Apex Legends: How To Be A Really Good Player

Apex Legends: How To Be A Really Good Player

1. Positioning

One basic part of any shooter, and especially a battle royale game, is positioning. To become a better player overall, you need to understand positioning, why it's beneficial and what it can do for your team.

Most of the time, positioning is based on what enemies are nearby, as ring positioning is something we will get onto later. When you know enemies are nearby, you can do a few different things.

You can position yourself near your team to make sure the fight is sided to your team, or you can take an off angle to support your teammates.

Understanding when to do either of these things and how to do them is another thing, but just knowing that they are options means you can become a better player in no time.


2. Aim

This one is pretty simple, to be a better player you need to have good aim. You need to be landing those crucial shots, especially in a game like Apex Legends which has a pretty high time to kill. Just a few bullets will take down an enemy in the early game, so landing them matters.

Practising your aim in matches or using other software is a great idea to get better at the game, but experience is the main thing. The more you put yourself in situations where aim matters, and the more you play, the better you will become.


3. Game Sense

Game Sense is another aspect you need to become a better player. What Game Sense means is that you need knowledge of the game itself to understand what might be happening around you.

From what gun you just heard around the corner, to what legend you just saw use their ultimate. There are so many different moving parts to Game Sense, and it all comes with experience.

You can't just watch a video and know everything there is about Apex, you need to get in and play the game to truly get good Game Sense.


4. Recoil Control

In a similar vein to Aim, having good Recoil Control is also key to becoming a better player. You need to understand that certain guns have different recoil spreads, so taming them is going to take time and knowledge. 

Once you understand this and have practised each gun pattern, then no matter what gun you pick up, you should be able to do well with it.


5. Legend Knowledge

Now onto some of the most important aspects of becoming a better player in Apex Legends. Legend Knowledge is extremely key as you need to know what every legend can do. Not only is this great for your teammates who might be using off-meta pick legends like Rampart or Caustic, but it's also great for fights.

If you see a Catalyst for example on a team with a Bloodhound and Bangalore, you need to know what those three legends can each possibly do in this fight. From Bangalore smoking so Bloodhound can scan, to Catalyst blocking you off completely.

There are so many variables to each legend, so understanding them all will make you a better gamer.


6. Gun Knowledge

The same thing can be said for Guns as well in Apex Legends, as knowing what each one can do, their strengths and weaknesses as well as what you need to make them better are key.

Each gun has a set of attachments, different recoil, their best ranges and their worst ranges. Understanding each of these will ensure you become a better player as you will know when to take certain guns, how to get better at certain guns and how to pair them all up with your specific legend.


7. Rotations

Apex Legends is a game all about speed, kills and getting into fights. Some legends allow you to do this more easily, which is why they are used. Moving from one location to the next is called a “rotation”, and you need to understand the best ones on each map and for each situation to become a better player.

From knowing how many teams landed with you, to where most of the lobby dropped out of the ship to where the most populated locations on each map are, all of this will make you a more knowledgeable and better player.

Some legends make rotating even easier like Valkyrie or Pathfinder, so mastering these might be a great idea.


8. Loot Knowledge

When it comes to more knowledge, loot also comes into play. You need to know where the best loot for your setup is on the map, where others might be going for loot and how to prioritise it. 

This means if you want to be running a gun that needs lots of attachments to get going, you need to know where to land or rotate that has lots of possible loot. Then you need to know where others might be heading for good loot so you can kill them.

Finally, you need to know when to stop looting and when to just head for the ring or a fight.

There are so many variables in Apex Legends, but all of this knowledge is key to ensuring you can become a better player and succeed.


9. Ring Positioning

A majorly important aspect of Apex Legends is of course the ring itself. This is true for any battle royale, but Apex has an insane amount of movement so it makes it way easier to position in the ring.

Because of this, many players will take the most optimal spots in the later rings quite easily, so you either need to get there early or take their spot.

Knowing how to move through each map to be safe from the ring, knowing where players might be rotating to catch them off guard and where to stay to ensure the next circle are all things you need to learn.

Professional players even know how to predict each ring and know where it's going to go without a defensive legend on board.


10. Movement

Finally, we have the most important aspect of Apex Legends, which is movement. Though you won't see many professional players doing high-tier movement, as everything else on this list is more important to them, the casual players love it.

It's gotten to the point that even in lower-tier lobbies, people are super gliding, tap strafing and neo-strafing all over. To get better you need to understand either how these techniques work so you can stop them or learn them yourself.

This is especially true for legends without any movement like Rampart as a superglide makes the world of difference on her.

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