[Guide] Apex Legends Best Ways To Level Up

 Apex Legends Best Ways To Level Up

Why is levelling up in Apex Legends important?

Despite the game itself not revolving around levelling up, it's actually quite important to most players for a myriad of reasons. Apex Legends is a game that has various rewards for levelling up, from legend tokens to apex packs.

Most people want to level up to get Apex packs for their free chance at an heirloom or for other skins and items in the game.

Leveling up is a pretty simple process but many players don't know the myriad of different ways to gain XP. Most players tend to just play the game, but there are actually so many other ways to get your level up.


10. Winning Games

Though you might be playing a lot of Apex, you won't be getting much account XP if you don't win your games. Now I'm not saying you should be winning every single game, but trying to get some wins during your play session is going to massively increase the amount of XP you can gain. 

It's something you need to get better at, but when those wins come in you're gonna see your XP skyrocket.

How it Works:

  • Boot into a game
  • Play safely
  • Get into the final few teams
  • Win the game


9. Champion Squad

Another great way to earn some XP is being the Champion Squad whilst doing things in a game. You get the Champion Squad by winning your previous game usually, but sometimes it comes from just playing well in your previous match compared to others in your new lobby.

With Champion Squad on your side, you will get more XP for kills, wins and doing everything else in this list. It's a great little multiplier for more XP.

How it Works:

  • Do well or win in your previous game.
  • Play well in your next game for more XP.


8. Kill Leader Placement

One multiplier for getting the most XP possible is being the kill leader and placing well in a match. Being Kill Leader is already a great XP boost, but placing well overall in the match whilst being Kill Leader will lead to even more XP gains per match. It's not an easy thing to do, but when you pop off in a match, you will be rewarded.

How it Works:

  • Get the most kills in the lobby
  • Then get even more kills or place well in the match
  • Finish in the top 5 for even more XP.


7. Survival Time

Staying around in a match will net you, even more, XP than kills sometimes, so bear that in mind the next time you play the game. Placing higher in the match is a great idea, even if it gets boring sometimes.

Players want to be aggressive, and that's fine, but sometimes it's also great to play the long game for XP and positioning. This is also a great idea if you have the previous multipliers as you will get even more XP for staying alive in the match for longer.

How it Works:

  • Be alive as long as possible in a match for more XP
  • Stay in buildings
  • Play safely
  • Play around with your team.


6. Reviving Teammates

Working with your team is key when it comes to doing anything in Apex Legends. Whether it's keeping them healed up, protecting them or using your abilities to save them. One thing you should be doing anyway is reviving them, but did you know it provides some more bonus XP? 

Yeah, it's a great way of getting some more XP whilst also helping out your team in the long run. 

How it Works:

  • Play around with your team
  • Stick with them
  • Protect them
  • Revive them if needed


5. First Kill of the Day

This one is extremely simple, but one thing people often forget about. In Battle Royale game modes you can get extra XP for the first kill you get each day. This one can be multiplied by the previous multipliers I've spoken about or can just be taken on its own.

For people who often play the other game modes, it's a great idea to at least get one Battle Royale kill each day to not miss out on a little bit more XP.

How it Works:

  • Head into Duos or Trios and get a kill


4. Play With a Friend

Another one of the best ways to get more XP is by playing with friends. The more people you play with, the more XP all of you will get, it's as simple as that. This is a great way to farm XP for yourself and your buddies as you can all level up quickly together.

This feeds into the next three ways of getting more XP as well, but on its own, it's a great idea for more XP and a smoother experience overall.

How it Work:

  • Having one friend with you will give you a small XP boost.
  • Add another for even more XP
  • Also, use that Battle Pass bonus for more XP


3. Have a Strong Team Composition

To do well in matches and get these XP bonus methods to work, you need to be performing well. The best way to do this is to not only play with friends but to also have a great team composition.

If you want to play defensive for those placement XP extras or points, then you want to have some defensive legends like Caustic or Wattson on your team. Another great idea would be to have some synergy with one another. Legends like Bloodhound and Bangalore go well together as Bloodhound lets the team see through Bangalore’s smoke.


How it Works:

  • Check out videos and articles on the best team compositions for ideas
  • Communicate with your friends to see what each other wants to play


2. Be Aggressive

If you want to get some kills for even more XP, then you need to be aggressive. You might just want to run at teams and get some kills, but you need to be more methodical than that. Get better at aiming, work well with your team and use movement techniques to destroy your opponents.

The better you are at Apex, the more aggressive you can be without being instantly killed. Kills are massive when it comes to getting XP, so if you want to take this seriously you need to get better at the game.

How it Works:

  • Push with your team
  • Use cohesive team compositions
  • Get better at the game in general
  • Be smart about your aggressiveness.
  • Play around the ring.


1. Level Up Your Battle Pass

Finally, the most important thing to do when trying to get the most XP is to level up your Battle Pass. Now don't worry, you don't need to purchase the pass to get some more XP bonuses, but having the premium pass does give you even more.

The Battle Pass gives you a passive XP boost, and it even stacks with your friends if you are in a team together. That's why playing with a team is key, especially if you all have maxed-out battle pass tracks.

How it Works:

  • Complete daily and weekly challenges to quickly rise in the Battle Pass
  • Purchase tiers in the store with Apex Coins.
  • Play the game

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