[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Duo Combo

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Wattson and Caustic, the deadly duo.

5. Caustic & Wattson 


Caustic, the king of door trapping and holding choke points - combine him with Wattson and you have a super powerful duo. Better suited to players who prefer a slower paced game than those who rush every fight and play for kills. 

The key to this duo's success is that enemy teams usually try to flush campers out with grenades - that won't be a problem here as you'll have Wattson’s interception pylon ready to go as soon as things get hairy.  


Why this combo is great:

  • A maximum of 10 combined traps in any one location.
  • Wattson has passive shield regeneration, perfect for ranked games where heals are running low. 
  • Caustic has fortified passive, a 15% damage reduction tobolster your defenses.
  • Wattson ultimate takes care of any incoming throwables.


4. Octane & Revenant

Insane mobility and a second chance after death, do i need to say anything else? The Octane/Revenant push was a highly popular meta in season 8, it died out a little, but its effectiveness didn’t. Place Revenants totem down, then a jump pad next to it and full send your enemies. As soon as you get sent back from Death Protection, send it again. They will notknow what hit them. 

On top of that strategy you also have the bonus of moving around the map at incredibly high speed. Push enemies off of the high ground by approaching from two different angles. Use Revenants new extended climb ability plus Octanes pad for effective and confusing pushes.


Why this combo is great:

  • Super high mobility, traverse any terrain very quickly.
  • Octane/Revenant push meta, very effective.
  • Increase the pace of your games, perfect for high level players.
  • Revenants extended climb makes for great sneaky pushes.


3. Bloodhound & Bangalore

This one may be  obvious. Combine the ability to reduce the enemies awareness with the ability to improve your own and you gain a massive advantage. A lot of Bangalore players use her smoke on themselves or their teammates yet in certain situations it can be far more effective to smoke the enemy team instead. 

Add Bloodhound to the mix and you have “wall hacks” for your team, versus a blinded enemy squad. The results are pretty clear. Also, Bloodhound has a significantly lower pick rate than they used to, meaning that you will rarely be fighting against a team that can significantly counter you. 


Why this combo is great:

  • Blind enemies.
  • Improve your awareness for your whole team.
  • Effective pushes.
  • Uncommon combination, many teams will not be able to effectively counter it.


2. Horizon & Caustic 

A good combination of movement and defense, having both abilities can make for a menacing team if played correctly. Horizons gravity lift provides the fast escape from any “camping situations” whilst Caustics traps cover your back when fighting in buildings. 

For a super effective attack, have Caustic throw his ult when enemies are grouped, then use Horizon’s ultimate to prevent them from escaping. Get shooting once the chaos starts end enjoy the results. For an even more devastating attack, use this strategy indoors in tight spaces.


Why this combo is great:

  • Combines defense and mobility.
  • Perfect for indoor gunfights.
  • An ability for every situation.
  • Caustics “fortified” ability grants a 15% damage reduction


1. Octane & Pathfinder

If you hate those slow, boring games where no one seems to push any fights, then this combo is perfect for you. The two fastest moving legends in the game combine to give you an insane speed boost. Close huge distances way faster than other teams by using both Ultimates/tacticals in combination.

Pop in and out of fights super fast, dealing damage and running to heal. Hit enemies so fast they have zero time to react. It's perfect for any aggressive team and even better for pros. 


Why this combo is great:

  • Both legends are high speed characters.
  • Both ultimate abilities provide movement boosts for the whole team.
  • Speeds up boring, slow paced games.
  • Perfect for aggressive players.

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