[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Pathfinder Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

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Pathy in his new Warpath skin.

10. Warpath

Cyberpunk blended with a pharaoh.

What makes Warpath awesome?

  • Cool headdress is reminiscent of ancient egyptian Pharaohs
  • Cyberpunk style mixed with mythological, a very unique look!

How to get it? Available as part of the Chaos Theory event. Pay with Apex Coins. 


See it in action here: 

9. The Aviator

What makes the aviator awesome?

  • Aircraft themed, fighter jet decals.
  • Sleek design.
  • Color blends into Olympus very well, good camouflage.


How to get it? Craftable in the view legends section for 1200 materials.

See it in action here: 

8. Model P

Scrappy, junkyard vibes.

What makes Model P awesome?

  • Looks like it was pulled out of a junkyard, unique rustic aesthetic.
  • Has that “battle worn” look.
  • I think it looks like it's pulled straight from Bioshock, love the steampunk look!

How to get it? Craftable in the view legends section for 1200 materials!


See it in action here: 

7.Plastic Fantastic

Bulky, armored style.

What makes Plastic Fantastic awesome?

  • Way bulkier than all other skins.
  • Gives Pathfinder that “tank” aesthetic.


How to get it? Available as part of the System override collection event.


See it in action here:

6. Best Friend

What makes Best Friend awesome?

  • Look closely at the arms, there are mini Shiba Inu decals. Cute!
  • The skin is far less serious than the usual Pathfinder releases.
  • Funky animal prints and stickers on various parts.
  • It's bright pink, flashy!


How to get it? This skin is craftable as part of the Genesis event.

See it in action here:


5. P.A.T.H

What makes P.A.T.H awesome?

  • The color scheme is reminiscent of candy cane.
  • The pastel color palette is one of my favourites! It's super subtle but also flashy at the same time.


How to get it? P.A.T.H is a Nintendo switch exclusive skin, simply download the switch edition and it will be there when you load in!


See it in action here: 

4. Mechamelon 

Run around dressed as a giant melon.

What makes Mechamelon awesome?

  • Mechamelon was released with a melon themed Wingman skin too for twice the melon-y action.
  • Flashy bright green and yellow color schemes make you stand out from the boring crowd.
  • Terrify your fruit-phobic enemies by slaughtering them dressed as a giant melon.
  • Super unique! Very few players have it.

How to get it?  Purchasable for Apex Coins in the in-game store.


See it in action here: 

3. Memoir Noir 

Lore inspired awesomeness.

What makes Memoir Noir awesome?

  • The skin is a reference to Pathfinder's origin story, part of the “Fight NIght” Event lore.
  • Memoir Noir is the only Pathfinder skin with a unique select animation and intro music!
  • Super unique, this is the only skin in all of apex with the “detective theme”
  • Pathfinder's outfit is somewhat ‘retro’ thanks to the fedora. I personally love this feature!

How to get it? This was a part of the Fight Night event so it is currency unavailable. Expect to purchase it with Apex Coins on its upcoming re release.


See it in action here: 



Serve up wins in style.

What makes SRVN MRVN awesome?

  • Okay, first off, it's the name. Possibly the best skin name in the game.
  • Pathfinder with a mustache, could it be any more classy?
  • His ‘tuxedo’ is super sleek looking. All black so you can fly under the radar.
  • Bonus: look awesome while you destroy squads dressed as a classy waiter.


How to get it? Released as part of the Grand Soiree event, you can’t buy it currently. But keep an eye out for a re-release. Expect to pay with apex coins.


See it in action here:

1. Joyfinder

Another Xmas skin, Hooray!

What makes Joyfinder awesome?

  • It's a Christmas themed skin, who doesn’t love Christmas?
  • Destroy your enemies with the happy exterior of a robotic Santa Claus
  • Unique feature, paths feet are replaced with “Elf shoes”
  • Red and white color scheme reminds you of candy cane!


How to get it? This skin featured in the 2019 and 2020 Holiday release, expect it to re-release this coming Christmas!

See it in action! 


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