Apex Legends Best Heirlooms

Apex Legends Best Heirlooms
The rarest collectible in the game.

Heirlooms are one of the most coveted possessions in Apex Legends. Although new Heirlooms often drop during Limited-Time Events, they require you to purchase all 24 event packs. The only way to get them right now is with randomized Apex Packs and sheer luck.

Apex Packs are received by playing but can also be purchased in various quantities. As the rarest collectible in the game, Heirloom sets are guaranteed to appear once in every 500 packs, as stated on Apex Legends' Official FAQ page. The only time players will not get an Heirloom is if they've already unlocked all of them.   

Heirloom sets include three items—a melee weapon skin, an intro quip, and a banner pose. There is no greater feeling than unboxing your first Heirloom Shards. Use them to unlock an Heirloom set of your choice and be the envy of the lobby. 

6. Mirage Heirloom

Mirage's Heirlooms are the latest edition to the collection, appearing during the Lost Treasures LTM. Highlighting Mirage's comedic nature, the set includes the You Really Love Me Banner Pose and the Intro Quip "Excited to see you all in the ring. Don't worry, there's plenty of 'mes' to go around." The Melee Weapon Skin, Too Much Witt, is a golden trophy of Mirage with the modest inscription "Best Competitor in a Battle Royale - Based on skill, but mostly looks."

5. Octane Heirloom

It's no surprise Octane's Heirloom set is themed around speed. The Butterfly Knife Melee Weapon skin is inspired by Octane's signature Stim. The collection also includes the Spin and Flick Banner Pose and the Intro Quip "Run fast. Hit fast. Win fast." 

4. Bloodhound Heirloom 

Bloodhound's Heirlooms were the second to make an appearance in the game. The set includes the Raven's Bite Melee Weapon Skin, the Glory Hound Banner Pose, and the Intro Quip "Honor those who've risen." Raven's Bite includes a raven decal and has a glowing red edge as if forged in the fires of an ancient smith. 

3. Lifeline Heirloom

Lifeline's Heirlooms were initially made available during the Fright or Fight LTM. The set includes the defibrillator-inspired Shock Stick Melee Weapon Skin, the Shock Sticks Banner Pose, and the "Check yo self - or wreck yo self. (laugh)" Intro Quip. The perfect accessory for Lifeline mains, the Shock Sticks release a bolt of electricity after connecting with a target.   

2. Pathfinder Heirloom

Pathfinder's Heirlooms have an Ultimate Fighter type theme. The set includes a Boxing Glove Melee Weapon Skin, the Lights Out Banner Pose, and the characteristically punny "Really amazing moves" Intro Quip. As a bonus, the Boxing Gloves depict Pathfinder's emotions, just like the screen on his chest. 

1. Wraith Heirloom

Wraith's Heirlooms were the first, debuting with Apex Legends' launch in 2019. The set includes the Kunai Melee Weapon Skin, the Fearless Banner Pose, and the Intro Quip "Come find me." Wraith's Heirloom is a popular choice among fans, perhaps due to her high pick rate or electrifying melee attack animation that causes a small portal to appear on its target. 

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