[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Badges

Apex Legends Best Badges


10. High Tier Energy Badge Tier 5

This badge is quite special, and you cannot get it anymore! Monster Energy and Apex have had a few deals and promotions over the years, but the first one was the most special. As you collected codes from cans, this badge would slowly increase in level. 

It was an insane amount of cans to get Tier 4, and not many people ended up doing it. The badge itself is lime green with electric sparks around it. It's an awesome one to just flex on your banner, or blend in with a lime green banner and skin set-up. So if you’re a Monster Energy fiend, then you'll probably have this insane badge.

High Tier Energy Badge Tier 5 Details:

  • Hard to get, needed 40 cans to get the final badge.
  • The promotion was sold out in many places, making it even harder to get your hands on.
  • An awesome lime green that would go with any setup.
  • A huge flex to your fellow Apex players.


9. Triple Triple Badge

The Triple Triple badge sounds pretty easy to get on paper. To acquire this badge, you need to kill all members of a 3 man squad 3 times in one game. Not the same squad, three different squads and you need to be the one to kill all three on your own. 

The reason this one is even harder is that your teammates are not allowed to take your kills on this one. YOU need to be the one killing all 9 players for this insanely rare badge. The best way to get this would probably be playing with some friends who will let you kill people or play solo trios. The badge is also a huge flex if you get it, because of how hard it was to get it!

Triple Triple Badge Details:

  • One of the hardest badges to get with randoms.
  • Cool triple skull design that would go in any banner set-up.
  • A huge flex to anyone who knows the badge in-game.


8. Arena’s Win Streak Badge

Now this one might be a little weird, as you can’t play Arenas anymore. However, it's such a cool badge that we had to talk about it! Arena’s might be gone, but the legacy of this badge stays around. Similarly to the High Tier Energy Badge, this one increases the more wins you get in a row. 

The craziest thing though, is that the final version required 100 wins to acquire. Yeah, now that's insane. Very few have this badge unless you could Arena’s cheaters, then there are probably quite a few in existence lol. Now that Arena’s is gone, this badge is even rarer and to some is one of the best in the game.

Arena’s Win Streak Badge Details:

  • Insanely rare to get, even with Arena’s was a thing.
  • Now that Arena’s is gone, it's one of the rarest badges in the game. 
  • The badge looks awesome, it's Ash on a badge, what isn't there to love am I right?


7. Tier 4 Win Streak Badge

Winning in Apex is already hard sometimes. Especially with how amazing the majority of the player base is nowadays. So when you win two games in a row, or even three, it's a fantastic feeling. But what if we told you that for this badge you needed to win 5 battle royale games in a row…. 

Yeah, now that's crazy. For the Tier 4 Win Streak Badge, players need to have won 5 games in a row, which is why it's so incredibly rare. At least the badge looks cool, it's a nice silver and green for your banner. 

Tier 4 Win Streak Badge Details:

  • The best way to get this badge is to play in a premade squad with your friends.
  • It's gonna be a hard grind, but don't get discouraged, you'll get there in the end.
  • The reward is a sick flex on your enemies and a cool badge for your banner.


6. Team. Work. Badge

Another cool badge is the Team. Work Badge. This one has Bangalore, Pathfinder and Bloodhound on it. The thing is though, it's one of the hardest badges to ever grace gaming, let alone Apex Legends. 

This is another badge that gets better over time as it tiers up, but the final few tiers seem impossible. For this badge, your entire squad needs to get kills. It starts off with each one needing a single kill each. 

Then the badge slowly increases. The final tier of this badge requires your entire team to get 10 kills each… yeah each. It's hard to get ten kills on your own, let alone 30 divided throughout your squad. This one is nuts, but at least it looks cool right?

Team. Work. Badge Details:

  • Might be the hardest badge in the game to get.
  • Looks super cool
  • Is a massive flex on your enemies.


5. Masters Badge

Now we’re onto the big hitters, the best badges in the entire game. These are some of the hardest in gaming, let alone just Apex. The Masters' Badge is one of the most sought-after badges in the entire game, and for good reason. 

It's what you get when you reach Masters rank in any given season. For one, this is a display of your rank to your enemies, even when you aren't ranked. Another thing is that it's great for purple banners. 

Finally, it's just a huge achievement for anyone who gets there. Yeah, players can get there with ease, but the vast population of Apex would love to eventually get there. 

Masters Badge Details:

  • You need to hit Masters rank, so get a premade squad together and get grinding.
  • With the upcoming season 17 changes, play for a few kills and try to win the entire game!
  • Once you get this badge, it's a display of your skill forever.


4. 20 Kill Badge

The 20 Kill badge, the 20 bomb, it's iconic, to say the least. Every Apex player strives to get this badge, and feels jealous of anyone who has one. 

I mean, it's one of the pinnacles of skill in Apex. It shows you've mastered the game, and more specifically that legend. Yeah, this badge is not account wide, it's per character. So if you've got a 20-kill game on Rampart, then you're at the peak of that legend! 

It's not something you can exactly go for either, the stars need to align and the lobby needs to be perfect. It's a hard one, but one of the best badges in the game.

20 Kill Badge Details:

  • Play fast and loose, don't stick around areas for a long time. Shoot anyone you can and make sure to get those kills. 
  • This isn't something you can force, the lobby needs to be perfect, and your skills need to be on point.
  • Good luck
  • Also, the badge looks fantastic on any banner frame


3. 4k Damage Badge

Just like the 20 Kill Badge, the 4k damage badge is legendary in Apex Legends. Anyone with this badge is either an insane player, or a certified cheater. It's that hard to get. You can't force this badge either, aside from playing for damage rather than running in and dying. 

This badge requires 4 thousand damage in one Apex game, on your own. You can't get any help from your team, it's your damage alone. The best way to get a hold of this is to use long-range guns like a charge rifle or the R-301 to rack up as much damage as possible.

4k Damage Badge Details:

  • Stick to long-range engagements
  • Shoot everyone you can
  • Go for knock damage as well
  • Try to let enemy teams revive or even respawn their teammates for more damage later on.
  • You need a nice lobby for this to happen, so get grinding.


2. No Witnesses

Now this one is a wildcard. Not many people talk about it. It's all, 4k 20 bombs on people’s minds. However, this badge is equally if not harder. No Witnesses is a sick-looking badge that takes insane skill to acquire. 

For this badge, you need to get 15 kills as a squad. Now that doesn't sound too hard does it, the thing is, it gets harder. You need 15 kills, but you also need to win, and have none of your team go down or get respawned. Yeah… Now that's insane. It's a dumb challenge, and one completed by very few.

No Witnesses Details:

  • Make sure you're in a premade squad.
  • Use defensive legends to make sure you take as little damage as possible.
  • Lifeline is great for heals.
  • Newcastle is fantastic for defence
  • Rampart is good for high kills whilst being safe.
  • Good luck out there.


1. Apex Predator

And the final Badge, the best one in the game, and arguably the hardest. People would be upset if this wasn't on the list, or at the top spot, we just had to include it. Apex Predator is the highest rank anyone can achieve in Apex right now. 

It's the top 750 people in your region. That means not anyone can get this rank or the badge. Only a select few at a time can. Getting to masters is hard, and getting to Predator is an even bigger struggle. 

It required raw skill, insane game sense and great teammates to accomplish, but it's possible. The bright red and iconic badge will be stained into the eyes of your enemies when they see it, it's amazing.

Apex Predator Badge Details:

  • The biggest display of skill in the game. 
  • The hardest and best badge to get
  • Looks amazing on a full red Banner set-up.
  • Shows how amazing at the game you truly are.
  • If you have this, you've finished the game.

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