[Guide] Apex Legends How To Level Up Fast (Top 10 Ways)

 Apex Legends How To Level Up Fast (Top 10 Ways)

Why is leveling up fast advantageous?

The main reason you want to level up in Apex is of course for those coveted Apex Packs, and I guess Legend Tokens if you are a newer player or someone looking for a specific recolour. This means you want as much XP for your time as possible, especially if you are chasing your first Heirloom or want to get into the next stage of levels.

Every set of 100 levels has a specific badge attached to it next to your name in-game. Once you pass level 500 the badges change again, leading up to a max of around 2000 levels in total. This is also a goal of many players, so getting XP is something they need to prioritise. 

Though none of it is exactly “advantageous” it allows players to reach certain goals.


10. Playing as a Team

Ensuring you can play as a team consistently will get you more XP than just dying off drop. If you are even somewhat coordinated with the people you play with, then not only can you achieve the other parts of this list, but you can gain more XP in general. 

There are so many ways of getting XP in Apex that we will get into later, but at a base, you need to have coordination with the people you are playing with, otherwise, you most likely won't make any significant progress at all.

How it Works:

  • Check out videos and articles on the best team compositions for ideas
  • Communicate with your friends to see what each other wants to play


9. Prioritise Reviving

We know that working as a team is key to any form of success in Apex, especially when it comes to XP, but it also works out for this method. One of the best ways to get some bonus XP in a match of Apex is to revive your knocked teammates as it provides a small extra boost.

Each revive will give you a set of XP bonuses, which will add up over time. It's a great way of getting XP, so make sure you are a great teammate and help them out when they are in need.

How it Works:

  • Play around with your team
  • Stick with them protect them
  • Revive them if needed


8. Winning Games

You might be putting a lot of time into Apex, but honestly, are you getting that many wins? Probably not, as most players only get a few wins each day at max, sometimes not any. This isn't exactly your fault, but it's worth a lot of XP if you do get more wins.

Maybe think more about your game plan and try to get better at the game. This will help you in many aspects of the game, but also in gaining lots of XP. It sounds like a tall task, but maybe give it a go.

How it Works:

  • Boot into a game
  • Play safely
  • Get into the final few teams
  • Win the game


7. Kill Leader

Another great XP bonus per match is either being the Kill Leader and getting loads of extra kills, or defeating the Kill Leader in combat. Both of these provide a great amount of XP that should be extremely significant for your XP grind going forward.

How it Works:

  • Get the most kills in the lobby
  • Then get even more kills or place well in the match
  • Finish in the top 5 for even more XP.


6. Champion Squad

Another great way to earn some XP is being the Champion Squad whilst doing things in a game. You get the Champion Squad by winning your previous game usually, but sometimes it comes from just playing well in your previous match compared to others in your new lobby.

With Champion Squad on your side, you will get more XP for kills, wins and doing everything else in this list. It's a great little multiplier for more XP.

How it Works:

  • Do well or win in your previous game.
  • Play well in your next game for more XP.


5. Kills

Kills mean a lot when it comes to getting XP as each kill will provide a bonus. If you kill the Kill Leader or the Champion squad then you will get even more, but general kills are more than enough to get your XP skyrocketing. 

This means you should probably play a legend you are comfortable with or one that can scan enemies nearby to find them. This will make getting fights easier, so hopefully you can get more kills to boost that XP gain.

How it Works:

  • Prioritise kills in matches
  • Play with scan or recon legends to seek enemies
  • Use a legend you are comfortable with if possible to ensure a better game


4. Being Aggressive

If you want to get some kills for even more XP, then you need to be aggressive. You might just want to run at teams and get some kills, but you need to be more methodical than that. Get better at aiming, work well with your team and use movement techniques to destroy your opponents.

The better you are at Apex, the more aggressive you can be without being instantly killed. Kills are massive when it comes to getting XP, so if you want to take this seriously you need to get better at the game.

How it Works:

  • Push with your team
  • Use cohesive team compositions
  • Get better at the game in general
  • Be smart about your aggressiveness.
  • Play around the ring.


3. Survival Time

An overlooked yet important aspect of XP gains in Apex has to be survival time. You can get all the kills in the world towards the beginning of the match, but if you don't survive long overall then your XP is going to be minimal.

This is because Apex rewards smarter players who play the long game, as this is a battle royale after all. This means surviving is a key aspect of XP gains. It might contradict some of the other methods on this list, but if you can be aggressive, get kills and survive, then it's the perfect combination for insane XP gains.

How it Works:

  • Be alive as long as possible in a match for more XP
  • Stay in buildings 
  • Play safely
  • Play around with your team.


2. Playing with Friends 

You might already be partying up with some buddies on a weekend, but did you know that this also provides some extra XP? Yeah, each season, players start with a small XP boost that only gets bigger with the final XP method, but we will get onto that soon.

Playing with friends will provide a better time overall as well, meaning you can achieve many of the other XP methods on this list and also get another XP boost in the process, it's a win-win situation.

How it Works:

  • Having one friend with you will give you a small XP boost.
  • Add another for even more XP


1. Battle Pass

Finally, we have the most important way of getting XP in Apex Legends, and that is of course levelling up your Battle Pass. Now don't worry, you don't have to purchase the pass to benefit from the basic XP boost it provides, but purchasing it will only increase your XP gains so it might be a good idea if you can spare the cash.

The Battle Pass gives you a passive XP boost, and it even stacks with your friends if you are in a team together. That's why playing with a team is key, especially if you all have maxed-out battle pass tracks.

How it Works:

  • Complete daily and weekly challenges to quickly rise in the Battle Pass
  • Purchase tiers in the store with Apex Coins.
  • Play the game

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