[Top 5] Apex Legends Best Reticle Colors Used By Pros

Apex Legends Best Reticle Colors Used By Pros

5. NRG Sweetdreams - Neon Blue

Blue is one of the best reticle colours in the game, so many pros use it. One of the better advantages of PC Apex Legends is the idea of editing reticle colours using CFG files. This makes NRG Sweetdreams Neon Blue reticle even more vibrant, creating a better contrast against opponents for easier beams and knocks. 

No part of any Apex map has Neon Blue as well, meaning the reticle stands out from the background and allows its user to have better accuracy.

What makes Neon Blue so great?

  • It's easy to see on any part of all Apex maps.
  • The colour stands out against most skins in the game.
  • It glows, meaning it's easier to see in darker areas of the game.

Neon Blue Reticle Settings

  • For Steam, go into the properties section of Apex and select General. Under Launch Options, enter this +reticle_color "-255 255 1255"
  • For Origin, do the same as Steam and enter +reticle_color "-255 255 1255".
  • For consoles, well, you can't exactly get this setting as the neon aspect of it won't apply. Just set your in-game reticle slider to the most vibrant blue you can find, and it should replicate this effect as best as possible.


4. Shiv - White

Shiv, easily the best Bangalore player in the world, actually uses a basic reticle colour. Now, it's not unheard of in the pro scene for someone to use the basic sights, but for someone with Shiv's stature in the scene, it's kind of crazy. 

The simple white is the basic reticle in the game, so I guess Shiv is just used to it at this point. If you want to play like the best Bang in the game, maybe turn to white.
What makes White so great?

  • Is the default colour, so the game’s maps are designed around it.
  • Yeah, some areas of the Apex map pool are white, but most skins are not. This means it should stand out against them.
  • Many people have yet to change their reticle colours, so they are already used to the basic white.

White Reticle Settings

  • For all platforms, the white reticle is the basic colour.
  • However, you could modify it slightly for a better effect if you're having a hard time.
  • Try increasing the brightness of the white with the in-game slider on all platforms.


3. TSM_Albralelie - Neon Lime Green

An underrated member of TSM and the man who started the recent Rampart pro scene trend, TSM Albralelie uses Neon Lime Green to slay his opponents in the Apex Games. We already know how powerful a Neon colour can be from what NRG Sweetdreams uses, but Green might be more useful for some than using Blue.

Sometimes people find it hard to see Blue, so Green might just be the better option for more optimal gameplay.

What makes Neon Lime Green so great?

  • Similarly to Neon Blue, it stands out on basically every Apex map and shouldn't blend in with anything.
  • In more known locations like Fragment and World's Edge in general, it's a great contrast to the lava colours.
  • Against most skins, maybe aside from the most recent Caustic Prestige skin, it stands out.

Neon Lime Green Reticle Settings

  • For Steam, go into the properties section of Apex and select General. Under Launch Options, enter this +reticle_color "-255 1255 107"
  • For Origin, do the same as Steam and enter +reticle_color "-255 1255 107"
  • In the same vein as Neon Blue, it's not exactly possible to create Neon Lime Green on console. However, if you create the highest contrast green on the slider, then it should work fine.


2. Lamic - Yellow

The Wattson god himself, destroyer of construction buildings, and the man single-handedly keeping the Wattson population alive, Lamic, is up next on this list. He uses the iconic Yellow in-game. It might sound a little counterintuitive to not use a Neon setting like many of the other PC pros, but Lamic seems to do insanely well with just Yellow. 

This also means that he doesn't use any CFG files to make himself any better. A true base game professional. Lamic is the best Wattson in the business, so if he can use Yellow and perform well, then it might help you out in the Apex Games.

What makes Yellow so great?

  • In buildings, where Lamic usually fights. Yellow stands out quite a lot, even without the Neon glow.
  • Despite many skins in the game having Yellow on them, few are fully yellow, so this colour stands out against them.
  • Yellow is perfect for outside situations as well, as the sky is usually purple or blue, so Yellow is a great contrast.

Yellow Reticle Settings

  • We don't need CFGs for this one, so the in-game slider works perfectly.
  • Hop into settings and down to reticle colours, then set the slider to 252 255 108.
  • Enjoy the bright Yellow in the Apex Games.


Aceu - Red

Aceu, a professional pub stomper, Horizon god, and one of the best players in the world, actually use Red. Over time, professional players have experimented with different colours for their reticles. From Yellow to Blue, to Green, all the way to Red. 

Red is seemingly where Aceu is right now, but things could change. Either way, a bright red seems to be the best choice for this insane player, so maybe it will help you out as well.

What makes Red so great?

  • Red is a very strong and vibrant colour, even without any CFG-altering effects. This means it stands out just like other colours.
  • Even with some subtle colour blindness, because of how strong this colour is, you should be able to see it on any surface.
  • If you’re a player like Aceu, then flicks are a part of you. Using Red is great for quickly noticing when your sight is on any enemy, as that quick frame of contrast helps you pick out a target. 

Red Reticle Settings

  • Like Yellow, we don't need any CFG-altering shenanigans for this one. You could alter the brightness of the red with the same code as Neon Green and Blue, but red works in-game on its own.
  • Head into settings just as before and set the slider to - 255 0 0.
  • Enjoy the default experience and hopefully, it helps you out.

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