[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Beginner Weapons

Apex Legends Best Beginner Weapons

10. G7 Scout

See the gun in action: 

One of the most reliable and easy-to-use longer-range guns in Apex Legends has to be the G7 Scout. Long-range is the hardest way to play in Apex, but this gun makes it relatively easy. The recoil on this thing is non-existent, its damage profile is super forgiving at range, and have you heard this thing fire? It sounds great. 

For beginners getting used to longer-range engagements, the Scout is fantastic because of its magazine size and fire rate. Most long-range guns in Apex are slow to fire and short on ammo, but the scout is neither of these. It's the spammiest rifle in the game, fantastic for newbies learning the ropes. Make sure to get a long-range scope on this thing, the highest-tier sniper stock you can, and as much light ammo as you can carry. Start spamming.

Why the G7 Scout is great:

  • High fire rate so if you're missing shots its quite forgiving.
  • Decently high damage, so when you are hitting shots you know you're dealing good damage.
  • The attachments on this thing are fantastic for longer-range fights as you can get a decently long-range sight.

G7 Scout stats:

  • 32 body 
  • 56 head
  • 24 legs
  • 240 RPM
  • 128 DPS
  • Single fire


9. Spitfire LMG

See the gun in action:

The Spitfire LMG has gone through a lot of changes in its time, but currently, as of season 16, it's a pretty easy gun to use. Yeah, it's not the best gun in the game, but if you just need to pick it up and spray some bullets, then it's fantastic. The Spitfire has a massive magazine that only gets bigger with attachments and of course Rampart’s passive if you play her. It can outlive anything in the game, so you can keep firing even if your opponent is mid-reload. 

The reason why the Spitfire is so good for newer players is its recoil pattern is relatively easy to control and its magazine size. No matter how good you can aim in other games, Apex is harder because of people’s movement. If you find yourself missing a lot, then the Spitfire is for you. Just spray and pray with this thing in your hands, good luck.

Why the Spitfire LGM is great:

  • Even without a magazine equipped, this gun has so much ammo it's hard to not at least hit a few
  • If you find yourself missing shots in a fight, the spitfire allows you to keep firing even when your opponents need to stop and reload.
  • It might not have the fastest time to kill in the game, but its consistent fire puts a lot of pressure on your opponents.
  • The gun is super common, now that it uses light ammo, so you shouldn't have a shortage of bullets in your inventory.

Spitfire LMG stats:

  • 18 body 
  • 27 head
  • 15 legs
  • 540 RPM
  • 162 DPS
  • Auto


8. Eva-8 Auto

See the gun in action: 

The only shotgun to make a beginner list like this, and it's for good reason. The other three shotguns are much harder to use or just downright terrible, and the Eva sits right in the middle. Unlike the Peacekeeper, this gun is a spam fire shotty. No need to pump it like a pump action or load it like the Mastiff, this gun just keeps firing and putting out some good damage. 

The Eva is fantastic for newer players mainly because of its fire rate. As you get better attachments on this gun, it almost becomes an SMG of sorts. The fire rate is super fast, high-damage shots come out of the barrel and it's really easy to use. You can unleash the entire clip on someone and they should die. 

Equipping the double tap hop-up also allows you to fire two bullets with one trigger pull. It's a little weird to use with that attached, but if you get used to it the Eva becomes even more of a beast.

Why the Eva-8 Auto is great:

  • The gun has a super high fire rate for a shotgun and pumps out some good damage.
  • You can shred through enemies whilst firing from the hip, giving you more movement than others.
  • Though it doesn't have the pop shot ability of a PK or Mastiff, the Eva provides constant fire when people don't expect it.

Eva-8 Auto stats:

  • 7x8 body 
  • 9x8 head
  • 7x8 legs
  • 138 RPM
  • 129 DPS
  • Auto


7. Hemlock Burst AR

See the gun in action: 

Currently, the Hemlock is in the care package, but that doesn't make it any less of a fantastic beginner gun for you newbies out there.  The Hemlock is one of the only burst-fire guns in Apex, making it a little weird to use sometimes. However, for ease of use, we advise turning the gun to single-fire mode and using it like a G7 scout with a faster fire rate. 

With this, each bullet is going to deal 23 damage and you can surprise your enemies with how fast it fires. Just like any other beginner gun, the Hemlock is easy to use, has no recoil at all and already comes fully kitted with attachments thanks to it being a care package gun right now.

Why the Hemlock is great:

  • Now that it's a care package gun, the Hemlock is quite powerful. Dealing lots of damage per shot and having all attachments already on it.
  • It's much more versatile than the G7 Scout as it's decent at closer ranges.
  • The hemlock’s burst mode also packs a huge punch if you can land those headshots.

Hemlock Burst AR Stats:

  • 23 body
  • 40 head
  • 414 RPM burst mode
  • 384 RPM semi-auto
  • 159 DPS burst mode
  • 147 semi-auto 


6. Rampage LMG

See the gun in action: 

Another LMG makes this list, and it's a big hitter. Ever since the Rampage launched, it's been slept on. People find it bad and sometimes hard to use, however, it's the opposite. Just like any gun in Apex, they get better the more attachments you get on them. From a sight, to a barrel mod, they get easier to use and better overall. 

The Rampage isn't any different, as it gets even better the more stuff you have on it, but it's got a secret. Using a thermite makes the Rampage even better than before. It increases its already great fire rate and allows it to break doors with a few hits. The Rampage is great for beginners as it teaches them about longer-range guns that have multiple uses. 

The rampage has no recoil, fires relatively fast and has good damage. This thing also has infinite ammo in its mag when playing Rampart or using a higher-tier magazine. It's just easy to use and fantastic on the battleground. What a monster.

Why the Rampage is great:

  • The gun has no recoil at all, so it's great to get used to longer-range fights with.
  • The thermite grenade makes this gun 10x better, turning it into a mini flatline that can break doors.
  • The magazine size is great for newer players as you can just keep firing and never need to reload for the most part.

Rampage LMG stats:

  • 26 body
  • 39 head
  • 22 legs
  • 300 RPM
  • 390 RPM with Thermite
  • 130 DPS
  • 169 DPS with Thermite
  • Auto



See the gun in action: 

One of the latest guns to enter the Apex games is the CAR SMG, and it's still fantastic. Apex did slow down on introducing guns to the game, but even many seasons after the CAR launched it is still one of the most used guns in the game.

There’s some good reason for it being used so much, this gun is insanely powerful. The high fire rate, high damage and low recoil make the CAR a fantastic gun for anyone, especially beginners. The thing is though, the best part about the CAR is its special ammo facilities.

Though the gun drops as a Heavy weapon, the CAR can also take light ammo and light attachments. This is fantastic for newer players and anyone really, as it's super reliable no matter what part of the game you're in. Somebody's gonna have ammo or attachments for you, it's just that reliable.

Why the CAR is great:

  • The CAR SMG is reliable at any point of the game because it can take light and heavy ammo, meaning it's easy to find some ammo for it.
  • The same goes for attachments, as you can use a light or heavy mag in this thing.
  • If you're getting better at the game, The CAR can also be used as a step before an R-99, carrying its attachments.

CAR SMG stats:

  • 13 body
  • 20 head
  • 10 legs
  • 930 RPM
  • 202 DPS
  • Auto


4. Volt SMG

See the gun in action: 

One of the easiest and most powerful guns to use in Apex Legends has to be the Volt right? This gun was already fantastic before season 16, but with the introduction of the Nemesis AR, it's even better. Energy Ammo used to be hard to come across due to the limited energy guns in the game.

However, because of the Nemesis, more energy is dropping. This makes the Volt even more reliable than it was before. The Volt is a fantastic SMG that uses normal SMG attachments. It has no recoil, which is great for newer players. The gun itself is also super forgiving because of its high magazine size and middle-of-the-pack fire rate. 

It's easy to just one clip people with a Volt as its fire rate is a little slow. The damage it does is great and overall it's just an easy gun to use. Definitely pick it up if you're getting used to Apex, it's better than ever.

Why the Volt is great:

  • Energy ammo is one of the most plentiful ammo types in the game right now, so you should never really run out.
  • The Volt carries usual SMG attachments so if you want to swap to an R-99 or an Alternator, it is really easy to do.
  • Finally, if you're using the Volt, the gun handles perfectly even without attachments. It's so easy to use.

Volt SMG stats:

  • 15 body
  • 23 head
  • 12 legs
  • 720 RPM
  • 180 DPS
  • Auto


3. Alternator SMG

See the gun in action: 

The Alternator is the easiest-to-use SMG in Apex, by a long shot. The CAR might be the strongest per shot, the R-99 might have the fastest fire rate and the Volt might be the most consistent, but the Alternator is the easiest to use. 

This is another light ammo gun and uses the normal SMG line of attachments. The alternator uses a twin barrel, giving it stable recoil and making it super good at short to medium range. It's a mini assault rifle at times. It's the cousin of the R-99, meaning you can easily just pick up an r-99 and use the same attachments. 

It might have lower DPS, but its magazine size is massive. All of this makes the gun fantastic for newer players as it's just so forgiving and easy to use, seeing a trend here? 

Its fire rate doesn't make you feel out of control, it's got a huge magazine and it does great damage, what more is there you want in a starter gun?

Why the Alternator is great:

  • The Alternator has no recoil at all, it just doesn't exist.
  • If you're wanting an SMG / Assault rifle hybrid then this is for you, as it does both jobs perfectly.
  • If you're a player who misses shots a lot of the time, then the alternator has a huge mag. 

Alternator SMG stats:

  • 16 body
  • 24 head
  • 13 legs
  • 600 RPM
  • 160 DPS
  • Auto


2. RE-45

See the gun in action:

Currently, the RE-45 is a care package weapon, but will be leaving in season 17, going back to floor loot. We don't know the changes just yet, but the RE-45 is still a great gun for newbies. The RE-45 is a light ammo pistol that takes all the usual pistol attachments, including the Disruptor Rounds in the care package. 

With a golden sight equipped this gun becomes a monster. Its care package version might be the best secondary weapon in the light ammo category. It's super easy to use, having little to no recoil, great range and insane damage. Even without all of the care package buffs, when it's floor loot, don't dismiss the RE-45. 

It's super easy to use and can pack a punch in close-quarters play. The magazine size isn't the greatest, but because of the ease of use this gun provides, we had to include it on the list.

Why the RE-45 is excellent:

  • Light ammo is still super plentiful, meaning it's hard to run out of ammo.
  • The gun has no recoil at all, so it's super easy to use for any player.
  • Whilst it's still in the care package, this gun shreds at medium to close range, do not dismiss it.

RE-45 stats (Care Package):

  • 14 body, 18 with Disruptor Rounds
  • 21 head, 27 with Disruptor Rounds
  • 13 legs, 16 with Disruptor Rounds
  • 780 RPM
  • 182 DPS, 234 with Disruptor Rounds
  • Auto


1. R-301

See the gun in action: 

Now, this entire list we’ve spoken about how easy the guns are to use in Apex. The ones we haven't mentioned are much harder, but this final gun is by far the easiest gun in Apex and everyone should pick it up. 

The R-301 is a staple of any loadout in Apex, throughout its entire history. This gun does it all, even after several Nerfs over the years. It's fantastic at long range because of its low recoil and fantastic damage. 

Light ammo means it's easy to sustain over a game, it's got a pretty large magazine size thanks to the purple light magazine, and it can come in gold depending on the season. The main reason the R-301 is so good for beginners is that it fits into every loadout and fight, no matter what legend you're using.

Just because you can sit back as Rampart doesn't mean you need to use a Sniper, same with being close with Octane, you don't need a shotgun. The R-301 fits into all load-outs and is by far the best beginner weapon in Apex’s history, even to this day.

Why the R-301 is great:

  • Even with long-range attachments, this gun has no recoil and is super easy to beam people with.
  • It's fantastic for farming damage in a match as well, because of its damage per shot and overall DPS.
  • Light Ammo isn't hard to come across, so get spraying.
  • Finally, the 301 is super forgiving thanks to its magazine size of 28 with a purple mag.

R-301 Stats:

  • 13 body
  • 23 head
  • 10 legs
  • 810 RPM
  • 176 DPS

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