[Top 10] Apex Legends Best DPS Weapons

Apex Legends Best DPS Weapons
You need the best weapons to defend and complete those special quests.

When playing Apex Legends your arsenal or loadout means everything and can make a difference between losing or clutching that win. Some would argue that your approach, or how you might conduct yourself in the game in just as important. Do you charge in and push teams aggressively? Or do you hide in cover and pick off teams one by one with a sniper rifle? Either way, it’s important to note that however you choose to play this game, your weapons can make or break a fight. 

It’s hard to admit it, but sometimes, winning or losing a gunfight can come down to just mere seconds. Other times it may just be that your opponent fired first. In the end, o you know what matters most in those few seconds? Damage. Better yet, the DPS or Damage Per Second, you can do with your weapon either Knocks your opponent or leaves you hiding behind your Knockdown Shield. Often, it doesn’t matter that you or your opponent fired first. If you have the better DPS weapon, it’s more likely that you’ll come out on top.

In this guide, I’ll cover the Top 10 Apex Legends Best DPS Weapons. It’s my hope that you can find something useful here and who knows, perhaps it will convince you to tweak your loadout. This list will progress from worst to best.

#10 - Hemlock (Burst/Single-fire)

This gun is a well-known player favorite. It's one of the best guns available in this game.

I know, this isn’t the first weapon you’d expect to see, but I’m sure you can guess why. The Hemlock is a 3-burst assault rifle that packs a real punch and seems to be a common weapon that you’ll find in other players’ loadouts. With the launch of Season Five, some weapons have received a buff or a nerf, but the Hemlock was unaffected by these changes. The Hemlock was manufactured by a contractor that defected from the Interstellar Mining Corporation known as Wonyeon Defense, which is also responsible for making quite a few weapons in the Apex Legends arsenal. What hurts this weapon the most is the fact that it isn’t automatic.

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • The burst-fire option on this weapon fires super quick allowing it to do at least 100 damage in less than a second.
  • It has a single-fire option that, like the burst-fire, is extremely accurate and has low recoil.
  • It’s damage-per-shot equals or outperforms many of the ARs in the game. 
  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier.
  • It has a great medium to long-range capability.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 18/24/27/30
  • Reload: 2.40s/2.80s
  • DPS: 165
  • B/H/L DMG: 22/14/16.5

The Hemlock in Action:


#9 - Spitfire

This LMG has got some crazy kick, but get some quality attachments and you've got something great in your hands.

I believe that this weapon is the light machine gun with the most potential of all the guns in this class. This LMG was made by Jaewon Industries, a company that is usually hired for research and development purposes. Descended from the Frontier War-era Mk1 and Mk2, the design and operation of the Mk3 seem to be a mix of both of its ancestors, retaining the gas-operated, rotating bolt locking mechanism of the Mk1 but using the light composite frame of the Mk2. This gun’s recoil is hard to handle sometimes, so it’s necessary to source a quality barrel stabilizer as soon as possible. 

To be honest, I’d expect to see this weapon ranked here. The recoil alone would make it harder to consistently hit your target, thereby greatly affecting its DPS. It also fires a lot slower than any other LMG.

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It has high base damage compared to the other weapons in its class.
  • It has the highest magazine size of any weapon in the game allowing it to deal an unfathomable amount of damage in one magazine.
  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier.
  • Once it’s equipped with quality attachments, the potential of this gun really starts to come out.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 35/40/45/55
  • Reload: 2.80s/3.33s
  • DPS: 180
  • B/H/L DMG: 18/36/14.4


The Spitfire in Action:

#8 - L-Star

With bullets as large as this gun spits out, it's hard not to hit your opponents.

This is an energy machine gun with a slightly higher fire rate than the Spitfire, which also gives it a slightly higher damage output. Therefore, it ranks higher on this list. Its name stands for LaSTimosa ARmory Energy Machine Gun and it was designed by the company itself. The weapon has a built-in mechanic that will cause it to overheat after prolonged firing. However, “feathering” the trigger can help the user avoid this inconvenience. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It can be used continuously without reloading as long as you don’t overheat the weapon. 
  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier that only enhances this weapon’s overpowered nature. 
  • It can be used to open doors, by shooting the handle, without the need to touch them or stop firing. So, it’s a great gun to chase fleeing enemies with.
  • It has larger bullets with no drop-off, making it easier to hit your targets. 
  • The weapon has no wind-up time like its other energy-fueled cousins.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: ∞
  • Reload: 3.26s/3.26s
  • DPS: 185
  • B/H/L DMG: 18/36/14.4


The L-Star in Action: 


#7 - R-301

Considering all the available weapons in the game, this is still one of the best from season to season.

The R-301 is everyone’s favorite assault rifle that uses Light ammunition. Designed by Lastimosa Armory, and commissioned by the Interstellar Mining Company, the R-301 is a successor to the R-101 and R-201 from the Frontier Wars. In the years after the Battle of Typhon, the IMC felt a need to improve on their very successful and reliable R-201 platform. High volumes of data collected from the R-201 and the R-201-A2's internal CPU's indicated that most mechanical failures were due to the rifle frame's exposure to extreme elements which caused misfires and the occasional feed mechanism malfunction. 

The internal components have been revised with a lighter and stronger composite as the external framework has been strengthened with a composite metallic weave to better compensate for overheating and structural integrity. The piston system was removed overall and the bolt cycling mechanism is completely controlled by the R-301's integrated AI. What you have with this new and improved platform is a reliable and accurate rifle with minimal maintenance and a larger caliber.

This weapon is extremely reliable and has a very controllable recoil. It’s able to switch easily between full-auto and single-fire action. It also is able to use the Anvil Receiver Hop-Up in single-fire mode creating an extremely powerful weapon you can use to pepper targets with relentless bullets. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It has very high accuracy and low recoil, even at a distance. 
  • The R-301 has a single-fire and auto-fire mode that is easy to switch. 
  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier.
  • As mentioned, it can use the Anvil Receiver Hop-Up, which increases the overall damage of the weapon. 
  • It can be used as an attachment holder to switch to the R-99 or vice versa.

Weapon Stats

  • Mag Size: 18/20/25/28
  • Reload: 2.40s/3.20s
  • DPS: 189
  • B/H/L DMG: 14/28/10.5


The R-301 in Action: 


#6 - R-99

With a powerful recoil and impossible fire-rate, once you master this weapon, you can be a master of the game.

You can’t go far in a match without seeing someone mow down the competition with one of these. This submachine gun uses Light ammunition and is not without its learning curve. Once you can get over it, this weapon becomes an unstoppable force. If you can control the recoil, it also has a 1.5x headshot multiplier but has the lowest damage per bullet of all the SMGs. It also avoided any nerfs for Season Five. 

Originally designated and manufactured by the Lastimosa Armory as the R-97CN A3, the R-99 SMG was intended for use with the Frontier Colonial Navy, hence the "CN" classification. The Colonial Navy would often conduct Orbital Boarding Parties on hostile ships in high orbit or entering the atmosphere, so they needed a weapon platform that was compact and had the ability to spit lead downrange in low gravity or extremely confined areas such as cockpits or ship corridors.

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It allows you to move quickly while ADS.
  • It has the second-highest magazine size for the SMGs.
  • It has an extremely fast fire rate, that once tamed, is unmatched. 
  • You can switch quickly between this and your secondary weapon.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 20/22/24/27
  • Reload: 1.80s/2.45s
  • DPS: 198
  • B/H/L DMG: 11/16.5/8.8


The R-99 in Action:


#5 - Devotion

One of the best crate-only weapons in the game, yes, even considering the newly added Peacekeeper.

In the early days, this LMG was a world-drop weapon, but since the Devs have learned and grown with the Apex community, they decided it should be uplifted to crate-only status. This should go without saying, but that was a pretty smart move. It’s obviously one of the strongest weapons in the game, even if you consider the “wind-up” mechanic. Its current rank considers the wind-up mechanic because it essentially drives the DPS down. Since it is a crate-only weapon, it uses the Unique ammunition so you can’t resupply. 

What makes this weapon awesome: 

  • After ramping up, it has an extremely high fire rate that continuously speeds up to a cap. 
  • It has a high magazine capacity. 
  • It uses Unique ammo and therefore doesn’t fill your inventory spaces. 
  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier.
  • It has a negligible bullet drop-off making it easier to control the recoil and hit your targets. 

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 55
  • Reload: 2.80s/3.63s
  • DPS: 202
  • B/H/L DMG: 17/34/12.75


The Devotion in Action: 


#4 - VK-47 Flatline

One of the only assault rifles that compare to the R-301 in most weapons stats. Many would say that this AR the better of the two.

This gun is similar to the R-301 in a lot of ways, but its damage potential ranks it higher on this list. The Flatline is an assault rifle that uses heavy ammo and has quite a difficult recoil; it takes some getting used to, but it won’t let you down. Like the ever-reliable R-301, the Flatline can also switch between full-auto and single-fire. This weapon was designed by Wonyeon Defense, a contractor that has designed quite a few weapons in Apex Legends.

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It has a 2x headshot multiplier.
  • It has a high damage threshold. 
  • It can quickly be changed from auto-fire to single-fire. 
  • It can utilize the Anvil Receiver Hop-Up for maximum damage in single-fire mode. 
  • With the Season Four maxed out Battlepass, you unlock a weapon skin that greatly improves this weapon’s Iron Sights. It’s a game-changer.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 20/25/28/30
  • Reload: 2.40s/3.10s
  • DPS: 208
  • B/H/L DMG: 19/38/14.25


The Flatline in Action: 


#3 - Prowler Burst PDW (Full-Auto)

A tamer SMG that can compare or beat out the R-99. One of my favorite options in the game when not using the R-301.

Usually, players will struggle between choosing the R-99 or the Prowler, but this gun isn’t comparable to its counterpart unless you’re able to acquire a Selectfire. The Prowler is an SMG with the ability to be used in a 5-burst mode or a full-auto mode. It’s a reliable gun in either form, but it’s the most versatile when using it as a full-auto SMG. Once you find a Selectfire, this weapon becomes one of the best options in the game. The Prowler was also created by Lastimosa Armory and it’s shortened name comes from the Prowler beasts from which it gets its name. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It has the highest magazine capacity of all the SMGs.
  • It uses the Selectfire Hop-Up and can switch between full-auto and burst-fire easily. 
  • It has a slightly higher fire rate than the R-99 and can inflict higher damage to your opponents. 
  • Its recoil is fairly easy to control, even at medium distances.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 20/25/30/35
  • Reload: 2.00s/2.60s
  • DPS: 209
  • B/H/L DMG: 15/22.5/12


The Prowler in Action:


#2 - Prowler Burst PDW (Burst)

Either firing option on this gun is great to choose, but you'll need to be careful with this mode and not chew through your heavy ammo inventory.

Because of the versatile nature of this weapon, it should be no surprise that it’s taking the #2 spot in the ranks. In burst fire mode, you get five bullets with each trigger pull so the potential for damage is high. However, the drawback is that you’ll run out of ammunition quickly if you’re not careful. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • Its punchy burst-fire knocks your opponent’s shields before they even know what’s happening, but that’s provided that your hitting upper body shots in the head or neck.
  • The extended magazine is one of the best qualities of this weapon. 
  • It has the highest fire rate of all the SMGs. 
  • 5-round burst instead of a 3-round burst like the Hemlock.

Weapon Stats: 

  • Mag Size: 20/25/30/25
  • Reload: 2.00s/2.60s
  • DPS: 225
  • B/H/L DMG: 15/22.5/12


The Prowler in Action:


#1 - P2020 (with Hammerpoint Rounds)

This is not a weapon you'd expect to see in a high ranking on any tier list. It just goes to show that you can't judge a weapon simply by damage output.

I bet you never thought you would see this weapon here, huh? You must think I’m crazy but bear with me for a moment. Provided that the enemy is unshielded and you have the Hammerpoint Rounds equipped on the P2020, you can do a previously unobtainable amount of damage with it. The Hammond P2020 is a semi-automatic pistol that uses Light ammunition. 


It was manufactured by Lastimosa Armory. This handgun features an integrated standoff device and a fully milled slide. It also has a fully integrated Taclight and LAM, along with varied functions for IR, LiDAR, or FLIR illumination. When dropping in hot and you need something more than your mitts, the P2020 will help you tap, rack, and bang to first place with the best out there.


If you’ve ever used the P2020 then you know that it’s capable of spewing a lot of bullets in a short amount of time. Let me break it down for you. 

What makes this weapon awesome:

  • It has a fairly tight bullet spread when emptying a magazine.
  • Using it while ADS allows for extremely fast movement when necessary.
  • It has a super-fast reload speed; the highest in the game, in fact.
  • It’s capable of equipping the Digital Threat scope. 
  • As mentioned, the damage from Hammerpoint Rounds on unshielded targets is extreme.

Weapon Stats:

  • Mag Size: 10/13/15/18
  • Reload: 1.25s/1.25s
  • DPS: 275
  • B/H/L DMG: 13/19.5/11.7


The P2020 in Action:

It’s surprising how some guns will rank once you start to consider more than just raw power and damage output. When it comes down to the seconds, certain weapons will come out on top. What do you think of this guide? Does it include the right weapons or are there some missing? Should they be ranked differently? 

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