[Top 25] Apex Legends Best Kills Compilation You Need To Watch

 Apex Legends Best Kills Compilation You Need To Watch

25. Goosebumps (Apex Legends Montage)

The old-school gaming montage to a popular song hits the 25th spot on today’s list and for good reason. Goosebumps is a fantastic display of just how good some people are at apex in a short amount of time. 

Clocking in at just over 2 minutes, about how long it takes Wraith mains to leave an Apex game, this montage shows you everything you need to know. Honestly, show this to someone you want to get into the game, and it hooks them.


24. 8 Minutes of NEXT LEVEL Movement Plays Compilation - Tap Strafing & Super Glide | Montage

Movement is one of the highest displays of skill in Apex, and you'll see it a lot as we carry on with the list. However, this montage shows some insane movement techniques that top Apex players can pull off. 

Even if most of us are stuck in gold and can barely aim, seeing this movement makes you wanna get better right? This one might just be in the inspiration you need to start to tap strafe as Octane.


23. APEX LEGENDS: Top 50 Greatest Outplay Moments

Outplaying in Apex might just be one of the best feelings in the world. Your terrible randoms are down, you're the only one left, what can you do? Most players would run away, but these clips contest their opponents and come out on top. 

Who doesn't love a bit of outplaying right? This kill compilation shows some of the best outplays in the history of the game, and it's a sight to see that's for sure! Whether it's insane PK shots or R-99 beams directed towards a full team, this compilation has it all.


22. MY RECORD 40 KILLS and 9175 Damage INSANE in a SINGLE GAME Apex Legends Gameplay Season 16

Whilst this one isn't your traditional kill compilation, the amount of kills in this video basically makes it one. Horizon is one of the best legends in the game, and this guy makes her out to be a god. I mean, look at this freaking game. 

Horizon is insane, this guy is insane, and god are we so bad at the game compared to this guy? Either way though, check this one out of you want to compare your bad games to some of the best.


21. TOP 100 Apex Legends SNIPES That Will BLOW Your Mind!

Other than movement, one of the most skilled things in any shooter has to be sniping. Whether this call of duty, warzone, battlefield or of course Apex. Sniping takes skill, expertise and of course patience. 

I mean, most can't even hit a peacekeeper shot point blank, how are they gonna snipe from 100 metres away? This 100 Snipe montage shows how insane some players are at long-range destruction and is fantastic to see.


20. #1 Horizon Killing STREAMERS w/ Reactions in Apex Legends #16

One of the most popular types of videos on youtube surrounding Apex has to be killing streamer compilations. From Lamic destroying them as Wattson, to Seth wiping full streamer squads as Horizon. 

Seth is as insane as Horizon, he deserves a spot on this list alone. He plays this character like the back of his hand,  hits his shots and knows how to position. God, if only my randoms were that good am I right?


19. 1 Hour of Apex, But Played in the Stupidest Way Possible... - Apex Legends Season 13

iTemp might be one of the most chill Apex YouTubers in the world, I mean, he's just a blast to watch. Even if you don't understand his British humour, he is just a great guy to watch, this kill montage perfectly shows his hilarious style.

Out of anyone on this list, he would be the most fun to play with, but maybe not the most skilled…..


18. INSANE Apex Legends Clutches That Will BLOW YOUR MIND... #1

Clutching makes you feel like a god, or at least it does for me. Whether it's clearing out a whole squad after your team goes down, or winning a game when nobody thought you could, it's fantastic. 

This compilation shows some of the best clutches in Apex history from all around the world. It just shows how skilled some Apex players are, even if we're all so much worse.


17. 200IQ Apex Legends Plays That Will BLOW YOUR MIND

We all love big-brain plays in any game, right? Apex makes things even better though because of all the options players have at their disposal. I mean, have you seen how some people play this game? 

They're insane and know everything about movement and crazy plays. This compilation might make you doubt your skill, as it did with me, but it's a great watch for inspiration as well.


16. 20 Kills in 9 MINUTES... (Apex Legends)

We've already spoken about how insane Horizon is as a legend, and I think this solidifies it even further. Look at the plays in this compilation. 

Though it's not strictly a kill compilation, 20 kills in 9 minutes is right? Tolerance shows us how insane Horizon can be, with constant beams, insane flicks and some fantastic plays. It truly makes me jealous.


15. When Twitch Streamers DIE To A Controller Player... (BEST Reactions)

Controller players are a huge contention piece in the Apex community as some hate Aim Assist and others don't mind. Either way, seeing people get annoyed at controller players cracks me up, I mean, just get better? 

This compilation has some truly cackling moments as these streamers hate controllers. What do you think about controller players? I don't care, just get good kid.



Playing octane makes you feel like a god if you're good at movement, but no matter how good you are, this guy is better.

Octane gods do exist, and Leamonhead is one of them. The smooth super glides, insane tap strafes and some of the best beams I've ever seen whilst moving at high speeds. Octane is just fun to watch, and this kill/movement compilation shows anyone how crazy Apex is.


13. The Most Aggressive Bangalore in Apex Legends

Faz is an underrated player, for sure. At only 100 thousand subscribers, he deserves more. His skill is insane, and one of his most viewed compilations has to be this Bangalore one. Though he's known for his crazy aim and movement, his Bangalore skills might be comparable to even Shiv’s.

Any Bangalore player should check this out as it's either gonna inspire you or make you cry at how bad you are. Sorry Bangalore mains in advance…


12. THE BEST CLUTCH IN APEX LEGENDS HISTORY?... (greatest eva/mastiff clips)

The first appearance of the god himself iitzTimmy is none other than his shotgun montage and best clutches! Timmy is an absolute demon at Apex Legends, and this shotgun mayhem video shows his crazy skill. 

Anyone looking for some crazy action or some insane plays should check this one out. It makes me want to play just watching it. Timmy will be seen again, don't you worry.



Ballistic is the newest legend to Apex and hasn't been out long. Instantly after launch, people got to grinding a 4k or 20 bomb badge on this master of arms. Faide, one of if not the best movement players in the biz, got a 20 bomb relatively quickly after farming all of launch day. 

If you're just starting to play ballistic like the rest of us, check this one out. Get that overcharging ready, as it's about to get hot in here.


10. POV: You Have 100,000 Kills On Wraith

Faide is here once again, this time with one of the best wraith montages on youtube. Everyone nowadays is trying to be a TTV wraith main, you probably see them rage quit every lobby after getting knocked 2000 metres away from their team. 

Faide on the other hand is good at the game unlike some, and this video shows it. 100,000 kills on Wraith is staggering, and he really shows how insane he is, and how great Wraith is a legend. Get watching for some inspiration or to cry about how insane some people are.


9. the MOST INSANE RAMPART Plays (Apex Legends season 14)

One of the most underrated legends in Apex is Rampart. She is good, that's the thing. I might be biassed here, as a Rampart main, but she is fantastic. Her walls are great, and her passive is meh but Sheila is where it's at. 

Pilling bullets into your enemies and shredding through shields is so fun, especially with her movement techniques. I just had to include our little friend here on this list, and this compilation might be the best display of her power. 


8. How A 50,000 Kill WATTSON Main Plays Apex...

Lamic999, the Wattson god himself, had to make an appearance on today’s list. His 50,000-kill montage needed to appear here just to show everyone how crazy our little French lady can be.

Lamic is inhuman, this guy hits every shot and moves around so smoothly. It's honestly jaw-dropping to watch and might change your perspective on the underpowered Wattson.



Another underrated legend has to be Revenant, but unlike Rampart and Wattson, he's actually bad. It's gotten to the point where he is getting a full rework sometime this season, yeah it's that bad. 

Either way though, many players can pull him off, and this guy does so immaculately. His wall climbing, wall running and overall gameplay are just perfection. It makes me want to play Revenant so badly, even if I’d just get shot instantly because he's a walking fridge….



We've already established that killing Twitch streamers is funny right? I mean, have you seen them rage? They already hate controllers, but insane movement leaves some streamers gobsmacked.

Faide’s streamer compilation shows how incredible he is once again, and how great he is at destroying the mentality of these so-called “Streamers”


5. MY GREATEST APEX GAMES EVER (highest kill record & most damage)

Timmy is back once again, with one of his most viewed videos. He has always had some insane games, but this compilation of kills truly shows how much above the competition he is. Timmy showcases his BEST game ever, and that's a statement. 

This guy constantly drops some insane games that most players can only dream of, and this is his best? Jesus, you better get watching and make some notes. You might be able to get out of gold if you see what he does.


4. THE GREATEST FLICK IN APEX LEGENDS HISTORY!? (my best peacekeeper clips)

The Peacekeeper might be the most satisfying gun in the game, and Timmy shows us what it's all about. Seeing him grapple with his main, pathfinder, and then flick someone is just so insane to see. 

You might try to replicate it, but people usually can't. Timmy is just that good at the game man, it's inhuman. Check these flicks out and pick yourself up a PK in your next game. This compilation might be one of his best, but he isn't done on today’s list.



Pathfinder might not be the competitive meta anymore, but ever since his buffs in season 16, he's sporting the highest player percentage in the history of the game. Currently above even Wraith and Octane, it's safe to say that Pathy is in the minds of many players. 

Seeing Timmy in this compilation just break the game with his insane pathy grapples just makes you wanna play him right? Any budding Pathfinder main should check this one out, that's for sure.



One of the most used guns in the entire game, and one of the best, has to be the R-99. This gun just hits different man. Having full gold or purple attachments and one magging and enemy has to be one of the top five most satisfying things in the game. 

Even after the most recent Nerf. It's still a beast on anyone! Timmy shows how next level he is once again in this montage, showing his best beams and one clip plays.



And our finale, our pièce de résistance, is another Lamic video…. Yeah, he is just that good. Here Lamic shows off one of the biggest feats any player has ever done. This guy went from Bronze to Masters in one stream… as WATTSON. 

We all know how good Lamic is as Wattson, but this is still an insane feat. It's a great and long compilation of some of the craziest things you'll ever see a Wattson main do. Get watching this for some inspiration and to see the insane competition Apex has.


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