Haunt King’s Canyon After Dark As a Monster in Apex Legends Shadow Royale!

Haunt King’s Canyon After Dark As a Monster in Apex Legends Shadow Royale!
Turn to the shadows...

Apex Legends Shadow Royale is back for another round of spooky Halloween festivities. 

Apex Legends Shadow Royale dropped on 26 October, bringing back King’s Canyon at night for a creepy fight for survival from an onslaught of enemy players and ultra-mobile, heavy-hitting shadows.

The Cage on King's Canyon after dark. Image by Apex Legends.

Shadow Royale in Apex Legends works as follows. Squads drop into KC at night, pick up loot off the candle-littered floors, and start fighting as normal. Players that are downed and eliminated respawn as shadows.

Shadows can respawn an infinite number of times, provided that there is at least 1 living Legend on the squad. The final surviving Legend in a squad of 3 can spawn a pet prowler to help defend themselves against enemy shadows and players. 

Legends fighting shadows. Image by Apex Legends.

For those who are fairly new to Apex Legends, and unfamiliar with the history of Halloween in King’s Canyon, here’s a bit of background. 

The original Halloween mode for Apex Legends was called Shadowfall. 35 players loaded into King’s Canyon After Dark solo. Once a player was eliminated they respawned as a shadow in the sky and could land wherever they chose to on the map.

Once a total of 20 players were eliminated and turned to shadows, the top 10 became 1 squad and had to fight their way to an evac ship at a random location on the map. 

If all surviving Legends were killed or failed to board the evac ship before the timer ran out, the shadows won. If any legends made it onto the ship, they won and the shadows lost.

An issue quickly developed where players would leave the game the moment they died as they did not want to play as shadows, resulting in empty lobbies and boring games.

For the second Halloween, Respawn altered the event to create Shadow Royale as it is currently known and played.


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