Apex Legends Guide: Top 50 Apex Legends Tips For Beginners

Apex Legends Tips
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Apex Legends Guide: Top 50 Apex Legends Tips For Beginners

In case you missed it, Apex Legends is the new “thing”. Fortnite finally has some legit competition for king of Battle Royale No beta, no demo, no warning at all for that matter.

Most of us jumped in right away only to be gunned down within seconds of landing without even getting a gun to put up a fight.

Whether you want to increase your kill count, or want to see YOU ARE CHAMPION on your screen, here are 50 tips for beginners to add to your arsenal. You will be fragging noobs and pros alike in no time.

1. Open Your Loot Boxes

I know it may sound simple, but a few people may have a few loot boxes just waiting to be opened. Once you enter the game Lobby check your upper right corner for “loot boxes”. Each one contains 3 items from skins, banners, quips and finishers for your legend.

2. Team Composition is Important

While team composition isn’t as crucial as in say, Overwatch, it still matters to balance your team to ensure best chances for survival. While having a healer and stealth legends sounds cool as hell, you will be at a disadvantage against a more balanced team.

3. Stay together while jumping!

As tempting as it could be to change course this is when your team is most vulnerable. If you have to break wait until you are about to land so your team is within reach if you run into someone on the opposing team alone, or even worse, unarmed. Break away right before you land to get to a spot  to score your own loot.

4. Look Around!

During your team’s decent you can look around and check for nearby teams who are landing around you. As the jump master it is ok to change course last minute to avoid landing with too many enemies.

5. Check Your Map Before you Jump!

Bring up your map, sometimes you will see a hot spot where a care package will be landing. Be ready for a fight as other teams will have the same idea but come out victorious you and your team has some sweet loot to share.

6.Loot Quickly! Hit the ground running! You should have a good idea on where you are headed before you land. Get to it and pick up items as quickly as possible! Go opposite directions of your teammates so you aren’t fighting over loot.

7.Help Teammates stock up, too.

As good as you are, you need your team to be ready too. Keep an eye on their armor stats and health so you can point out items to them that they may need.

8.Share Ammo.

If your teammate needs shotgun ammo and you happen to have some to spare go ahead and bring up your inventory and drop some. Giving a team member some ammo now will be easier than reviving them later in the heat of battle.

9.Ping Items you do not need!

Especially when you are split up, you may not need it but chances are someone on your team does.

10.Stay in the Ring!

Keep an eye on your map and the round countdown. It’s easy to lose track of time if action starts quickly and in the midst of all that looting!

11.Loot Tier Colors

This isn’t new to players familiar with FPS/Battle Royale games, but just in case keep an eye out and remember these colors to determine the rarity of any weapons/armor/items you may find.

Level 1 White>>Level 2 Blue>>Level 3 Purple>> Level 4 Gold

12. Know when to go in for the kill!

If you hear a shattering sound as you shoot an enemy that means their armor is broken! Your team should use this moment to be aggressive to prevent the opposing team to revive them. Be careful though, chances are their team is aware they are down and are coming to back them up!

13. Put your gun away while running!

This will help you move faster when covering more ground. Yes, that goes for Gibraltar too. (Don’t let his slow animation fool you)

14. Master Slide-Jump Movement

This will help you harder to hit when evading, a good timed jump at the end of a good slide can really get some distance when done correctly!

15. Keep  an eye on your cool downs!

Monitor your cool downs on special abilities, the last thing you want to do is run into a gun fight without and hearing that terrible sound indicating that you have a wait a little longer before you can.

16. Sliiiiiiiiide!

Need to slip incoming enemy fire? SLIDE! Sliding downhill not only gets you out of sight quickly, it is just plain old fun!

17. You can kick doors off the hinges!

You can use this to expose enemies inside, or just avoid those annoying door opening/closing fights with your crawling target! Team camping behind that door? Feel free to kick the door off while a team member throws in a smoke grenade, finish them off as they try to escape.

18. Blow Doors off when grenades!

This is a good way to expose a defending team inside from a distance. Look for movement inside the shoot at anything that moves.

19. Crawl in front of doors to block entry when wounded.

Those door opening/closing aren’t as annoying when you are the one bleeding out. This can buy you a few seconds and give your team an opening to take out your pursuer since they are so focused on you!

20. You can ping items in crates when searching through them.

When Looting enemy crate you can still ping items in the crate to alert your team.

21. Try not to pick up what you don’t need.

Keep your inventory free, sometimes you don’t have the luxury of bringing up your menu to drop items and need to pick up on the run. You may have ammo that isn’t for the guns you have equipped. Drop it and tag a teammate.

22. Respawn Teammates!

I know this sounds like a no brainer. But this should be top priority. In one game I was a few feet outside of the ring, getting flame broiled cause my teammates didn’t think it was worth a few dents in their armor. Don’t let the scary sound fool you, the damage outside of the ring is minimal so its ok to run out of bounds to get your teammate really quick if needed.

23. Look for high ground.

This gives you a full view of the battlefield and reduces the probability of someone having  their scopes on you.

24. Bullet drop over distance is a factor.

This really is an adjustment if you have played Fortnite a while, bullet trajectory is more realistic meaning the bullet drops over long distances. Adjust your aim to compensate when shooting from a distance.

25. Armor Hack!

If you find the same level armor you already have however need to recharge, just swap and save your Shield Cell for later.

26. Helmets aren’t actually shields.

They actually contribute to your recharge rate for ultimate abilities. Of course the higher level helmet, the bigger the boost.

27. Use your ultimates wisely!

One wasted and you are back to 0% with nothing to show for it. Don’t sit on them either, a well timed Ultimate can completely turn the tide of the fight in your team’s favor.

28. Get familiar with all of the guns!

Pick up everything and try it and see what works best for you.

29. Checking Ledges!

As you are climbing can help you check around before climbing all the way. Let go of the climb button to cancel the animation and hang off of the cliff! Use this to scope out rooftops before you commit.

30. Communication is Key!

Use your communication wheel to point out area’s of interest, areas to defend, and more! Especially if you don’t have mic!

31. Scout before entering new area.

Windows have openings, peep inside for rare armor or other teams lurking inside.

32. Trial By Fire. FIGHT

Fight as often as you can starting out. While hiding out until later rounds is cool, you will have to fight. This way you aren’t like a deer in the headlights when it is time to throw down.

33. Try them All! Get familiar with all heroes and all abilities.

Not only will this help you properly choose a legend that fits your playstyle, but you will know what to expect no matter who you face off with.

34. 12000 Legend Tokens? New Legend!

I am sure you noticed a couple of the legends are locked when you start playing Apex Legends. Once you gather 12000 Legend Tokens you can unlock legends Caustic and Mirage choose wisely! (If you do not want to wait you can purchase each legend for about $7.50 a pop.)

35. Finish Him, Sometimes.

Nothing makes you feel more badass than seeing your finish animation to seal the deal. But keep in mind you are vulnerable during this time and I cannot count how many times I was gunned down before landing the finishing blow. Gun them down quickly if you aren’t alone.

36. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers.

When you land, find a weapon. Any weapon. Even a handgun can take out an enemy you may run into who hasn’t found any armor yet.

37. Smash Look Ticks

When you see these melee attach to smash them for rare loot!

38. Know your role!

Too many times I have needed help while being ignored by the healer. Keep an eye on your teammates stats so you can use your special skills to benefit the team.

39. Look at the numbers!

If are low on health and see purple numbers for damage this means your target has level 3 armor. Recognize when you are at a disadvantage and know when you need to disengage. If you see red numbers your enemy has no shields at all! To the death!

40, It’s OK to leave em crawling.

Unless they have a yellow shield. Legendary level downed shields allow you to revive yourself! Don’t give them the chance. FINISH THEM OFF!!

41. Know your loot spots.

High Tier Loot are located at the locations below.

(photo credit: www.toptenbiz.com)

42. Keep an ear out for nearby respawns and care package drops.

If close enough you can ambush the opposing team as they usually go through the items together and are vulnerable to attack. To the victor goes the spoils.

43. Practice with all of the guns.

Be sure to try all weapons in Practice Mode to adjust to individual weapon recoil.

45. Escape Portals can really help your team get out of a bind quickly.

Downed teammates can still use portals to get away from the action. Be careful! Other teams can use it too!

46. When in a new area look near your map for the location name and Loot Tier Level.

This will give you a good idea on what kind of loot to expect.

47. Ping Hostiles when down.

Your teammates will come a’ runnin’ when they see you are down. Try to avoid gunfire and ping your enemy’s location so your team doesn’t run in blind.

48. Stay away from the light!

Well, err, darkness in this case. Your vision darkens as you bleed out.     

49. Look for Yellow damage points.

When you get a headshot on an enemy the damage count will be yellow.

50. When delivering a teammates chip to the beacon for revival, you do not have to be the one who picked up the beacon to deliver.

Use this to save time if you see a teammate going in, head to the beacon and drop it off as soon as your other teammate picks it up!

Apex Legends is a rare gem that the gaming community did not see coming. So we are all figuring it out as we go. The tutorial leaves much to be discovered so hopefully this helps you and gets you one step closer to seeing the oh so glorious…

See you on the battlefield!

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