[10] Apex Legends Best Octane Players

Apex Legends Best Octane Plays
Octane, does stunts for the adrenaline rush and the fans

The arena in Apex Legends is what brings so many contrasting backgrounds into one giant nexus of experiences and influenced play. It gives some of the ones worthy enough in the Outland’s a second chance, a new beginning and a chance to win it all and be crowned legend and champion of the arena. 

In the clashing quest for a champion title and the bountiful perks that come with it, the devs have risen to the occasion and given players the chance to rock out as the iconically diverse legends we hold dear. One of the most beloved of these legends (and one of my personal favorites) is the high flying and trash talking Octane! 

Always yelling till his veins start popping or saying something only an Octane main wouldn’t find overly cringy.  He embodies a persona of an adrenaline junkie and 24/7 ready to go speedster, always seeking a rush.  Of course, picking Octanes is going to compel you to run head first into danger and not look back; thus causing a plethora of wild Octane plays and highlights for us to indulge in. 

Go on, and jump right into the best Octane top 10 Apex Legends plays!  

10) Doors of Opportunity by OctaneTiger7


Things get a little heated on a thermal station beginning game drop. OctaneTiger7 quickly takes his jump pad into action in order to aid in an early fight with his teammates. It almost turns sour until OctaneTiger7 shows off a little IQ and uses the doors as a part of his surprise attack.

9) Avoiding Swamp Monsters by Lord_Spinks  


This clip comes from content creator Lord_Spinks in his hilarious bid to make it out of last year's Apex LTM Shadowfall mode featuring Revenant. Managing a perfect vertical jump to constantly keep landing on his jump pad Spinks avoids hangry shadows salivating to take a chunk out of him while he waits for the escape ship. 

8) Double Stick by BulloxerBanshee  


You ever throw an arc-star and manage to stick it to your opponent...pretty awesome right? Now, do this to two enemies back to back and destroy the entire squad in the process while alone in a cave, because that's exactly what Bulloxer did.

7) Missing Mirage Voyage by iM AbusiiVe  


AbusiiVe reminds us all how wonderful Mirage Voyage was for just jumping hot and getting fried or frying the entire lobby. If I remember correctly I don’t believe there was an inbetween, and it was well worth it. 

6) “I Have the High Ground” by Lord_Spinks 


Lord_Spinks manages to perfectly balance on a jump pad once again, and in the process he some how to clutches a 1 vs 1 vs 1 championship. It isn’t really the win but the style points that makes this very impressive.

5) Fragging Bunker by Viss TSM   


Viss gives us a classic ending to the game with pure frags and a face of “Aww”.

4) “I Need Health” by TSM_Thump  


Thump also clutches a win, over his knocked teammates, while fighting two squads and oh did I mention he had pretty much nothing to heal with?

3) “What is this Character!?” by TSM Diegosaurs  


TSM and other streamers end up running the lobby into oblivion moving from one squad to the next as everyone converges on the corner of King’s Canyon and death.

2) Full Send for the Win by NRG_Dizzy 


Classic Dizzy is finishing up a game when he decides to do something only a mad man with Octane would do and push the entire enemy squad. After saying that he is “throwing the match”, it seems he is still better than all of us without trying.

1)“What a Rush!” by Giancalao 


All I will say is: I don’t know how Giancalao wins and I still can't believe what I just witnessed. Take a look at the top clip as Giancalao grinds out for an insane solo Octane win all while lingering on the edge of death. 

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