[Top 10] Apex Legends Most Kills In One Game

 Apex Legends Most Kills In One Game

10. HV Apex - INSANE Octane 23 Kill Game

HV Apex is a player you'll see quite a lot on this list as he is known for getting some insane games with each legend, and racking up some pretty crazy kill counts in the process. In this video, he produces an insane 23-kill game with one of the best legends in the game Octane.

Though it's definitely not as many kills as we will see later, it's still an insane game with some pretty crazy action. Definitely check this out if you're an aspiring kill farmer or Octane main.


9. HV Apex - CRAZY Revenant Rework 23 Kill Game

Another HV Apex game is up next, but this time with the recently reworked Revenant. Even before this patch, players like HV Apex had been dropping insane games with Rev, but with his new rework, Rev has become a beast in combat.

It finally feels like Revenant is an actual legend and not a mess of abilities that don't quite work. See HV Apex destroy a lobby with this new rework and drop an insane 23-kill game this early on in the season.


8. HV Apex - SOLO Gibby 24 Kill Game

Gibby is a pretty underused legend at this point in the game, as his meta-dominance days are no more. Ever since the meta changed, Gibby has been left in the dust, and in need of a rework of some kind.

Despite that though, players like HV Apex can still drop insane solo games with this defensive legend and drop more kills that people get in a day of playing. HV dropped a solo 24-kill Gibby game and it's a sight to behold, Definitely check it out.


7. Tolerance - INSANE 24 Kill Game in Predator Rank

Next, we have a completely different player, in Tolerance. Tolerance is another insanely great player in the Apex community and one who recently dropped a 24-kill game. Now this is already a great achievement, but he did this in a predator-ranked lobby. This is actually insane as those lobbies are sweaty as heck. What an insane player.


6. Supernoob exe - GODLY Movement Player Ash 26 Kill Game

Though Ash got some buffs quite recently as well as an heirloom, she isn't used all that much. Many other legends are used over her, but that doesn't discredit her power in the right hands. 

Here we see Supernoob exe drop an insane 26-kill game with some of the best movement on Ash. They are literally a god at movement and at Ash, so go check them out.


5. Verhulst - SOLO Queue Catalyst 29 Kill Game

Catalyst’s meta dominance is no longer, but she is still used quite a lot in ranked play. She is an excellent legend for team play, but it looks like Verhulst didn't get the memo and took her into Solo Queue instead. 

Here he dropped a quite frankly insane Solo queue Catalyst game with 29 kills at the end of it. This game is full of insane action, crazy moments and some close fights for Verhulst. Check it out for some inspiration or just to see someone destroy a lobby with Catalyst.


4. HV Apex - MOVEMENT God Octane 31 Kill Game

We are now back to good old reliable, HV Apex, as they dropped another set of insane games in the top 4. Here we have a game that breaks the 30-kill mark, as HV Apex not only dropped a 31-kill game with Octane but showcases some significant movement in the process.

This game really showcases why people love Octane so much and why kill farming is so fun for many. Check it out for some ideas on how to play Octane better or to see how kill farming really goes down.


3. HV Apex - INSANE 32 Kill Loba Game

Into the top three, and none other than HV Apex comes up again. Loba is one of the most used legends in the game for a reason, as she is a great support in ranked lobbies. Because she is more of a supporting legend, you don't often see high-kill games with her, but HV Apex made it a reality.

Not only did he drop an insane gameplay video, but he also dropped a crazy 32-kill game with everyone’s favourite Apex babe. This video is insane with some fantastic aim, positioning and overall execution of Apex’s movement. Check it out.


2. Tolerance - UNBELIEVABLE 40 Kill Octane Game

Here at number 2, we have another game from Tolerance where they dropped an inhuman 40-kill game with Octane. Now this would have been even better if it was with another legend, but even 40 kills with Octane deserves some recognition.

Tolerance dropped another banger of a video with some insane moments to boot. This game is action from beginning to end, and you should definitely check it out.


1. HV Apex - INSANE Rampart 42 Kill Streak With Low-Picked Legend

Finally, we have a pretty crazy one that kind of breaks conventions. HV Apex appears again with a video I just had to show you. This one might be technically two games in one, but it's basically one long game with some insane kills throughout.

He did kind of clickbait us with the 42 Kill game title, but it's definitely worth a watch as this all happens with Rampart of all Legends! Rampart has a small community, but when insane players start to play her it really showcases the power of Sheila and Rampart’s Amped Cover. She is a great legend that deserves some more recognition so check this one out.

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