[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Aggressive Legends

Apex Legends Best Aggessive Legends

5. Rampart

Rampart might sound like a weird pick for a list of the most aggressive legends, but stay with me. Despite being categorised into the “Controller” legends category in-game, Rampart is often used as a highly aggressive character, with the ability to fall back into her own cover when necessary.

She is definitely a defensive legend, who does insanely well in close-quarter situations where she can make her own space, but Rampart can also be used quite effectively in an aggressive team composition.

The main reason for this is of course Sheila, Rampart’s ultimate ability that gives her access to a high-powered mini-gun that can shred through teams in seconds.

Rampart is great at pushing fights with aggressive legends, destroying enemies who think doors provide them cover, and stopping defensive plays. Rampart is also great as she can back up quite easily thanks to walls and put out even more damage from behind them.

Though she isn't the best aggressive Legend, she is highly underrated and can perform extremely well in the right hands.

Pick Rampart If:

  • You want to be able to push and fall back safely
  • Have an extremely fast killing gun most of the time
  • Be able to destroy cover and doors easily
  • Hold a position and become aggressive instantly


4. Pathfinder

When you think of aggressive play in Apex Legends, you immediately think of legends with movement abilities. Since the games’ launch, Pathfinder has been the epitome of that playstyle thanks to his zipline and tactical grapple. 

Pathfinder might have a massive hitbox, making him pretty easy to hit, but his abilities make up for it. Not only can Pathfinder grapple around with his tactical, but thanks to his ultimate and passive abilities, he can place down zip lines all over quite frequently.

He is fantastic for players who want to get into fights constantly and zoom around the map freely. 

He isn't the best aggressive legend, but he is damn well one of the best.

Pick Pathfinder If:

  • You want to be able to move around the map a lot
  • Push teams with a way in and out
  • Constantly have movement abilities up and ready


3. Wraith

Ah Wraith, every sweaty player's main legend, and quite the aggressive staple in Apex Legends. There can't be a list of the most aggressive legends without mentioning Wraith somewhere. Wraith is a legend with abilities that allow her to safely get into and out of a fight with ease but in an extremely simple way.

Though she doesn't seem as rewarding as legends like Pathfinder and Rampart, it's hard to say she is bad. Wraith is fantastic as an aggressive legend, so it's no wonder people play her so much. She cannot only phase and go invulnerable for a short time, but also use her portal to move her team in and out of combat.

Wraith is an insane legend for movement players as well thanks to her small hitbox and fluid ability animations. She is an extremely good pick for any player, but if you want to run and gun, Wraith might just be your gal.

Pick Wraith If:

  • You want to sweat all over your enemies
  • Move fluidly whilst using amazing abilities
  • Get in and out of a fight with relative safety
  • Help your team move from point A to B


2. Octane

Octane is a staple of any movement player’s rotation, thanks to his tactical and ultimate abilities. These abilities are fantastic for displaying movement but are also amazing for aggressive players. Octane can speed himself up, launch his team into battle and get away whilst healing with ease.

Octane’s tactical stim is the main reason for his aggressive power as it speeds him up whilst taking and chunk of his health away. This is a great trade off though, as most high-level Octane players will be able to avoid shots anyway.

His tactical is great for getting himself into combat, but his ultimate is better for his team and others as well. You can launch off of this and even jump another time to reposition. 

There isn't much else to say about this speed demon, so go check him out if you want an aggressive legend to mess around with.

Pick Octane If:

  • Get in and out of a fight with relative safety
  • Help your team move from point A to B
  • Zoom around the map with insane speed and avoid shots
  • Push fights on your own and style on your enemies


1. Mad Maggie

Many players would assume that Octane would take the top spot, but honestly, Mad Maggie is just better as a pure aggressive legend for a few reasons. Though other legends like Octane and Wraith are great at pushing fights, they can't exactly breach a building or a defensive set-up. Mad Maggie on the other hand can do both.

She has her own speed-up ability whilst holding a shotgun, as her movement speed isn't diminished at all whilst holding one. Her ultimate also allows her and others to speed up behind it, making for a faster push. The main reason Maggie is the best aggressive legend comes down to the breaching power of her tactical and ultimate ability.

With these, she can breach buildings, destroy doors, Gibby Ultimates and other defences with ease. She can push towards enemies like other aggressive legends, but also take out their line of defence at the same time. It's a win-win situation for any Mad Maggie player and her team.

Pick Mad Maggie If:

  • Get in and out of a fight with relative safety
  • Help your team move from point A to B
  • Breach the enemy team’s defences
  • Control fights with her ultimate
  • Run around fast with a shotgun

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