Apex Legends Best Ultimates [All Ultimates Ranked Worst To Best]

Apex Legends Best Ultimates

24. Revenant - Death Totem

Death Totem is a completely useless ultimate in Apex Legends. On paper, the ultimate allows Revenant, and anyone who touches the Totem, to functionally have an extra life. You turn into a red version of yourself and can take damage. 

When your health is up, you are teleported back to the Totem. If you didn't die during the ultimate, instead you stay where you are currently but on half HP. This ultimate sounds pretty good, but in practice it's terrible. 

It has very little impact on a fight as all it does is drain an opponent's ammo slightly and maybe allow you to get a bit of damage in. You would much rather run in normally and take them out.

Death Totem Review:

  • Gives off a massive AOE red blast when placed, showing enemies where you are and shows a third party exactly where to go next. It's awful.
  • The Totem can be used by anyone, meaning enemies can get into your ultimate and use it against you. Like why? It's terrible.
  • Finally, the ultimate also has super low health, so an enemy can just shoot it a few times and your entire team is in a bad spot.
  • The worst ultimate in the game

Death Totem Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cool down with a golden helmet


23. Gibraltar - Defensive Bombardment

Whilst Defensive Bombardment is a pretty okay ultimate, it just doesn't compare to every other legend’s abilities. Gibraltar can throw down a bombardment of missiles that concentrate where he landed the smoke.

For six seconds, explosives will come down on the area, dealing 40 damage to anyone caught in the blast. Players will also be shell-shocked, making them slower to move and turn around, whilst also blinding them. The area is marked for every player who can see it, indicated by red circles on the floor. 

This ultimate just doesn't do much at all. It's on a long cooldown and is outmatched by another similar ultimate. Gibby is already a good character with his defensive capabilities, but this ultimate is useless for every part of the game nowadays.

Defensive Bombardment Review:

  • It comes down relatively slowly, meaning enemies can get into cover quite easily.
  • Indoors this ultimate just becomes useless, and many team fights on newer maps are inside making it useless. 
  • The cooldown is so insanely long that you'd be lucky to even use the ultimate in a general game of Apex.
  • Bad

Defensive Bombardment Details:

  • 4-minute and 30-second cooldown
  • 3-minute and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


22. Mirage - Life of the Party

One of the coolest and most fun ultimates is next on this list, but sadly it just doesn't hold a candle to many others. Mirage’s Ultimate Life of the Party allows him to deploy a team of decoys that distract his enemies and follow his moves if he likes. Whilst this ultimate can be very powerful in specific situations, most players nowadays can deal with a mirage effectively.

They know which one is him, how to shoot him and how to outplay him. He just isn't that good of a legend anymore, even with these recent changes to reviving and being a support. His ultimate is the worst part about him, that's for sure. 

The only thing keeping it from the complete bottom is Its insanely short cooldown, so you can use it multiple times in a fight if need be.

Life of the Party Review:

  • It can be useful against lower-skilled players as better players know which mirage is real.
  • When messing around it can be really fun as emoting also makes the decoys do the same.
  • It's only held up by its short cooldown, otherwise, it might be the worst one in the game.
  • Mediocre at best

Life of the Party Details:

  • 1-minute cooldown
  • 48-second cooldown with a golden helmet


21. Ash - Phase Breach

Phase Breach allows Ash to tear open a single one-way portal to her targeted location with a press of a button. Now this sounds fantastic until you compare it to the other repositioning tools in Apex. Yes, this ultimate is super quick to pull off, but It's got super short range, is limited by height and distance, is one way and is super loud. 

Phase Breach might be a decent tool for players, but when comparing it to other tools like it in the game, it's laughable at this point. Even the new Evac towers are better than this ultimate, and that thing can be damaged.

Ash has limited impact in a fight with this ultimate, as most Ash’s just get caught off guard when a team is waiting at the end of their portal.

Phase Breach Review:

  • Has a low cooldown making it spammable throughout the game.
  • Can be used to get into and away from a fight or just to move around the map quicker.
  • The one-way nature of this ultimate makes for a good getaway as you can't play around either end of the portal like Wraith can.
  • Mediocre at best

Phase Breach Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1-minute 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


20. Bangalore - Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder is just a better Gibby ultimate, and that's kind of it. Bangalore can call in an air strike that slowly rolls along the landscape wherever she places it. This ultimate is the same as Gibby, but moves instead and is on a much lower cooldown. 

Bangalore’s makes sense though for her character as it's meant to be used to run away from a fight or force enemies to retreat. It's not the worst thing in the world, and can be used in the final circles to put pressure on your opponents.

Rolling Thunder Review:

  • A better Gibby ultimate that makes more sense for her character,
  • Can have a decent impact on fights. Making it much more useful than previous ultimates.
  • The cooldown on this ultimate is much lower, so you can use it whenever you need to.
  • Mediocre

Rolling Thunder Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


19. Newcastle - Castle Wall

Newcastle is a fantastic legend in the right hands, but his ultimate just ain't it chief. Newcastle can leap onto an ally or a targeted area. Here he slams down, creating a fortified stronghold around the target or area.

This wall damages enemies who walk on top of it and has an insane amount of health. It can be used in buildings but is limited by space. Whilst this ultimate isn't bad at all, it's just not the greatest. 

Players can just run around the wall when used in open spaces, use their grenades to kill those inside of it and even just climb over and take the damage/stun. Newcastle has no real way of protecting his castle, which is why he is so low on this list.

Castle Wall Review:

  • Can be used to create a defensive stronghold for revives and making space, but not super effectively.
  • The wall builds pretty quickly, so depending on the situation, a revival should be all but guaranteed.
  • The wall has lots of health but can be destroyed by concentrated team fire.
  • Okay, not terrible, but not fantastic either.

Castle Wall Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1 minute and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


18. Vantage - Sniper’s Mark

Sniper’s Mark is a fantastic ultimate, but is way too situational and needs a highly skilled to be any higher on the list. If you are a great sniper and know how to use this thing, then it could be higher up, but it's not justified right now. 

Vantage pulls out a custom sniper rifle that marks enemy targets when shot. Damage is also multiplied after the first hit for Vantage and her team. The issue with Sniper’s Mark is that this damage multiplier is only really good for her, or a team that snipes. Yeah, you can pair her up with that sort of team, or even Rampart, but It's not a great choice. 

The cooldown makes her sniper quick, but it has no real effect on a fight. Vantage can get a knock with it, but so can any other player with decent aim and a longer-ranged gun.

Sniper’s Mark Review:

  • Can knock targets from super long range pretty easily thanks to the bullet size
  • Has a massive line to its target so everyone in the area knows where you are shooting from.
  • Its damage isn't the best, and the buff doesn't do much for your team.
  • Okay, not bad, just not as good as others.

Sniper’s Mark Details:

  • 40-second cooldown per charge (5 charges)
  • 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet per charge.
  • 50 base damage


17. Crypto - Drone EMP

Our resident hacking expert is here, with an okay ultimate at best. Crypto’s EMP allows him to charge an EMP from his drone. In the area, he deals 50 shield damage, slows enemies and destroys all traps. From Wattson fences to Rampart Shields and even Gibby Bubbles, Crypto destroys them all. 

This makes his ultimate pretty good when those characters are in the meta, but nowadays he's kinda useless. Yeah, his ultimate is great, but in the current meta, it's sadly a waste of time. Maybe when Gibby gets back into the meta we can see Crypto doing more.

Drone EMP Review:

  • Does decent damage against anyone and is near impossible to escape even in a building.
  • His drone can be destroyed easily if he uses it in the open, so late game it's not optimal even in small final circles.
  • Crypto needs to be in his drone to make the most use of this EMP, making him a sitting duck.
  • Okay at best

Drone EMP Details:

  • 50 Shield Damage
  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2-minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet.


16. Caustic - Nox Gas Grenade

Now we’re onto ultimates you really can't go wrong with. None of these are bad, especially Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade. Honestly, this is such a great area denial ultimate, but it has Its flaws. Caustic can throw a gas grenade and create a large area of Nox gas that damages enemies and slows them whilst obscuring their vision.

Caustic and his team are unaffected by this, and Caustic can even see through it with his passive. The damage is the only downside of this ultimate as it's not too much. Better players will just move away from it, but that's kind of the point. Some just rush through and that's not good for Caustic or his team. It is viable in all team fights, even in the open as it denies space for enemies.

Nox Gas Grenade Review:

  • A great ultimate for locking down areas and creating space in team fights.
  • Does okay damage but It's slow is the main feature as it allows caustic to just destroy anyone caught inside of it.
  • The cooldown is okay I guess, could be quicker.
  • Good

Nox Gas Grenade Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2-minute 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


15. Wattson - Interception Pylon

Wattson’s Interception Pylon is one of the best in the game but has Its downsides. The ultimate places an electrified pylon that stops incoming grenades and projectile abilities as it zaps them out of the air. Standing in the pylon’s range gives passive shield regen and boosts the cooldown of Wattson’s fence ability.

The ultimate is effective in a team fight as it can stop grenade spam, and projectile abilities like Bangalore Ultimates and Caustic Nox Grenades, but other than that it's not great. It's not like you can't just shoot it or even attack the squad. It provides no real defence or even creates any space. Yes, it allows Wattson to play more defensively, but not that much.

Interception Pylon Review:

  • Decent shield regen and allows Wattson to spam her fences quicker
  • Great when being pushed by Bangalore or being grenade spammed.
  • Not exactly fantastic for creating space or stopping a team push.
  • Good

Interception Pylon Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


14. Fuse - The Motherlode

The motherlode is surprisingly useful in Apex legends as it locks down area and creates a lot of space if used correctly. The ultimate allows fuse to launch a bombardment that encircles an area with a wall of flame. If anyone, including fuse, walks through the fire they are damaged, slowed and blinded for a short duration.

Though It's not great in small buildings, fuse can still launch this indoors as It's from his person, not a call in assault. This makes it way more useful to deter enemies and create space in a fight than Bangalore and Gibby can ever hope. The damage isn't the best, and the slow is okay but space is still created even if no enemies walk through it.

The Motherlode Review:

  • A fantastic way to create space in a fight as it deters enemy movement through it and around it.
  • Quick cooldown so Fuse can use this in every fight.
  • Can be used in buildings when used correctly and can stop a team fight instantly or allow you to run away.
  • Good,

The Motherlode Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown 
  • 1-minute 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


13. Horizon - Black Hole

Horizon’s Black Hole has gone through a lot of changes since Its inception but stays pretty good in today’s metagame. Horizon deploys her robot NEWT to create a small black hole that pulls players towards it. 

Though it can't pull players from around corners or doors, Black Hole is still fantastic in a team fight and most importantly makes space. Making space is fantastic in Apex Legends as it allows you to reset or even make a play. 

Throwing grenades into the black hole is the best way to use it and makes it viable with fuse or any player really. It's good, but not the best by a long shot.

Black Hole Review:

  • Fantastic at creating space as players will want to run away from it or even be sucked in.
  • Easy to destroy it, making it worse than other ultimates at creating space.
  • Is fantastic with a good team as you can just spam grenades and the enemies can't do a thing.
  • Good.

Black Hole Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


12. Lifeline - Care Package

Care Package is a great ultimate nowadays as it provides your team with everything you need. Lifeline can call in a drop pod full of loot of high quality and defensive gear. Medical supplies also pop up in this ultimate, making for a great restock after an intense fight. 

Though the cooldown might be long, Its utility is unmatched aside from another ultimate coming up later on. Care Package is viable for any player in any rank as it gets your team geared up and ready for another fight.

Care Package Review:

  • Comes down insanely quickly with a recent patch, so Lifeline nor her team need to wait around in one area.
  • Everyone in the area knows the drop is coming down, so you need to be quick and anticipate a fight.
  • Has some great loot for everyone on your team as it uses Apex’s smart loot function. This means it gives you the loot you need for your guns or healing items.
  • Great.

Care Package Details:

  • 3-minute and 30-second cooldown
  • 2 minute and 45-second cooldown with a golden helmet


11. Rampart - Mobile Minigun “Sheila”

Sheila is a fantastic breaching tool and can shred a whole team in a matter of seconds. Rampart can pull out Sheila, a mobile minigun with a single high-capacity magazine. You can also place it down for anyone to use as a stationary and reloadable turret with 3 maximum place charges

Using Sheila makes Rampart slower, but with some movement techniques, it is negated. Good Rampart players might be able to destroy teams but get caught off guard, whilst Rampart Mains are nearly uncontested whilst using Sheila correctly. It's a volatile ultimate but has some insane firepower to boot. 

Mobile Minigun Sheila Review:

  • Super short cooldown for what it is, meaning you can just spray Sheila and get it back after the fight quickly.
  • Insane firepower with a massive magazine has the quickest time to kill in the game.
  • Because of the speed reduction, you can be caught off guard quite easily and skilled players will take advantage of that.
  • Great

Mobile Minigun Sheila Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1 minute and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


10. Catalyst - Dark Veil

Catalyst has a great ultimate but was only better thanks to Seer and their synergy. On Its own, Catalyst’s ultimate is still fantastic but could be better. Catalyst can raise a wall of ferrofluid. This wall cannot be scanned through, for the most part, and slows, blinds and disorientates enemies who walk through it. 

This might be the best space-creating ultimate in the game, but only in the end-game circles. Because of how her ultimate works, in larger areas it's easy for a team to just walk around the ultimate or dodge it entirely. She only really shines towards the end of a game or with a Seer ultimate placed next to it. However, that aspect should be removed in an upcoming patch.

Dark Veil Review:

  • Fantastic at creating space as it forces your opponents to move around it, wait or just run through it to get to you.
  • Has a short cooldown so can be spammed and comes back quick
  • The length of the wall changes depending on where you are and how you aim it, so It's good anywhere really.
  • Only becomes better thanks to a bug with Seer, without that It's okay at best.
  • Insane with Seer, Okay at best without it.

Dark Veil Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1 minute  and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


9. Mad Maggie - Wrecking Ball

Rampart might be one of the best breaching legends, but Maggie is leagues better. Maggie’s Wrecking ball allows her to throw a ball that releases speed-boosting rings on the ground for her and her and anyone else to use. 

The ball moves towards enemies, bouncing off of walls. When it hits an enemy, the ball stuns, damages and even moves enemies. This paired with Maggie’s drill tactical and her shotgun passive makes her an insane run-and-gun legend with crazy breaching capabilities.

Her ultimate can hit herself which happens a lot in close quarters but that is the only downside. It's insanely viable in team fights but it can negatively affect your team, so watch out.

Wrecking Ball Review:

  • Fantastic at breaching buildings or pushing enemies as it stuns, damages and knocks them away.
  • Great for pushing a fight or moving across an area thanks to the speed rings.
  • Can destroy a Gibby bubble and a Newcastle wall with ease, no one is safe.
  • Fantastic

Wrecking Ball Details:

  • 1 minute and 30-second cooldown
  • 1 minute and 10-second cooldown with a golden helmet


8. Wraith-  Dimensional Rift

Wraith could be higher on this list, but the rest of the ultimates are still better, even after her recent changes. Dimensional rift allows Wraith to place 2 portal locations down for 45 seconds.

As she runs to place the end of the portal, she speeds up the longer it takes. Unlike Ash’s ultimate, this is a two-way portal. Meaning you can go back and forth as you please. It's an extremely viable ultimate as a repositioning tool but also as an evasion tool as well. Use this to get in and out of a fight, and also move your team into the ring due to her speed increase.

Dimensional Rift Review:

  • A good repositioning tool, but outclassed by others.
  • Great for getting in and out of fights with safety, but comes at the cost of people being able to see it.
  • You are immune whilst in the rift so people cannot shoot you.
  • Fantastic

Dimensional Rift Details:

  • 3-minute and 30-second cooldown
  • 2 minute and 45-second cooldown with a golden helmet


7. Octane - Launchpad

Another repositioning tool is Octane’s launchpad, which only outclasses Wraith’s due to Its cooldown and ease of use. Octane deploys a jump pad that catapults anyone who runs over it through the air. 

Players can then press jump again in mid-air to double jump. This ultimate is insanely viable as it's easy to use and comes out quicker than Wraiths. When paired with a tap strafe or a fantastic player, Launchpads can be used to just leave or enter fights with ease. Its quick cooldown also makes it even better than previous reporting tools.

Launchpad Review:

  • One of the quickest repositioning tools in the game as it can be placed instantly.
  • An insanely quick cooldown makes it usable at any moment of a game.
  • The double jump allows skilled players to utilise it even more with movement techniques.
  • Fantastic

Launchpad Details:

  • 1 minute and 30-second cooldown
  • 1 minute and 10-second cooldown with a golden helmet


6. Ballistic - Tempest

The newest legend to the game is currently Ballistic, and his ultimate is crazy good. It's easily one of the best ultimates and could be nerfed in the future. Tempest gives nearby teammates and ballistic faster reloads, faster-armed movement speed and infinite ammo. 

It even boosts Ballisic’s slung weapon all the way to gold with full attachments for Its Time. This ultimate is crazy as you and your teammates can just run at enemies with no real thought. You have a quick reload and infinite ammo, so just spray and pray. 

Using an R-99 or a CAR makes this ultimate even better as you can just one mag everyone. No matter the situation or time in the game, this ultimate is insanely powerful.

Tempest Review:

  • A very quick cooldown for such a powerful ultimate makes it super strong
  • It lasts 30 seconds but for every kill it extends a further 5, making it a kill chain machine in a mass gunfight.
  • The fact that it boosts your entire team in a radius and even gives them the buff if you move into their space makes it super consistent and easy to use for anyone.
  • Insane

Tempest Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1 minute  and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


5. Bloodhound - Beast of the Hunt

Now onto the top 5 best ultimates in the game, and the next 4 are in the same boat. Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt is insane in any part of the game and will never not be viable. Bloodhound transforms into the beast of the hunt. 

They launch a white raven that senses to see cold tracks and makes them move faster. Knockdowns extend the duration. In their ultimate, they become the ultimate tracking machine, seeing where enemies are and where they have gone. 

You can't hide from a bloodhound in this state, and their team who are in comms with them. It's insanely viable at any part of the game due to its quick cooldown and insane effects. You can't go wrong with this at all, it's insane.

Beast of the Hunt Review:

  • The second best scan ultimate and allows blood to just follow their enemies with ease.
  • The movement speed alone makes it fantastic for chasing down a team or closing the gap on your enemies.
  • Fantastic scan abilities, but not as good as Seer.
  • Insane, second best in class.

Beast of the Hunt Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


4. Loba - Black Market Boutique

Loba can place her Black Market anywhere on the map. It allows her to teleport nearby loot to your inventory. Each friendly or enemy Legend can take two items max from the boutique, but can see everything in the area. 

If you're in need of loot at any point of the game, from the early stages to needing armour in the end game, Loba is your gal. She can also get her team infinite ammo as long as it's nearby.

You really can't go wrong with Loba as she just does everything you want in a support and crafting legend. The Boutique is unmatched and is by far the best in class.

Black Market Boutique Review:

  • Crazy utility at any point in the game, can get you everything you need in the area.
  • Is fantastic in late-game situations where you need that last bit of Ammo, loot or even an armour swap in a dire situation.
  • Can even steal from Vaults for the cost of the ultimate being destroyed, but gears you and your team up quickly nonetheless.
  • Best in class by far

Black Market Boutique Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown 
  • 1 minute and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet


3. Valk - Skyward Dive

Repositioning is one of the most important aspects of Apex, and Valk’s Skyward Dive was the best until recently. However, that doesn't mean It's not one of the best ultimates in the game, as It's still fantastic to this day. 

Skyward Dive allows Valkyrie to launch herself and her teammates into the air. This acts as a sudo redeploy for her and her team, but with her passive allows them to see where enemies are nearby. 

It's a fantastic repositioning tool even with its recent nerfs, and paired with the scan makes it one of the best in the game.

Skyward Dive Review:

  • The second-best repositioning tool in the game, but its unique scan feature makes it a utility ultimate as well.
  • Fantastic at any point in the game due to the repositioning aspect and Its scan,
  • Relatively short cooldown but can leave you and your team in a bad spot due to Its casting time.
  • Fantastic

Skyward Dive Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


2. Seer - Exhibit

Here is the best recon ultimate in the game, and there is no contest. Seer is already a pretty broken legend, but his ultimate is broken. He creates a sphere of micro-drones that shows the location of every enemy moving inside of it. 

It also shows them when they shoot their guns within as well. This ultimate is great at every point of the game and creates an insane amount of space. Players forget that Seer knows exactly where you are and that he can see you through walls. It's basically free wallhacks and It's a haven for any player with an actual team. 

It's so good that Seer is often used in professional play alongside Catalyst. Currently, the two pair up perfectly as his ultimate goes through her non-scannable ultimate. Seer is broken, that's all there is to it.

Exhibit Review:

  • Literal wall hacks for seer and It's not even hard to use. Just throw it down in a corner and hope no one shoots it.
  • Creates an unreal amount of space, deterring all enemies in a huge area. 
  • Can be seen from a mile away, but it doesn't really matter as they can hear your gunfire either way.
  • Broken, best recon ultimate in the game.

Exhibit Details:

  • 3-minute cooldown
  • 2 minute and 20-second cooldown with a golden helmet


1. Pathfinder - Zipline Gun

And now the best ultimate in the game, and it's not even that flashy. It's not a massive scan, a literal minigun or even a damage blast, it's a repositioning tool in a straight line. Pathfinder can create a zipline for everyone to use. It's as simple as that. 

You move insanely fast across this zipline and it can be used to reposition you and your entire team. Get in and out of a fight with ease and with relative safety. The reason why it's the best ultimate in the game is thanks to Pathfinder’s passive.

His passive allows him to get his entire ultimate back after scanning a care package. This allows him to chain ultimates easily and get his team around the entire map instantly. It's so powerful, easily the best repositioning tool in the game, and by far the best ultimate overall.

Zipline Gun Review:

  • Can get your team from point A to B super quickly and with some safety thanks to zipline jumping.
  • Pathfinder can get his ultimate back instantly thanks to his passive, allowing him to chain them across the map for an insanely broken rotation.
  • Can't exactly be destroyed and stays for the entire game, making it safer and better than even Octane or Wraith’s ultimate.
  • Broken, is the best ultimate in Apex Legends.

Zipline Gun Details:

  • 2-minute cooldown
  • 1 minute and 35-second cooldown with a golden helmet

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