Apex Legends: How To Play Fuse Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Fuse Effectively

Good old Fusey is a fan-favourite legend amongst the community but sadly doesn't see much play. Despite that though, his abilities are quite strong in the right hands. You can play him at a high level if you truly understand his tech, abilities and secrets. Remember, any legend can be good if played effectively.

Fuse is a part of the Assault Legend category in game, meaning he can carry more ammo per inventory slot and even open special compartments on loot bins for better attachments and gear. This loot is smart, meaning it caters towards what you and your team have right now. From sights to stocks, it covers everything.

Fuse’s normal passive is based around grenades. Fuse can fire grenades out of a special holster in his arm. This not only allows Fuse to carry more grenades in his inventory but also allows him to fire grenades with a better trajectory. 

Grenades are launched 70% faster and he can even see how frag grenades will bounce.

His tactical ability is also based around grenades, but this time it's his iconic Knuckle Cluster. We have all been hit by this ability at some point in time, it's a real menace that's for sure. With his tactical, Fuse can fire out an extremely powerful grenade unique to him.  

This grenade sticks to surfaces like walls and even players. Once fired, the grenade deals initial damage of 10, then starts to slowly deal 60 damage over time.

This damage won't affect Fuse himself, so he can fire it near enemies to deter them whilst also having the option to run through it if he so desires.

Next is the most iconic part of his Kit, and an Australian’s dream. Fuse pulls his Australian heritage together to fire off a massive Motherload at his enemies. Fuse uses the canister on his back to fire off the Motherload, a massive ring of fire that traps enemies. 

Whilst inside the motherload’s area of effect, enemies are marked and will be damaged and slowed if they leave.

Fuse has insane space-taking capabilities, and in the right hands can be a major menace to any type of player in both ranked and casual. The thing is though, he has no movement abilities to move him around the map, so legends like Pathfinder and Valkyrie are perfect to pair with him.

Loba is also Fuse’s best friend as she allows him to find even more grenades thanks to her Black Market Boutique ultimate. Fuse isn't a ladies man, but he and Loba are a pairing for the ages.

Now you know how great Fuse’s abilities are on paper, let's discuss how to get the most out of him and play this Aussie as effectively as possible.


How To Play Fuse Effectively:


15. Carry as many grenades as possible

Fuse is the grenade king, and he can utilise them way better than anyone else in Apex. These grenades are key to his playstyle so make sure you carry as many as possible. Remember you can carry multiple per inventory slot, so it's even easier to carry a team-destroying package in your pocket.


14. Always use his abilities 

It sounds pretty simple, but make sure you use Fuse’s abilities as much as possible. The cooldown on his tactical and ultimate are pretty short, so don't feel bad about using them whenever you feel like it.


13. Keep yourself at midrange in fights

Fuse’s abilities don't work too well in super close range or at extremely long range, so stick at that sweet spot of medium range to get the most out of his abilities. 


12. Fuse has a larger hitbox

When compared to other legends, Fuse has a pretty large hitbox. Yeah, he’s quite thick, and that's to his disadvantage. It means he is easier to hit and takes way more damage than other legends because of it. Make sure to use cover and play around your team to ensure your survivability.


11. Play Fuse as a support for your team

Despite his in-game role as an Assault Legend, you should treat Fuse as a support legend. This means you should stick with your team, play around their pushes and use your abilities to back them up.

From using your ultimate to screen areas off to using your tactical to make enemies move away from your team. Fuse is a great support for any team, in ranked or casual game modes.


10. Be Aggressive with your team

Because of his support-type role on your team, Fuse should be with his team at all times. He has no way to move away from a fight like Wraith or Pathfinder, so sticking with your team makes the most sense.

It also allows them to get the most out of your zoning abilities and ability to shut down an entire enemy team with the Motherload. 


9. Use the tactical to force movement

The Knucklecluster is perfect for forcing movement in your enemies. Whether you land it next to them or on their teammate, it usually makes enemies panic and move around. This is especially useful if an enemy is holding a small position, as they must move out of the way if the cluster lands in their space.


8. Apply pressure whilst dealing damage

The knuckle cluster is perfect for applying pressure whilst shooting your enemies. They will begin to panic and move around whilst you shoot them down with your team. It's such a good combo and makes Fuse a menace as the circle gets smaller into later-game situations.


7. Loadout Options

Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


6. Indoor Ultimate

The Motherload can be used indoors, and it's quite effective. It's a massive thermite grenade that slows, damages and marks enemies. You can use it to block off enemies, stop pushes and create space indoors, it's perfect.


5. Fire the Ultimate higher for a wider radius

If you are using the ultimate outside, you can change its size. If you fire the Motherload higher into the sky, the size of the fire circle will increase the longer it falls. This means you can cover a wider range if you just look up into the sky, trapping enemies and stopping them from leaving a battle. Perfect for third parties.


4. Use the ultimate to create space

The Motherload is perfect for creating space no matter where you are on the map. Just its mere presence makes enemies panic and wonder where to move next. It stops enemies from moving through it without being marked, damaged and slowed. Wherever it lands, enemies will either be trapped or deterred from going near it, therefore making space.


3. Zoom in with his ultimate

One thing people forget about with his ultimate is that you can actually zoom in with it. You can get the most out of this by not actually firing it, and using it to look around your area. You can see enemies from far off, see how fights are doing and overall get more information for your team.


2. Use the tactical as a zone ability

In the same way, his ultimate can be used to zone enemies, his tactical can be as well. You can stop enemies from approaching you or your team as they will panic after being hit. They will also stay away from the knuckle clusters radius in order to avoid taking damage. 

This is the best thing you can do with Fuse’s actual kit as you can control the flow of the battlefield with ease.


1. Movement Techniques

Movement Techniques are a huge part of Apex Legends, no matter how much movement you have access to on your legend. Make sure to get good at tap strafing, super glides and wall bounces as they will take your gameplay to the next level and allow you to play your legend as effectively as possible.

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