[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Visibility Settings That Give You An Advantage

Apex Legends Best Visibility Settings
Are you looking to boost your competitiveness? Drop in!

Are you looking to gain a competitive edge in the free to play Battle Royale Apex Legends? Then you’ve come to the right spot. Today we are going to discuss why the professionals adjust their visibility settings and just how easy it is to gain some valuable frames per second.

Want to check out improving your gaming experience? Look no further Apex Legends fans!

When adjusting settings for visibility it’s important to keep in mind what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to gain a competitive edge or stream a beautiful rendering?

I’ve put together a list of the ten best adjustments you can make to your visibility settings.

10) Turn Ragdolls to Low


Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to watch someone’s body flail off the edge of Olympus or get turned into a death box during a fight, but the FPS you sacrifice for the effect isn’t worth it. Set the flail to low to still enjoy this graphic but save on some FPS.

Why you need to turn Ragdolls to low

  • No added value having this setting higher.
  • Smoother gameplay with higher FPS when set to low
  • How often are you watching a dead body flail around in a gunfight? YOu got to keep your head down and move to the next target.

How to set Ragdolls to low

  • The Ragdolls box is the last setting under the Video tab in Settings.

9) Remove Crosshair Damage Feedback


There are so many reasons to remove Crosshair Damage Feedback aside from the massive boost in FPS. The crosshairs are those annoying ‘X’s’ the game renders to tell you you’re hitting someone and also ruin your visibility on the target you’re hitting.
Turn off Crosshair Damage Feedback ASAP. Apex requires a lot of left and right movememnt, strafing, and these get in the way of seeing your enemy.

Why you need to get rid of Crosshair Damage Feedback

  • This is an unnecessary rendering especially considering the game provides you with a numbered feedback on damage registered above the head of your enemy.
  • Removing this will increase line of sight when firing, which will improve your accuracy.
  • Boosted FPS

How to get rid of Crosshair Damage Feedback

  • Crosshair Damage Feedback can be turned off under the Gameplay tab in Settings.

8) Impact Marks are Useless


Some of these renderings feel useless and Impact Marks are no exception. These are the bullet holes in your surroundings from stray gunfire during gunfights. These wall holes have no added benefit and choosing not to have them rendered boost FPS.

Why you need to get rid of Impact Marks

  •  Will provide boost in FPS
  • Largely useless aesthetic rendering with little added gameplay value
  • You don’t miss shots anyway

How to get rid of Impact Marks

  • Impact Marks can be switched to off under the Video tab in settings. It is located above Ragdolls.

7) Turn off Sun Shadow Coverage Now!


This isn’t a very noticeable setting, and that’s why you should turn it off.t. I dug deep into these settings to ensure the most minimal impact on gameplay experience while raising visibility. What I found was quite a few settings with little to no added value. This visual is barely noticeable when turned on.

Advantages to getting rid of Sun Shadow Coverage

  • Boosted framerate with very minimal visual impact.
  • Less shadow rendering on maps

How to turn off Sun Shadow Coverage

  • Sun Shadow Coverage can be switched off under the Video tab in settings.

6) Color Mode to Tritanophia is a Visibility Godsend

I changed my Color Mode weeks ago and it has been one of the greatest improvements to visibility I have seen. Primarily this is going to adjust everything you see in the game that is red (Enemy pings, sight reticles, Wattson fences) to a yellow.The softer color is easier for our eyes to register, allowing better visibility in ranged gunfights.
Advantages of going to Tritanophia

  • Better visibility with yellow over red
  • Eyes less strained by softer color
  • Makes Wattson fences yellow and much easier to see through

How to adjust your Color Mode

  • You can adjust your Color Mode to Tritanophia in the Gameplay tab of Settings

5) Field Of View Aka Fix those Peripherals


If you want to see more of the landscape adjust your Field of View higher. This acts as in game peripherals and you have options here based on personal preference. For a more magnified look, you can sacrifice your outside angles with a lower FOV while a higher FOV will provide a greater vision of your landscape.. Either way, your visual gameplay is going to provide a more custom feel to your visibility. This is where you’ll start picking up on your visibility improvements.

I’ve found a lot of success using 104 as a Field of View, which gives the game the same visual gameplay style as Call of Duty.

Advantages of adjusting your Field of View

  • Higher FOV provides more vision of the landscape
  • Lower FOV provides more magnified view
  • Do you want to see more or see bigger?
  • 100-104 Halo visual style
  • 104-110 Call of Duty visual style

How to Adjust your Field of View

  • Located in Settings under the Video tab


4) Anistropic 2x is Going to Make Your Visibility Run Smoother Without Compromising Graphics

To up your GPU, professionals say adjust Texture Filtering to Anistropic 2X. This won’t strain your processor- meaning your visuals are going to continue running smoothly.
Why you should see what your Texture Filtering is set to and adjust to Anistropic 2x

  • Pro setting
  • Raised GPU
  • Does not compromise visual gameplay experience
  • Visibility is smoother

How to change your Texture Filtering to Anistropic 2x

  • Texture Filtering can be found under the Video tab in settings.

3) Model Detail Matters, But To Who?


Model Detail is awesome and can be adjusted low or high depending on the maximum level of detail desired for objects and characters in the game.
This is where the decision needs to be made to maximize visual quality or gain competitive advantage. Yes, some of these settings we’ve discussed are going to streamline your performance. What if you’re looking to render a completely awesome high graphics stream? Well then you can maximize these settings and achieve your desired output.You are in the driver’s seat, and the visibility settings you choose are going to deliver value to your experience.

Why should I adjust Model Detail

  • Competitive FPS when disabled
  • Beautiful renderings good for streaming when set to maximum
  • Roughly 6 percent difference in performance on consoles. (SOURCE)

How to adjust Model Detail

  • Model Detail can also be found under the Video tab in settings.

2) Get rid of the God Rays!
This setting  determineswhether sunbeams are cast. No, by changing it you aren’t going to be thrust inside a Shadow Realm, but it’s considered one of the better video display options to adjust if you’re looking to streamline your visibility and FPS.

Advantages of adjusting Volumetric Lighting

  • Disabling improves FPS
  • Raised visibility without ‘God Rays” affecting rendering
  • Performance boost

How to adjust your Volumteric Lighting

  •  Volumetric Lighting is located in the Video tab under Settings

1) Step into the Shadows

Speaking of the Shadowlands- Ambient Occlusion Quality affects the shadows in corners and can be disabled. This is going to make enemies hiding in corners easier to see (Think enemies tucked in to Skull Town). It also has the most drag on your overall performance, with PC Gamer seeing a 15 percent increase in performance when Ambient Occlusion Quality is disabled..

Why you should disable your Ambient Occlusion Quality

  • Improves FPS and overall game performance by 15 percent
  • Raised visibility (Particular in buildings.)

How to disable your Ambient Occlusion Quality

  • This setting is under the Video tab in Settings

There you have it folks, if you are worried about over-rendering affecting your FPS and Visibility- go through and disable some of these settings. You can tweak these settings to put together a high performing game with streaming capability! It’s nice to find the spot between pure performance and the best looking graphics, so get out there and start adjusting. And never stop dropping in to find more helpful analysis and settings adjustments!

What have you done to upgrade your visibility? What setting do you refuse to touch?

What are you looking to improve at in the free to play Battle Royale Apex Legends? Let me know in the comments below!


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