[Top 5] Apex Legends Best FOV Settings That Give You An Advantage

Apex Legends Best FOV Settings
Bless me with sight.

Have you adjusted your Field of View setting in Apex Legends? 

Are you looking for a simple way to improve your gameplay without going all Try Hard? Not everyone is trying to be an Apex Predator, and I get that. So today, I am going to tell you about an easy setting adjustment guaranteed to raise your kills and wins in Apex Legends.

The Field Of View setting determines how zoomed out your view is and can mean the difference between spectating and becoming champion. A lower FOV is going to give you a more magnified perspective; while raised FOV offers improved peripherals.

Pros of Low FOV

  • Movement wise it will be slower
  • Objects and people appear larger- zoomed
  • Improved FPS

Cons of Low FOV

  • See less around you
  • Sluggish movement 
  • Misjudge sensitivity (Could be a pro) 
  • Motion sickness

Pros of High FOV

  • Can see more around you
  • Movement feels less restrictive 
  • Less claustrophobic 

Cons of High FOV

  • Smaller targets; objects appear further away 
  • Too high of an FOV will give a fish lens appearance causing possible distortion 
  • Objects will appear to move slower

Which one is right for you?

After hitting the firing range for a few hours of analysis, I’ve comprised a list of the five best FOV settings to give you an advantage in the free to play Battle Royale. 

Note: Field of View is located under the Video tab in Settings.

 5. 70 [Default]


The game defaults at 70, and for some this can feel like blinders. The upside to playing like this is magnified targets and a slower feel for the game. For my gameplay, I am comfortable enough with my aiming and prefer the speed provided by higher FOV but there are those out there who really excel at this FOV and here’s why

Advantages of adjusting settings to 70:

  • Slowed down feel to gameplay 
  • Better chance tracking enemies, lining aim based on movement
  • Enemies look bigger which means easier targets. 

4. 110


110 is the highest FOV you can have in Apex Legends, and let me tell you- you better be one hell of a shot because the targets are going to shrink with the broader peripherals. I like to imagine I am Clint Eastwood with the Wingman but this setting is too zoomed out for my personal taste.

Advantages of adjusting settings to 110

  • Broadest visual output. You’re going to see everything but,
  • Drastic size decrease in targets (if your shots are tight, this can actually lead to higher headshots)
  • Game is much, much faster paced and as an added bonus you’re going to out loot your team.

3. 90


90 is a great transitional FOV if you’re looking to get comfortable with playing at a higher FOV at your own pace. The targets are a good size, and the peripherals aren’t bad. If you’re a half decent shot looking to speed the game up a little bit but not go overboard, 90 is a great starting point. 

Advantages of adjusting settings to 90

  • Decent sized peripheral vision. You don’t have blinders on but you’re still a bit magnified. 
  • No drastic reduction in target size.
  • More natural, decent speed

2. 102


If you’re a Halo fan, you’re going to find comfort at 102 FOV.. The game is starting to get a bit faster now, but the targets are still broad enough to hit. Overall, I got a couple wins at 102 and averaged about 500 extra damage per game (10 game sampling) 

Advantages of adjusting settings to 102

  • Perfect for Halo lovers
  • Great landscape 
  • Much faster paced game play 
  • Targets are an agreeable size

1. 104


Calling all Call of Duty stans! This is the perfect setting to adjust Apex Legends to if you’re looking to experience Call of Duty-esque gameplay. 104 FOV provides fantastic peripherals without making you squint to see the targets. The speed of play is comfortably fast and the game plays very fuidly without any fish eye lens you experience with higher FOVs.

Advantages to adjusting to 104

  • Fantastic landscape without the targets feeling too tiny or a fish lens effect occurring
  • Tighter hit boxes leading to increased head shots 
  • I felt my accuracy slightly improve, and if you get your recoil under control the results are deadly. 
  • Great Call of Duty feel.

So there you have it! The easiest way to up your wins and kills. Go out there and become a champion!

What FOV works best for you? Why? Let’s discuss below.

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