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APEX LEGENDS best weapons for kills!
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What’s up, Legends? It’s time to dive into the Top 10 best weapons for kills in Apex Legends!


Your weapon loadout is crucial to your success in the popular free-to-play Battle Royale Apex Legends. If you want to get kills and wins you need to know the right weapon to grab. That’s why I put together a list of the top ten best weapons Season 7: Ascension has to offer. If you want to improve your game and eliminate more squads, look no further- These are the best guns in the game.

10) VK-47 Flatline

Flatline in Action

The Flatline rounds out this list at 10 because this absolute monster heavy AR can both shred and be a little intimidating. Best in short to mid range gunfights and hipfiring, the only downside to the Flatline is she kicks like a mule. But a few hours training at the Firing Range and you’ll be ready, Kill Leader.

Why Flatline is Great

  • Great short to mid range firing
  • Accurate hipfire
  • Similar feel to the R301
  • Fully Automatic 

9) Devotion 

Devotion in Action

The Devotion is mean! It’s spin up mechanic is something I recommend spending time learning to understand in the Firing Range, but this gun’s 900 RPM cap is incredible for mowing down enemies. attach the Turbocharger and a stock on this gun makes it unstoppable.

Why Devotion is Great

  • High Bullet Velocity
  • Nearly unstoppable when fully kitted. 
  • Mechanic spin up allows up to 900 rounds per minute. 

8) G7-Scout

G7-Scout in Action

Okay, I still don’t know how to feel about the Double Tap attachment, but that takes nothing away from the G7-Scout. This weapon is a great primary option IF your secondary has a faster rate of fire. The Scout’s bullet projectile launch speed is nothing to drool over but the slow movement sniper ADS allows mid to long range targeting with ease. 

Why Scout is Great

  • Decent bullet projectile launch
  • Sniper-style ADS is slower and gives this rifle an advantage in mid to long range gunfights. 
  • Uses light ammo which is ridiculously easy to find. 

7)Triple Take

See Triple Take in Action

The Triple Take should be renamed Sniper Shotgun. Seriously, check out the video of this sniper shredding, and you’ll understand why the rifle is vastly underrated in Apex. The 3 bullet spread means you’re hitting that strafing target. There’s good accuracy down range and that shotgun style at close range. Why aren’t you using this gun?!

Why Triple Take is Great

  • a 3-bullet thread allows greater chance of hitting a strafing enemy.
  • Great long and short range weapon. 
  • Sniper-style slowed ADS
  • Hipfires like a shotgun

6) Volt

See Volt in Action

We all missed our R99’s in Season 6 and on those cold days the Volt was there for us! Nostalgia aside, I don’t use this gun as much as I used to but that doesn’t diminish the stopping capabilities of the Volt. The recoil is decent, but the best thing about this gun is its ability to bridge the gap between long and short range. It takes energy ammo, which can be difficult to find and I would recommend getting an extended mag ASAP- It’s a solid weapon with a longer projectile speed than the Wingman. The Volt is a fantastic primary weapon option. 

Why Volt is Great

  • Great at bridging the gap between short and long range
  • Similar to R99, but with more recoil management needed. 
  • Recoil is not out of control
  • Good projectile launch speed

5) Hemlock

Hemlock in Action

Burst mode or single fire; the Hemlock takes heavy ammo and is a heavy hitter.  It has a strong hipfire and is the easiest AR to use in the game. You can use it at any range. It’s a good versatile weapon that is fairly easy to find on the ground. I highly recommend this weapon to those who are brand new and learning the game meta.

Why Hemlock is Great

  • Burst or single fire 
  • Little to no recoil
  • Easy to use 
  • Great at all ranges

4) R301-Carbine

Carbine in Action

The R301-Carbine is extremely versatile. It’s got a little bit of everything and as you start adding attachments to it you’re going to find yourself able to deliver in gunfights from short to mid range. Plus, it takes easy to find light ammo! You grab one of these and play smart? Expect to make it to the final circle. 

Why R301 is Great

  • Great mid range weapon
  • A solid rate of fire with manageable recoil.
  • Uses light ammo, which is easily accessible.

3) Mastiff

Mastiff in Action

Professionals love the Mastiff. The high-powered shotgun is great at turning gunfights around. This shotgun absolutely murders as a secondary weapon. There’s a lot of success in using this gun in close quarters [obviously] andthe ADS acts as a built-in choke for the gun.  

  • Why Mastiff is Great
  • 120 headshot (waht!)
  • ADS acts as a choke
  • Turns gunfights around with sheer power
  • Great for situational fighting; playing around cover. 

2) Wingman

Wingman in Action

I ditched my Hemlock for the Wingman because I want to be Dirty Harry (Look it up, punk).The Wingman is DEADLY. It’s a great primary or secondary weapon with serious stopping power behind each shot. To reach maximum potential with the Wingman, you’ll need to be accurate which takes time but there’s so much to love about this strong, reliable gun. 

Why Wingman is Great

  • Same movement speed down ADS as hipfire
  • Very good damage
  • Ammo Conservationist (You won’t need all those stacks of heavy ammo, just one or two) 
  • Fast reload

1) R-99

R-99 in Action

There are a lot of imitations, but no gun can shred enemies at short to mid range with such accuracy. The R-99 is a beam machine and the best gun in the game until they take it back OUT of the game. They probably will do that again, but in the meantime load up this gun because it is amazing with fantastic hipfire, has the highest time to kill, and makes you nearly unstoppable. Pro tip- For maximum effort in gunfights, shoot in bursts instead of laying on the hammer. You’re welcome.

  • Why R-99 is Great
  • BEAM MACHINE! Highest time to kill in game
  • Fantastic hipfire
  • Great short-mid range gun
  • Perfect for aggressive pushes 
  • The best gun in the game forever. 

Now I want to see you out there loaded up and ready to collect kills! What is your go to weapon? What’s your top ten look like? Let us know in the comments below. 


Want more kills? Fix your settings. 

Want to argue over the best and worst weapons in the game? Us too. 

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