(Top 10) Apex Legends Best Octane Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Apex Legends Best Octane Skin
Peace! Octane celebrates victory as destruction consumes the path he has run.

Newsflash for the Speed Demons

You the speed demon type of guy? Wanna make your character look so good that your pals’ eyes water? Check out this list of the most stunning Octane skins of all time!

10. Daemon Hunter (Okay)

The black fabric is accompanied by maroon straps and lining, as well as crimson red lights rolling over the surface.

What makes Daemon Hunter awesome:

  • Your eyes glow red.  The prospect of running into you is absolutely terrifying!
  • The constant motion of the red lights suits Octane’s energetic nature very well.
  • The red and black indicates aggression and death. But that just comes with the territory, right?

How to get Daemon Hunter:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Octane. Under the Epic section of Skins, select Daemon Hunter and craft it for 400 crafting metals.

9. The Victory Lap (Okay)

White legs, black pants, and a black, blue and white motocross jacket make this a perfect outfit for an adrenaline junkie. Especially with a white motocross helmet topping it off. 

What makes The Victory Lap awesome:

  • The black pants and white legs contrast sharply, screaming at the crowd for attention.
  • The turquoise patches hint at sophistication, energy, and wisdom. Does that sound like you?
  • The yellow goggles and stim tubes add a wild flare to the color scheme. It’s always good to be unique!

How to get The Victory Lap:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Octane, select The Victory Lap under Skins. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See The Victory Lap in action:

 The Victory Lap gameplay.

8. Wildfire (Okay)

Flames run over Wildfire’s bronze-orange metal surface. A bright orange spider web covers the chest piece of the vest. Flame orange teeth surround Octane’s mouth. Bright orange gloves cover his hands.

What makes Wildfire awesome:

  • There are flames moving across the surface of the skin. (This is for the really hot ones)!
  • Orange signifies joy and determination, so if you’re a go-getter then come and get it!
  • The orange teeth on the mask make it look like you have flaming jaws. Anybody up to get roasted?

How to get Wildfire:

To get Wildfire you had to complete a specific challenge during the Fight or Fright event, after which you were awarded Wildfire.

7. The Laughing Fool (Good)

Hooded and masked as a jester, with black and scarlet fabric, the Laughing Fool turns Octane into a clown. He has white frills around his wrists and his legs are checked white and red.

What makes The Laughing Fool awesome:

  • You get to dress up like a jester. I hope you remember your jokes! 
  • The frills around the wrist look like the fashion of the olden days. Really hard to keep up with the times, eh?
  • You have an engraved breastplate that looks just like the breastplates in the suits of armor belonging to the knights of old.

How to get The Laughing Fool:

To get the Laughing Fool you had to buy it from the store for 1800 Apex Coins during the Black Friday Sale.

See The Laughing Fool in action: 

The Laughing Fool gameplay.

6. Speed Demon (Good)

Speed Demon has golden legs, with black fabric adorned with golden lining and straps. The stim tubes are also golden. A demon mask which is turquoise on the lower half and brown on the upper half has a golden uni-horn.

What makes Speed Demon awesome:

  • You get a golden horn to gore your enemies with.
  • There are plenty of spikes on the knees and gloves to make you an absolute melee king.
  • You have a neat golden shoulder plate on your upper left arm which is artfully engraved.

How to get Speed Demon:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Octane, select Speed Demon under Skins. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

5. Glacial Pace (Awesome)

Glacial Pace sports a body of jade ice. It has a blue, white, turquoise and yellow vest, as well as white shorts with orange and jade bands running around the legs. The goggles are orange and the mask and gloves are black and blue.

What makes Glacial Pace awesome:

  • You look like you’re made of ice. Pretty cool eh?
  • The stripes on the vest look like racing stripes. Just the thing for the fastest player around!
  • The metal straps on your left arm make you look like you got broken and were patched together again. There’s always hope for you then… I hope!

How to get Glacial Pace:

To get Glacial Pace you must buy Season 3 premium battle pass for 950 Apex coins. You unlock this skin at level 1.

See Glacial Pace in action: 

Glacial Pace gameplay.

4. Gold Rush (Awesome)

Gold Rush has a golden and grey motocross helmet, jacket, shorts, and golden legs. The fabric is of a beige variety.

What makes Gold Rush awesome:

  • The gold and silver-grey color scheme makes you look pretty snazzy, and admit it, you love it when the heads turn in your direction.
  • The upturned collar on your golden jacket makes you look like a boss.
  • Your legs are really skinny, making you more streamlined and less bulky.

How to get Gold Rush:

Go to the Legends menu. Select Octane, select Gold Rush under Skins. Craft it for 1200 crafting metals.

See Gold Rush in action: 

Gold Rush gameplay.

3. Jade Tiger (Legendary)

Jade Tiger is a combo of green and gold metalwork. The gold is used for the knee joints as well as for the lining of the upper body covering. A golden, with a bit of green, jaguar mask hides Octane’s face.

What makes Jade Tiger awesome:

  • Your face looks like a jaguar’s, ready to chew your enemies to pieces.
  • You have golden knee joints. And come on, who doesn’t love flashing in the sunlight?
  • The spikes at the shoulders and arms make you look like something to stay well clear of. You are dangerous, right?

How to get Jade Tiger:

To get Jade Tiger you had to own the Season 2 premium battle pass and then get to the level which unlocked Jade Tiger.

See Jade Tiger in action: 

Jade Tiger gameplay.

2. Extreme Measures (Legendary)

Extreme Measures features rich purple fabric with bright yellow straps and lining. A similarly colored motocross helmet covers Octane’s head. The chest piece and the hip pieces each have a bit of white fabric.

What makes Extreme Measures awesome:

  • The dark purple and bright yellow create stark contrast which is very pleasing to the eye.
  • Purple is a royal color. The emblem on the upper arm and the writing on the right leg are pretty similar to what you would find on a motocross bike. You really are competitive, aren’t you?
  • Being a speed demon is rather EXTREME, isn't it?

How to get Extreme Measures:

To get Extreme Measures you already needed to own Victory Lap. You then had to go buy Extreme Measures from the store for 10500 legend tokens. during the time that it is available.

See Extreme Measures in action: 

Extreme Measures gameplay.

1. Dasher (Legendary)

With brass legs and hooves, golden shins and golden bells, Dasher really seeks to make gold diggers mouths water. The orange and beige fabric gives it a very light-hearted atmosphere. It has a Rudolph mask covering Octane’s head.

What makes Dasher awesome:

  • You get to look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
  • You have brass hooves instead of metal feet. Just think how hard you’ll be able to kick with those!
  • You have 3 massive golden bells hanging on your waist, just to remind everyone how fast you really are. They won’t believe the rate at which your bells ring!

How to get Dasher:

You can get Dasher by going to Store, selecting it and then either crafting it for 2400 crafting metals or buying it for 1800 Apex Coins. Another way to get it is to find it in a Holo-day Bash Apex Pack.

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