[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Duos - (Season Five)

Apex Legends Best Duo
Sometimes allies come from the most unexpected places. Or people in this case.

Apex Legends is well-known for its three-man squad lobbies or Trios as it’s been recently called in Season Five. It’s been a staple game mode since the game’s launch. Often, you’ll run into fights where every single member of the squad is key to your entire team’s survival. However, throughout its history, the battle royale has also hosted other types of lobbies. There has been a Solos lobby as well as a Duos lobby. I’ll focus on the Duos lobby option for now. In Duos, you have to rely on your partner, because it’s just the two of you against an entire lobby. 

In my opinion, Duos presents higher stakes than your traditional Trios lobbies, especially in Ranked mode. Even out of Ranked mode, the competition can be fierce, so it’s imperative that you’re playing with the best Legends available. However, you can’t just play with the best Legends, you also have to play with the best Duos Legend combinations. In this guide, I’ll discuss the best Duos combination for Season Five and why they are so good together. 


[Top 5] Best Duos in Apex Legends


#5 - Gibraltar and Pathfinder

Probably not the duo you would expect, right?

You may be thinking that this is a Duo that’s ready to fail, but they actually complement each other’s abilities. Pathfinder is a hard to catch, no matter what the Season Five update has done to him. Gibraltar is a shield fortress that’s very difficult to 1v1, even with his Dome Shield duration reduction. Their positive traits are hard to beat. 

What Makes Gibraltar and Pathfinder a Great Duo:

  • Pathfinder can get to hard to reach places, such as high cliffs, or perches with cover for sniping or surprising enemies. This benefits his teammates by allowing them to get to the very same hard to reach places.
  • Gibraltar has a Dome Shield, which protects him and his teammates from harm. While it’s duration is limited and was nerfed in Season Five, it still provides an increased healing and reviving buff.
  • Pathfinder can use Survey Beacons which can help his team find the next circle. Because Gibraltar is naturally slower, this allows the Duo to use Pathfinder’s Zipline to get to that Safe Zone quickly.
  • Gibraltar can surprise enemies, who have nowhere else to go, with his Ultimate ability. Its near-immediate activation can catch enemy Duos unaware and Knock them before they even knew what hit them. 
  • Gibraltar has the Fortified buff which allows him to take heavy amounts of damage, not to mention his Gun Shield and Dome Shield can be used to force his enemies to waste bullets trying to shoot him. 
  • Gibraltar can act as a distraction, taking the brunt of the attack while Pathfinder flanks his enemies with his grapple and takes them out.
  • In the ending few seconds, as teams are charging for the last safe zone, Gibraltar’s Ultimate and Dome Shield combo is a great set up to take out multiple teams in a heartbeat.


#4 - Caustic and Wattson

It's awesome to see these defensive gods pairing up.

For a purely defensive strategy, you can’t go wrong with the Caustic and Wattson combo. By themselves, they can be formidable opponents, but together, they can be unstoppable. When considering these two Legends, they thrive on controlling the field and slowing down and poisoning enemies.

What Makes Caustic and Wattson a Great Duo:

  • Both Legends have the ability to block and/or defend prime locations with their specific brand of traps. 
  • Each Legends’ trap hurts their opponents, which provides both a defensive and an offensive strategy to deter opponents from giving chase or pursuing either one of these Legends.
  • If this Duo is forced to stay in one area or building, they can set traps to take out those who would try to surprise this team. 
  • Wattson can deter grenade spamming with her Ultimate, allowing the Duo to virtually hold an area for an infinite amount of time.
  • Caustic is Fortified, which allows him to take higher amounts of damage without getting Knocked and becoming a liability.
  • Wattson can recharge the Duos’ shields with her Ultimate if this team is in a tight spot.
  • Caustic can blind and slow opponents with his Nox Gas and since the Season Five update, his gas is no longer such a burden to his teammates and will not slow them down as well. 
  • Caustic traps can no longer be tripped by opening a door, which requires enemies to either trip them naturally or shoot them to get rid of them. 
  • Wattson’s fences can also slow enemies and give away their positions, which would allow this Duo to pounce on weak enemies who’ve been caught in the trap.


#3 - Mirage and Bangalore

Their confusing tactics make them quite the pair.

For those who might want to play aggressively with a flair for confusing their enemies, this Duo is right up your alley. With Mirage’s recent buff, he’s more viable than he’s ever been and Bangalore has always been your middle-ground type Legend with a very gentle learning curve. 

What Makes Bangalore and Mirage a Great Duo:

  • Bangalore is a fantastic support Legend who can provide cover for her teammates and a confusing barrier for her enemies. 
  • Mirage’s decoys are now more powerful and in turn, can mimic his every move, making them more life-like. 
  • Enemies have more reasons to shoot Mirage’s decoys and give their positions away. 
  • Bangalore can quickly escape a losing firefight with her Double Time passive ability to help keep her team in the fight longer.
  • Bangalore can mask her team’s movements in a firefight with her Smoke Bombs.
  • Bangalore could also mask a Mirage’s decoy since his Decoys last for 60 seconds and mimic his movements, you could potentially lead an enemy team astray for 60 seconds. This would give your Duo squad a safe escape or a sneaky approach.
  • Bangalore can also disorient an enemy team with her Smoke Bombs and use her Ultimate to slow down an enemy to provide her team with a quick and easy escape.
  • Together, Bangalore can use her smoke to mask her and Mirage’s approach to an enemy squad. Mirage could then throw a decoy and confuse the enemy through the smoke. Combining their abilities like this could be quite effective. 
  • In terms of revives, Bangalore’s smoke can mask your position, but Mirage could take that a step further. By deploying his Ultimate and her Smoke Bombs, no one would be able to see you, even if they were right on top of you, considering that Mirage and the person he’s reviving turns invisible.


#2 - Wraith and Octane

A Duo made of these two can play quite aggressively.

Wraith has been described as the most synergistic Legend in the game as she can be paired with any Legend and immediately complement their abilities. In my opinion, Octane can do the same with his Jump Pad. Both Legends can facilitate those who want to play aggressively but want a quick escape if the going gets tough.

What Makes Wraith and Octane a Great Duo:

  • Both of these Legends are small-framed and have smaller hitboxes than other Legends, which already make it harder to hit them with headshots.
  • With his smaller hitbox, Octane could activate his Stim and be even harder to hit, making the other Duo squad waste their bullets. This leaves a great opportunity for Wraith to sweep them up.
  • This Duo has the ability to make quick escapes when necessary. 
  • They can also get to hard to reach places or flank teams to get to the best positions with Wraith’s portal. 
  • Octane’s Jump Pad would immediately change this team’s position on the map and help them gain the high ground during a firefight.  
  • Wraith, using her passive ability, Voices From the Void, is an early warning system and speaks to her when there’s someone aiming at you. It provides her team with an important advantage and can help decide when it’s time to fight or time to escape. 
  • Octane has his Swift Mend ability, which reduces his need for healing items leaving plenty for Wraith when her abilities are in cooldown and she needs a break. 
  • Wraith and Octane’s abilities combine really well when you want to trick someone. By using a Wraith portal near a cliff or some similar location, Octane could then place his Jump Pad in the pursuing team’s path and send them flying to their deaths once they cross the portal’s threshold. They won’t know what hit them. 
  • If this Duo is playing aggressively and you know the squad your fighting is weak, either Wraith could portal in and push them or Octane could use his Jump Pad and surprise them while they are trying to heal. 
  • When Octane goes down, Wraith can activate her portal, he could crawl to it, and she could revive him in a much safer location. Beware though, a team could easily follow. So, an immediate Jump Pad to safety would be wise.


#1 - Loba and Bloodhound

It's still early in the season, but her powers would complement any Duo.

I think it’s still early in Loba’s Legends career to be grading her on her effectiveness in fights. She’s yet to be around for an entire season and so her abilities are hard to gauge against other Legends. Be that as it may, I think it’s important to mention that as of right now, I think one of her best pairings is with Bloodhound who recently received yet another buff in Season Five. 

What Makes Bloodhound and Loba a Great Duo:

  • Bloodhound has received some recent buffs in the past couple of seasons, which have exponentially increased their viability in a match. Essentially, Bloodhound has become the master of knowing when and when not to push a fight.
  • Bloodhound can see enemy tracks and if the team is weak or needing to heal, Bloodhound can see that as well, which would allow this Duo to quickly mop up weak competition. 
  • Loba can teleport anywhere she pleases with her Jump-Drive bracelet, allowing her to flank enemies that Bloodhound points out. 
  • Loba can see high-tier loot through walls, which consistently keep this team supplied and carrying the best loot into a fight. 
  • Loba can also activate her Ultimate ability which allows her and her teammates to pick up two items from the area, without having to go to the items. 
  • Using Bloodhound’s tactical, this Duo can determine if it’s safe to pursue the good loot or if it’s better to let the other teams fight for it.
  • In a tight situation, Bloodhound can activate their Ultimate which would allow them to see enemies who are hiding or trying to flee. Loba could cut them off by teleporting into their path. 
  • Bloodhound and Loba can hedge their bets in a fight. Bloodhound can scan the area and decide if there are too many enemies or just enough to easily wipe. Loba can help the team stay well-equipped or decide that the loot in the area doesn’t justify the risk of fighting.
  • Loba could also steal some of the best loot in the area by deploying her Ultimate, which would allow her team to resupply. However, other Duo squads could do the same from her Black Market Boutique. In this case, it could be used to lure unsuspecting enemy teams who are so desperate for a resupply that they don’t notice this Duo lying in wait.

I think it’s important to note that many of these Legends are interchangeable and can work well with other characters. The goal of this guide was to show the best option for each of the Top 5 Duos even though Legends like Bloodhound, Caustic, Wraith, and Bangalore can easily work well with others. Because of this, these are some of the most versatile Legends. 

What do you think? Does this list do the Duos justice or are there better combinations that haven’t been discussed? 

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