[Top 15] Best Apex Legends Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

The original starting 8 playable legends for Apex

Nothing says Battle Royale more than the eye-popping, jaw dropping, and visually stimulating character cosmetics. We’ve all been there-- gandering through the game shop and salivated over the latest cosmetics blessed upon us by the devs and artistic gods. So what if you run your savings into the ground just to dazzle your friends and flex on those ‘default skin’ wearing haters. As a matter of fact I conjured this list solely to appeal to those skin fetishes you hold dear. So sit back, relax and come partake with me as we gawk over the top 15 most awesome skins to appear in Apex Legends.

15. The Last Laugh 

"I do not care who makes the kill. As long as I can observe it die."

A horrifying yet quaint skin hailing from the ‘Fright or Flight’ collection, is The Last Laugh cosmetic. This is the type of scary silhouette that you realize is really just the pile of clothes on your chair at 3 am-- after waking up from a noxious nightmare. 

What makes skin so awesome:

  • It is the most disturbing skin out of Apex Legends entire collection.
  • First off, this makes “IT” look like childsplay.
  • Your opponents would probably rather die to the circle than fight you in this.
  • Stephen King was definitely in the boardroom with developers when this idea was conjured. 

Where you can get skin: Was available for purchase through ‘Fright or Flight’ mode (1800 Apex Coins or 2400 Crafting Material)

See The Last Laugh in action

14. Red Shift

“Today's a good day to cheat death."

This is a  crisp collation of red and gold, with beautifully shined engines protruding from Octane’s chest some say you can see the devil in his shadow if you stand close enough. All the features from El Diablo skin are virtually the same just accentuated three fold for a more luxurious aesthetic.

What makes skin so awesome: 

  • When you see an Octane with this skin jolting straight at you through the air, your chances of survival drop by about 50%.
  • The color scheme displays a ‘blood-lusting’ aesthetic in a fashionable way.
  • This skin is extremely popular among the Apex community and garners an self-explanatory “need for speed” playstyle to the player wearing it.

Where you can get Red Shift: Can find in the game shop if original legendary skin (El Diablo) was purchased first (10,500 Legend Tokens).

See Red Shift in action

13. Void Walker

"All that matters... is being the last one alive."

Looks like Wraith portaled her way right into Halo and came back with some style from Master Cheif, along with state of the art gear. The marred black scarf just below her velvet tinted, semi-reflective helmet balances out nicely with the white skin tight body-suit. 

What makes skin awesome: 

  • It is the only Wraith skin where she is sporting a helmet.
  • This skin (compared to her others) looks the most defensively equipped for any type of action packed adventure.
  • The white and purple meshes ridiculously well with her void animations and heirloom set.
  • When choosing Void Walker Wraith in game (during character selection) she has an animation where her helmet pops up and she says something ominous enough to give you goosebumps. 

How to get Void Walker: Was part of the VoidWalker limited time collection event (1,800 Apex Coins)

See VoidWalker in action

12. Gibraltron 

"Hey now, I didn't ask to be the best; I worked for it."

Meet the gargantuan transforming juggernaut bound to knock the heads off of one third of the server. This mechanized Gibby-Transformer hybrid is one of a kind giving the aesthetics of an impossible to penetrate character. With his head and hands being the only resemblance of a human, you can’t help but to feel overpowered while wearing such a skin.

What makes skin so awesome:   

  • The System Override collection also has a transformer banner animation to go with the skin making it even more compelling to acquire.
  • The small details in how the yellow in his eyes matches the suite, showcases intricate design work.
  • He’s virtually a badass giant cyborg .

How to get Gibraltar: Came with System Override event collection (1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Material)

See Gibraltron in action

11. Hype Beast

"You're either ready, or you're an idiot."

Meet rager Crypto, with his illuminating color scheme the only thing being hacked here is the AUX cord after he drops his fire mixtape. Chest exposed, tatted up and a pair of kicks that blow Yeezy’s out of the water, you can catch Crypto losing his religion at Burning Man. Out of all his cosmetics this one is by far the most distinguished and pronounced.  

Why Hype Beast is awesome:

  • Two words-- “Gold Chain”. 
  • One of the most diverse and brightly coordinated color schemes for all legend skins.
  • They give Crypto an assortment of accessories from the chain to fake glasses and 3 gold earrings, he can’t lose.  
  • The unorthodox braided blonde hair gives it a nice ‘outside the box’ touch up.

How to get Hype Beast: Can be purchased in game shop rotation (1,800 Apex Coins)

See Hype Beast in action

10. False Idol

"All these skin bags ready to die."

What's that, the occultic deity Baphomet is playable in Apex Legends!? No wait...that’s just Revenant. This mystic and demonically charged skin is the right fit for a character going around using teammates as “meat shields”. The gold and blue color palette gives the cosmetic a trope of royalty yet bluntly says “death is coming your way”.

What makes False Idol awesome:

  • The gold mane and blue horns give it a feeling of superiority.
  • He’s freakin’ wearing a ram’s skull for crying out loud, doesn’t get any cooler.
  • The claws on his feet and hands add to animalistic appearance and lore.

How to get False Idol: Can be purchased from original Legendary Revenant Skin collection (1200 Crafting Material)

See False Idol in action

9. Green Machine

"I just polished my grapple."


This skin has an interesting assortment of colors which makes Pathfinder look like a mechanical watermelon when grappling through the air. It gives him a bulkier feel, deviating from his lankier traditional look. All and all it’s another ‘outside the box’ design which compliments his personality nicely. 

What makes Green Machine awesome:

  • Pathfinder sports the pink tool belt better than anyone I know in real life.
  • This and only two other skins contain what appears to be a speaker on Pathfinders waste.
  • His physical design is deliberately non-symmetrical  from top to bottom adding a nice twist to the cosmetic.
  • Not to mention it is among, if not the rarest Pathfinder skin currently.

How to get Green Machine: Requires you to already have The Aviator skin first (1,200 Crafting Material)

See Green Machine in action

8. Outland Warrior 

"Nothing like cold steel on a hot day."

This air marshal is wrapped in gold and ready to go savage mode on anyone who gets in her way. She wears a shining chest plate and an elaborate necklace glittered with prowler teeth. It looks like Bangalore made herself right at home when getting stuck in the Outlands.

What makes Outland Warrior awesome:

  • For starters she’s rockin’ a whole family of Outland’s creatures, from the skulls on her knees to the teeth on her neck-- nothing in the Outlands is safe from her.
  • Her braided hairstyle which extends into a slightly shorter than usual but blonde-dyed mohawk.
  • She’s got glorious warrior face paint.
  • This skin gives her a much more sleek and slim appearance as well.

How to get Outland Warrior: Was purchasable during Old Way’s collection event (1800 Apex Coins)

See Outland Warrior in action

7. Purple Reign 

"I'm always dressed to kill."

The embodiment of “if looks could kill” would probably be this skin. The purple power of this Loba cosmetics is enough to steal your loot and your heart. The game designers clearly had a little too much fun conjuring this masterpiece-- from the electrifying high-heel boots to fluorescent eye shade, and for that we thank you.  

What makes Purple Reign awesome:

  • Her pinkish highlighted eyes are enough to stop a whole squad dead in their tracks.
  • The silicon chip body patterns running across her body complement the cosmetic also giving her a futuristic cyborg look.
  • Similar to Off The Record she comes equipped with two deadly assassin blades-- forming an “X” across her back; adds a little spice.
  • The metal plating and pink shading on her face is the perfect mixture of her prowess with a touch of beauty.

How to get Purple Reign: Can be purchased from original Legendary Loba Skin collection (1200 Crafting Material)

See Purple Reign in action

6. Call to Arms

"Just give me a shot and I'll shine like the sun."

Who said your guardian angel couldn’t be a badass mofo with a gun shield? This Gibraltar skin simulates the ideology of what if the devs took Gibraltor, Kratos, and mashed them with a viking. Ironically, a good sum of us would give a leg just to obtain Call to Arms (get it? Eh, too much?).

What makes Call to Arms awesome:

  • This is one of if not the only skin to sport  full-fledge of feathered wings on the back of a legend.
  • Blue and gold armor emulates tech inspired gladiator-styled elements that add flavor to the qualities of Gabraltors overly defensive gameplay.
  • His tattoo arm sleeve runs up to his chest covering his skin almost entirely and meshes well with the white face paint.
  • He is also given a stylish mohawk which converts into a decent sized man-bun in the back.
  • It is a rarity to witness Gibraltor with facial hair adding to the obscurity of the cosmetic.

How can to get Call to Arms: Was available during Iron Crown event collection (1,800 Apex coins)

See Call to Arms in action

5. The Intimidator 

 "The Allfather will gift us today." 

The Intimidator is bound to do just that-- make your opponents ‘shooketh’. The most detailed of the BloodHound skins, it deviates from the original kasa-styled head piece and Master Shredder like face covering theme. It carries a more dark demonic attraction, overly doused in crimson red.

What makes The Intimidator awesome: 

  • The bright red may make you stand out but it is a great contrast to the original Apex map color palettes.
  • The details such as the iron-red anubis-like knee pads is an artistic flex compared to all of the other Bloodhound skins (having standard knee pads).
  • The head piece is abnormally diabolic giving off an angered expression followed by horns extending from the eyebrows.
  • Contains extended armored plating covering the torso area which seems to look like “Lord of The Rings”  mithril armor dangling underneath.

How to get The Intimidator: Was available with Lifeline and Bloodhound Double Pack edition or game shop (1,800 Apex Coins)

See The Intimidator in action

4. Folk Hero

"The ring isn't really complex but it can be a little complicated. Wait, what'd I just say?"

Indeed, you Marvel fanatics this is essentially Iron-Man reincarnated into Apex Legends. Easily the most iconic Mirage skin to date, the devs did not hold back on this cosmetic production. Best way to sport this skin is to run to an absurd amount of jump towers just watch in 3rd person as Mirage soars through the air--as if role playing the Iron-Man for but a brief moment.

Why Folk Hero is awesome: 

  • Has an intricately placed set of calf boosters, 2 on each leg-- in addition, each booster is styled with gold exhaust pipes.
  • Golden torso overlaps well with red chest plates and has an all around satiating color balance.
  • Using your ultimate makes it appear as if there are a bunch of holographic Iron-Men finessing around.
  • Perfect blend of residual black on Mirages backside and underarms. 

How to get Folk Hero: Requires The revenger to be unlocked, can purchase in shop (6,500 Legend Tokens)

See Folk Hero in action

3. Judge Jury Executioner

"We've got a job to do, so shift your carcass."

This skin makes you contemplate if Lifeline is here to save lives or simply shatter every single soul she comes in contact with. It makes Revenant “skin-bag” rhetoric seem like innocent banter and Caustic look like a wouldbe villain. Best hope this judge is on your side when the court is in session.   

What makes Judge Jury Executioner awesome:

  • Only skin in which she is provided a mask (ski mask at that) and gives her locks in her hair.
  • Enormous and flashy hoop earrings.
  • Additional gold accessories such as necklace, waste belt, bracelets, hair rings and a sturdy shoulder guard.
  • Given a contrasting gold and black scheme as opposed to her more vivid and light colors.

How to get Judge Jury Executioner: Was available through Iron Crown collection event or through game shop (1,800 Apex Coins)

See Judge Jury Executioner in action

2. Bionic Wonder

"I'm ec-static to fight!"

This cosmetic by far puts the watt- in Wattson. Oddly looking like a blue and yellow Sour Punch straw pack, with the face of a bot in iRobot. Nothing says electrifying more than this bright stream of sky blue graced by a coating of Pikachu yellow-diamond shaped jacket.

What makes Bionic Wonder awsome:

  • She looks like an advanced A.I unit was fused with a mime and given control over electricity.
  • The yellow jacket, as opposed to black in Strange Attractor, makes the diamonds protrude much more.
  • These colors aren't just loud, they're booming full-throttle for all the attention.
  • The face make up and lip marking has a similar resemblance to Princess Amidala when she was powdered in make-up.

How to get Bionic Wonder: Requires Cyber Security and can be found in shop (10,500 Legend Tokens)

See Bionic Wonder in action

1. Marble Goddess 

"You made the right choice this time."

Naruto running straight off of Mount Olympus comes one of the most mesmerizing cosmetics to ever hit Apex Legends since it’s release. The portaling princess has an Athena-like aesthetics and appears as if she’d break any legends hand with her face on immediate contact. Wraith loses all humanoid traits and seems to be carved by the Greek God Hephaestus himself.

What makes Marble Goddess awesome:

  • This cosmetic is the epitome of playing as a Pavonazzetto marble piece decorated in gold.
  • It is an un-trite and spectacular artistic design among all the Apex Legends skins.
  • The quality is well done and her whole body appears exquisitely polished from head to toe.
  • Gold, beige and a slight green palette is a visually refreshing and an energizing spectacle.
  • The illuminating orange eyes are a perfect fit to Wraiths demeanor and cosmetic as a whole. 

How to get Marble Goddess: Unlockable with Lost Treasure Packs (1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Material)

See Marble Goddess in action

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