much harder to enjoy in certain situations.

Either way though, the main enjoyment with Horizon comes from her tactical and passive. The gravity lift tactical allows Horizon to float into the sky, avoid shots and shoot down at others with ease. In earlier patches, it was way easier to kill enemies from this perch, but nowadays it's much harder to pull off. 

Her passive is unchanged though, allowing her to soft land wherever she wants, and keep her momentum as well.


What Makes Horizon Fun:

  • Horizon is an aggressive movement player’s dream, even after all of the huge changes she’s received over the years. You are just free to move in any way you want.
  • Making plays with her ultimate is still fun after some changes, especially if you and your team throw in some grenades for a bigger boom.
  • Finally, Horizon’s flow in a match is just a nice experience. You never feel pinned down by your movement or your abilities. She is just a very freeing character to play.


5. Wraith

Wraith is one of the most played legends for a reason, so it's no surprise she can be extremely fun to play. She has a pretty great kit and has one of the best tactical’s in the game. This is the main reason people play her so much. it's not because her kit is exactly fun, it's because it's so good.

People have fun playing an extremely powerful legend, and that's alright. It's why you will see so many Wraiths in every lobby no matter what. Players love being powerful, and that in combination with their skill makes for a very fun combination


What Makes Wraith Fun:

  • Her abilities are super powerful, so people enjoy being strong.
  • You can be extremely aggressive with her and have a great fallback thanks to her tactical. So she is fun for aggressive players who want kills.
  • Finally, you can do some funny stuff with her ultimate such as kidnapping enemies with it and trapping them in a gas-filled room. She has so much going on, it's great.


4. Wattson

Wattson is an extremely niche legend, but provides a playstyle you can get anywhere else so it's no surprise a select group finds her fun. Compared to other legends though, I think Wattson is more fun because no one else is like her.

Wattson is based around using her fences to create traps for enemies, deter them from pushing and of course holding down late-game buildings. She is extremely strong in the right hands, and can even be played aggressively by really great players.

What Makes Wattson Fun:

  • Her very unique playstyle is super fun if you enjoy messing with your opponents and trapping them
  • Her door trick technique is one of the most rewarding playstyles in the game as if you catch enemies off guard with it, you almost always get a free kill.
  • Finally, her character is just so lovable so it's nice to play someone lighthearted for once.


3. Rampart

Oh Rampart, yeah there is a little bit of bias here as she is my main, but stay with me for a second. Rampart has a super specific playstyle that is a niche to her. She can create amped cover wherever she wants and also use the destructive power of Sheila.

Learning Rampart takes a lot of skill, but anyone can have some fun with Sheila, she is just that powerful. Running into an entire team and instantly killing them all with the minigun will never get old. She is super powerful, a very fun legend to get better at and an overall blast for anyone who picks her up.

What Makes Rampart Fun:

  • Sheila is always a blast to use as you can just destroy doors and people so easily. 
  • If you play Rampart correctly and get good at her, no one expects her power. People sit behind doors thinking they have the advantage, but you do with Sheila.
  • Finally, her wall playstyle might be seen as boring for some, but when you put time into this unique legend, she can be extremely useful. Rampart can win fights that no other legend can ever dream of.


2. Loba

Loba, one of the most loved legends in the game sits at the number 2 spot for one main reason. Yeah, she has a great tactical and passive, but her ultimate is definitely why people have so much fun playing her. 

No matter how much people love fighting, they love looting even more. This is where Loba’s ultimate comes into play as her Black Market Boutique allows her and her team to get the best loot in the area, as much Ammo as they can hold and even see where other good loot is. Loba is just super fun because of this, and will never get old.

What Makes Loba Fun:

  • Of course, her ultimate is the main reason why people play her as it's just so good for getting loot.
  • Another reason is her tactical. She has a surprising amount of movement capabilities thanks to it so it's nice to get around the map with.
  • Finally, Loba’s position on the team is support, so it's always fun helping out your team.


1. Octane

And the top spot, with no surprise to anyone, is of course Octane. Octane is the current most played legend in the game as of writing this and for good reason. Though Octane has a great ultimate and passive, his tactical is why people love playing him so much.

Players get the most fun by moving as fast as possible in Apex. Whether thats through movement techniques like super gliding and tap strafing or movement abilities like Bangalore’s passive and Octane’s Tactical ability. It really makes him who he is, so it's no surprise people love playing this speed demon as much as they do.

What Makes Octane Fun:

  • Octane’s ultimate is so great for moving around the map even faster or getting into/ out of fights as quick as possible.
  • If you want to be aggressive in Apex, Octane really helps you out with that. People get the most fun from the game by farming kills, which is exactly what Octane was made for.
  • Finally, you can have even more fun as you wont need to heal as much with this speed demon thanks to his healing passive.

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