[Top 5] Apex Legends Most Damage In One Game

Apex Legends Most Damage In One Game
Octane slides in to do some damage to his opponents!

5. Player: CrazyRatchet

CrazyRatchet introduces the video by saying the other teams did not make it easy for him and queues as a solo Loba. He starts the game with a few incredible Longbow shots and an R-301. He then uses Loba’s tactical ability to arc through the air, get the high ground, and snipe at one of the teams surrounding. He wipes an entire squad fighting dramatically in the ring before switching to a Flatline and takes the Kill Leader position with eleven kills. When it is only him and the final squad left, he gets the Kraber from the care package and snipes from high ground while the other team’s Lifeline continues to revive. He ends by switching the sniper for a Wingman and the game with nearly 6k damage as a solo playing against trios!

4. Player: aceu 

Aceu starts the game as a solo Wraith and lands in the building some players call Chaos Tower, found in Fragment East. he swiftly and nimbly rotates throughout the building using zips and climbing. Equipped with a Wingman and an Eva-8, the powerful shots net him six kills and 2500 damage before ever leaving the first building! He moves to another building before returning to the original, where another chaotic fight ensues. The fight continues until the ring arrives, and aceu has over 4k damage! After that, he makes it to the final battle and pulls of a dramatic win against a gold bag Lifeline with a final total of 6855 damage! 

3. Player: TheGamingMerchant

The Gaming Merchant introduces the video by saying he has been trying to find the most popular legend and will be using Octane. He queues in solo and immediately wipes five people before moving on. As Octane, he can zip across the map and push fights aggressively before stimming and pulling back. He also notes that Octane is one of the most enjoyable legends to play as a very mobile legend. After destroying a Caustic and Gibby that barricaded themselves in a tiny building, he plays around the edges of the other teams fighting until he finds a fight that seems worthwhile. A Spiderman-style fight at the cage brings another fight until only two squads remain. He finds the final squad in a defensive position and he farms nearly 2000 damage from a distance, finally getting the win and total damage of 7475 damage!


2. Player: ShivFPS 


The match begins with a solo Bangalore queue and a pretty hot drop. ShivFPS uses the classic R-99 and R-301 combination to wipe an entire squad and become the kill leader. He skillfully loots the boxes as another team approaches and shield swaps a few times before defeating them. He makes it over to Hammond Labs when a Bloodhound scans and starts the fight. Even with a full squad that has the high ground on him, ShivFPS wipes the squad and moves on. An intense battle at the research center shows ShivFPS lasering people with the 301 and the Volt, only stopping briefly to loot more ammo. The final battle includes smoke grenades and two red Prowlers to cut down the other teams, resulting in 7713 damage and 27 kills!


1. Player: iiTzTimmy 

Playing as Horizon and landing in a pretty hot spot, both Timmy’s teammates are immediately downed. He is able to get both of them back up before moving on to the next fight. Using the Spitfire at a distance sends bullet after bullet into approaching enemies, where he then uses a Mastiff to finish them off. Both teammates are downed and killed, so Timmy slides in to grab the banners before heading to the beacon, grabbing a care package Kraber, and lasering a few teams along the way. He respawns both teammates and drops the Kraber for a 30-30 Repeater in the final battle before cornering the last team in a tiny shed and ending the game with 24 kills and 9069 damage!

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