Apex Legends Season 11: Escape Has Dropped!

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape Has Dropped!
Prepare to slice em in half with that blade...

Apex Legends Season 11 is finally here, with an 18Gb update on Origin, and 8Gb on Steam.

Season 11 comes with a brand new map: Storm Point, and a new battle pass, which is called ‘Escape’. 

Desert Mirage and his Spitfire. Image by Apex Legends.

Some of the features that are unique to the new map include prowler dens and spider nests. Shooting prowlers and spiders contribute to ranking up Evo shields, which can be of infinite value in gaining an advantage over enemies with early game high-level Evo shields.

With the new battle, pass come a variety of new skins for legends and weapons, weapon charms, banners, holosprays, quips, and emotes.

Glorious Combatant Gibraltar and Vision Walker Wraith. Image by Apex Legends.

First up is the brand new legendary Desert Mirage skin, with a matching Cover fire Spitfire skin. These both sport chequered blue and orange patterns, with a smart-looking visor covering Mirage’s eyes.

Next is the legendary Gibraltar Glorious Combatant with the Bucking Bronco 30-30 repeater skin. There is a brand new skin for Wraith, called Vision Walker, along with a matching Volt skin called the Ante-Up Volt.

Revenant wielding the Pipe Dream Prowler. Image by Apex Legends.

This season’s reactive weapon skin has been given to the Prowler in the form of the wicked-looking legendary ‘Pipe-Dream’ skin that upgrades and reacts to player kills. 

The ‘Pipe-Dream’ is themed with bright, hot orange and black. It sports a coil that reacts with lively electric sparks and spins with every kill.

This is only a brief summary of all the new content coming with the Season 11 Escape Battle Pass. For more detail be sure to check it out in-game.

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