Apex Legends: How To Play Rampart Effectively

Apex Legends: How To Play Rampart Effectively

Rampart, one of the lowest-played Legends in the entire game, is one of the best. Despite her low pick rate, Rampart can be quite effective in both ranked and casual play, depending on who plays her. She isn't an easy Legend to play, requiring a lot of time, effort and information to play her right.

Rampart fits into the Controller Legend category, meaning her passive allows her to scan beacons around the map, notifying her and her team where the next ring will land. This is insanely useful and something you need to do if you want to get the most out of Rampart.

Her unique passive might be one of the worst in the game sadly, but it does come in handy sometimes. Rampart’s passive allows her to have more ammo inside a magazine for LMGs and reload them quicker. In the current meta, as of season 17, LMGs aren't all that good. This means that her passive is useless unless you pick up a Big Maude’s LMG, something I will discuss later.

Next, is Rampart’s tactical, the bread and butter of her kit. With this ability, Rampart can place an amped piece of cover. The top part of these walls allows people on the blue side to shoot through them, increasing their damage by 20%. 

On the other side of these, the orange side, they act like a wall. Rampart can use these to boost her team’s damage, block off areas or just set up for a big fight. There are so many more ways to use them though, which I will discuss later on.

Finally, we have Rampart’s ultimate ability, Sheila. Sheila is a mobile machine gun that can also be placed down. In mobile mode, you have a magazine whilst in placed mode you have infinite ammo but have to reload every so often. Whilst holding Sheila, Rampart’s movement speed is decreased and she is an easy target. 

This is all made up though thanks to the power of Sheila. This machine gun can kill someone quicker than the CAR SMG and the R-99, making it the highest DPS weapon in Apex. Sheila and the walls are what make Rampart who she is, but using them effectively makes her a better Legend.

Rampart is a Legend that takes a lot of time to understand and perfect her, so for people just picking her up it's no surprise she is picked so little. The thing is though, if you get used to her kit and understand it more, Rampart becomes insanely powerful, easily turning fights in your favour. 

To make her better, Legends like Octane can be used. Octane allows Rampart to get around the map quicker, in turn making her much more mobile as that's one of her weaknesses.

Now you know how great Rampart is, let's discuss how to play her better.


How to Play Rampart Effectively:


15. Use your walls to block off areas


Rampart’s walls should be used as often as possible, so putting them down to block off areas makes the most sense. They can be put in corridors to slow enemies down, or even out in the open for extra cover.


14. Use your walls to block doors


One of the best uses for her walls is to block off doors. If you are pushing a building and think someone might try and escape, put your wall on their door. That means they have to break the door, and then the wall to escape.


13. Walls can be doubled up


Though stacking walls and shooting through them breaks a wall, just doubling them up for safety is a great idea. If you double them up on a door, it's going to be even harder for enemies to break through them.


12. Use your walls whilst reviving


In addition to that, you can use the double wall technique whilst reviving in the open. Place two walls in front of one another to secure a revive whilst taking fire from an enemy team. It's a great strategy for her and one that separates bad Ramparts from effective ones.


11. Use the walls to trap enemies


In the same way, you can block off doors from the outside, you can always wall a door an enemy is standing on. This removes the card from their hand, putting the speed of the fight in your own hands.


10. Sheila can destroy doors instantly


If you do block off a door and take control of a fight, this next tip comes in handy. Sheila breaks doors instantly as soon as a bullet hits them. This means you can catch door campers off guard or even just break doors down so they can't use them as cover. Rampart is a fantastic breaching Legend, better than Mad Maggie in my opinion.


9. Use Sheila and the walls together


Just as the walls boost the damage of weapons, they also boost Sheila. Shooting Sheila through the amped wall increases its damage, and therefore lethality when pushing enemies. Place one on a door and shoot through it to instantly kill someone on the door, it's crazy strong.


8. Sliding whilst charging up Sheila


Sheila slows down Rampart by a lot, meaning she can be an easy target whilst bringing Sheila out in a fight. We can negate most of the effects though by sliding whilst charging her up. This keeps you mobile, small and hard to hit, it's the perfect combo for Rampart players.


7. Having a good loadout


Despite Sheila being a workhorse for Rampart, she still needs a good loadout to cover her in a match. Just like any other Legend, I recommend using an assault rifle like the R-301 or even the Volt SMG for medium to long range, then having an R-99 or Peacekeeper for those close-range engagements. It's better to be prepared for every situation.


6. Hop whilst charging up Sheila


As well as sliding into a fight with Sheila, you can combine this with hopping to get more distance and be harder to hit. This technique is harder, but one that separates the bad Ramparts from the good ones. Trust me, it works.


5. Sheila has a super low cooldown


Sheila might have a lot of ammo, but it will run out. Remember you can always use B on PC to put her away and get a small percentage of cooldown back. Speaking of cooldown, it's at 2 minutes or so, meaning Sheila can be spammed as much as you want.


4. Big Maude’s Golden LMG


I mentioned this earlier, but Rampart’s passive can come in handy in some situations. If Big Maude’s on World’s Edge does end up giving you a golden Spitfire, Devotion or Rampage, the Rampart passive on these guns does stack with her own passive. 

Meaning they have an insane amount of ammo in a mag and reload instantly. It's a great combo, but one that doesn't come up all too often.


3. Walls can be used for movement tech


Now we are getting into ways to make Rampart way more effective, but they are pretty hard. Movement techniques such as super gliding are something any player should learn, but it's especially true if you are playing Rampart. 

Because she has no movement abilities, super gliding off of her walls is her best bet to get around the map or avoid enemies. Practise this and you can super glide anywhere on the map thanks to her walls


2. Use walls to climb up areas


Another way her walls can be used is to climb higher places. If for whatever reason you can't climb high enough, just put a wall down and use that as a starting point for your climb. It's such a great little technique but one that makes Rampart a great character.


1. Sheila is a girl’s best friend


And finally, as a Rampart main myself, Sheila is the best part about her. The thing is though, players get caught up in her power. Sometimes you go on such a rampage with Sheila, it's hard to use your other guns. 

The thing is though, you must know the power of Sheila and use it in the correct situations. Balancing the power of this gun is the key to becoming the best Rampart player, and making sure she is effective.

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