[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Volt Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Volt Skins
Wraith, Mirage and Pathfinder plot their way to victory within the Apex arena.

Season 6 of Apex Legends has built massive hype around the newly added Volt SMG to the pool of weapon selection loot. Now that the iconic R99 has been promoted to an exclusive care package weapon (switched out with Devotion). This is the perfect time for players to get to know the Volt and go bizerk with a brand new energy gun experience. 

This SMG quickly syphons health away from its opponents dealing 16 damage to the body and 24 on a headshot. It has a decent rate of fire at 783 RPM and very minor vertical recoil with virtually no horizontal sway added. The Volt SMG is rapidly rising as a top tier weapon and has no signs of slowing down. With that in mind, come and check out some of the sleekest skins to sport on Apex Legends new game changing Volt SMG. 

10) Chaos Theory (Rare Skin) 

Chaos Theory Collections

Chaos Theory comes from the rare skin set and is the very definition of organized chaos. This cosmetic is layered in dripped paint streaks with colors that tangle to give it a street art graffiti feel.

What makes Chaos Theory awesome:

  • There is no pattern except for an abstract look designed by a deliberately unsteady hand.
  • The color crazy scheme fits the extreme nature of the Volt SMG.
  • It's a gun riddled in contrasting garage paint graffiti, for badasses only.

How to get skin: Can be purchased in Volt skin selections (60 crafting material).

See in action: 

7) Code of Honor (Epic Skin)

Code of Honor Collections

The green machine of all skins, stitched with animated green code rain for an amplified visual effect.

What makes Code of Honor awesome:

  • The designers were able to insert the matrix digital rain code perfectly into the gun. 
  • The animated streaks are a nice blend to add technical aesthetic. 
  • Everything about this skin says harmony to the highest degree.

How to get Code of Honor: Purchased under Volt skin selections (400 crafting material).

See in action: 

6) Trial by Fire (Epic Skin)

Trial by Fire Collections

No other epic skin comes packed with this much heat. 

What makes Trial by Fire awesome:

  • The colors combustions are a 10/10, flames perfectly compliments the red for a hot display. 
  • Nothing says over the top rage play more than burning red color palette.
  • Red is associated with courage, willpower, wrath and determination.

How to get Trial by Fire: Purchased under Volt skin selections (400 crafting material).

See in action: 

5) Break the Enemy (Epic Skin)

Break the Enemy Collections

This cosmetic is one of the most compelling epic skins in Apex Legends, holding two bold colors (purple and blue) and a fierce animated pixel pattern.

What makes Break the Enemy so awesome: 

  • It is the only epic skin to hold a double color scheme pattern, purple outer layer and bluish internal animations.
  • The neon purple is accentuated exceptionally with the pixelated design.
  • Break the Enemy has a lot more ‘shine’ to it, and a style of power and luxury combined.

How to get Break the Enemy: Purchased under Volt skin selections (400 crafting material).

See in action: 

4) Classic Pearl (Legendary Skin)

Classic Pearl Collections

How can anyone hate the legendary eight?

What makes the Classic Pearl awesome: 

  • This skin is given a lighter touch with sky blue while adding the eight ball for extra pizzazz.
  • The look does a perfect job at getting away from traditional but not muddying up itself with too much intricacy.
  • The white adds a nice piece to the aesthetic and blackening the eight makes it standout well enough. 

How to get Classic Pearl: Purchased in Volt skin selections (1,200 crafting material)

See in Action: 

3) Luxury Finish (Legendary Skin) 

Luxury Finish Collections

Simplicity in it’s finest hour, this skin brings life to the idea: “less is more”.

What makes Luxury Finish awesome: 

  • The color palette is really diverse however, it doesn’t get over crowded with colors due to the well placed patterns.
  • Slight streaks of red along the trigger and stock thread a beautiful color scheme. 
  • The curves along the sides of the gun give it a more futuristic feel.

How to get Luxury Finish: Purchased under Volt skin selections (1,200 crafting material)

See in Action: 

2) Fortune Teller

Fortune Teller Collections

The skin that says nothing less than "golden inferno masterpiece".

What makes Fortune Teller awesome:

  • Feels demonically-royal similar to Octane’s legendary “Red Shift” skin (would be a great combo to run).
  • The teal stock of the gun seems radical compared to the rest of the color scheme on gun but adds flavor to aesthetic.
  • It contains a green token and light green trigger which adds more intricacy to palette.
  • The red is mostly glittered in gold, making this gun look like a highly expensive yet precious antique.

How to get Fortune Teller: Purchased in Volt skin selection (1,200 crafting materials)

See in Action: 

1) Dream Weaver (Legendary Skin)

Dream Weaver Collections

This precious weapon is the physical creation of what Apex Legends players dreams are made of.

What makes Dream Weaver awesome:

  • This gun is adjacent to Wraith’s Marble Goddess skin which is another extremely impressive legendary legend’s skin.
  • The gun is wrapped neatly in a smoke of light blue fluffy clouds along the sides.
  • The gold does not overwhelm the look but is sprinkled carefully through the entire gun to compliment the clouds.
  • The entire pattern from the barrel to the stock has a fluid and silk aesthetic that flows consistently.
  • The gun almost feels more cartoonish in style yet its schemes and patterns make it seem as if it was delicately airbrushed.

How to get Dream Weaver: Purchased under Volt skin selections (1,200 crafting material).

See in Action: 

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