[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Solo Legends That Are Powerful

Apex Legends Best Solo Legends That Are Powerful

5. Octane (Skirmisher)

Octane is a legend anyone can pick up and play, but he takes a lot to master at higher levels of play. This character is there if you want to run around the map super quick, push fights with ease and get away if you need to. He is a highly versatile legend in a team setting but can soar to new heights when he isn't limited by the choices of his teammates.

If you play Octane in a solo queue environment or even on your own, he can be extremely powerful as you are not limited by your own abilities. This legend has the power to move super quickly, reposition with ease and even push/escape fights whenever he wants. Choose this legend if you want a super fun and easy playstyle, especially for solo queue.

What Makes Octane a Great Solo:

  • Octane can move around the map super quickly, meaning he is excellent for getting into early-game fights after looting up in another location.
  • His ultimate allows him to push into and escape fights pretty easily, meaning he is great for an extremely aggressive playstyle.
  • His skirmisher passive allows him to see care packages and what’s inside of them, allowing him to get some valuable loot or possibly even a care package weapon.



4. Pathfinder (Skirmisher)

Similarly to Octane, Pathfinder is a pretty easy legend but is one that with practice can become one of the best in the entire game. Pathy’s game plan revolves around his tactical ability, the ability to grapple around the map. This ability not only gives Pathfinder some insane movement and repositioning power but also makes him extremely fun on your own.

Some legends are built around team play, such as Lifeline, Newcastle and Gibby, but Pathfinder only makes his team better, meaning he can already work fantastic on his own. The main reason Pathfinder is so good for solo players is because of his movement, insane cross-map ultimate and fun factor.

You cannot go wrong with playing Pathfinder as his skills are so fun to use once you master them, and he is a great legend for outplaying an entire squad.

What Makes Pathfinder a Great Solo:

  • His tactical makes for some insane movement, allowing you to push enemies, style on them and even get into better spots to take out an entire team.
  • Being solo means you don't have teammates to rely on, so his ultimate is a great getaway tool if you get caught off guard.
  • Not having a team makes Pathfinder better as you are not limited by their choices. The grapple and ultimate are just for you now, meaning use them whenever you want.



3. Ballistic (Assault)

An extremely underrated solo legend, but one of the best in the game, is Ballistic. He is the newest legend to the game, and has some great team synergy, but can do insanely well as a solo legend. Ballistic is all about his guns, buffing them up, and destroying enemies with ease.

The main way to play him solo is to use the ultimate recharge towers on Kings Canyon.

Whenever this map is in rotation, Ballistic becomes one of the best solo legends in the game. The reason why he is so OP comes from his passive and his ultimate abilities combined. His tactical allows him to hold an extra gun, whilst his ultimate makes that gun fully golden and very quick to reload.

This combined makes him a menace if he gets his ultimate early, allowing him to take on full teams with relative ease.

What Makes Ballistic a Great Solo:

  • His tactical stops enemies from shooting, allowing you to make a 2v1, a temporary 1v1 in your favour
  • His ultimate is insane for early-game fights as he has a perfect gun whilst your enemies probably don't even have attachments.
  • Having a third gun can catch teams off guard as they think you are spent, but that SMG or shotgun in your pocket says otherwise.



2. Valkyrie (Skirmisher)

A character who does crazy well in team-based scenarios, but can actually do very well on their own is of course Valkyrie. Being one of the most popular legends in the game means that Valk has a dedicated player base. She is used a lot in ranked play thanks to her repositioning value, fantastic tactical for stunning and her passive for general movement.

The thing is though, all of these abilities are great for solo play as well as team play. Yes her ultimate gets more value if you move your entire team across the map, but on her own it's great for repositioning, moving around the map for a new fight or even just getting some more loot.

Playing solo is all about fighting, that's why you are doing it after all. Valk is going to get you into fights and out with relative ease. She is fantastic.

What Makes Valkyrie a Great Solo:

  • Her movement is not only great for pushing fights but also fantastic for moving around the map in general. You have free reign whilst solo, so going where you want is the aim of the game.
  • Her tactical is very underrated but it can get you out of a pinch if you fire it correctly. You can stun enemies and slow them, allowing you to get a quick getaway.
  • Her passive is excellent for getting repositioning in the middle of a fight, allowing you to get the upper hand on your opponent.



1. Bangalore (Assault)

Finally, the best solo legend in the game is Bangalore with a long shot. Her abilities are great with a coordinated team, but a lot of the time just makes the fight harder for them. When you are on your own though, her abilities are some of the best in the game for tactical fights, running away or clearing an entire team with ease.

The reason she does so well in a solo setting compared to a team-based one is because of her smokes. These smokes are great for her as she can not only play around them defensively but also aggressively if she has a Digital Threat sight. However, they aren't great for your teammates as they get in the way a lot of the time, making her better for solo plays.

What Makes Bangalore a Great Solo:

  • Smokes are a great tool if you have a Digital Threat Sight as you can see and shoot through them
  • Her ultimate is also fantastic for moving a team off of high ground, disrupting a team fight or just allowing yourself some space to get away.
  • Her tactical speed increase after being shot allows her to push and disengage from fights on her merit, rather than worrying about helping her teammates out.


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