Apex Legends Weapon Tier List 2020 [Apex Legends Best Weapons]

Apex Legends Weapon Tier List
Meet the most dangerous weapons in Apex Legends.

What are the best weapons in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends boasts a wide array of weapons meant to tear apart your enemies. With plenty of weapons and weapon combinations, comes a ton of options on how you want to take down enemy teams and become the Apex Champs. 

A weapon’s strength typically is tied to its own stats, availability and skill cap. Certain weapons aren’t meant for the average player and require a good amount of practice to be successful with. Season 2 brings changes to strengthen formerly underpowered weapons to make them compete with the best guns around.

The list below reveals which weapons are always reliable, and which are, at best, pretty mediocre. Our initial tier list considered base weapon strength primarily but this updated list, with one of the biggest patches to date in mind, demands weapons are ranked with all things considered, including attachments and how the map’s changes have influenced weapons’ viability. 

S Tier (Offers excellent damage, recoil, and magazine size. Almost any player can be successful with these weapons, and they should strongly be considered as must pick up weapons.) 

  • R-301 (95/100)
  • L-Star (92/100)
  • Mastiff (89/100)
  • Kraber (88/100)
  • Spitfire (85/100)
  • Hemlok (83/100)

A Tier (Offers better than average damage, recoil, and magazine size. These weapons are strong but aren’t as reliable as the S Tier weapons and may require some practice to be effective with.) 

  • R-99 (80/100)
  • Peacekeeper (77/100)
  • Alternator (75/100)
  • Flatline (75/100)
  • Wingman (74/100)
  • Prowler (72/100)
  • G7 Scout (70/100)

B Tier (These weapons offer the middle of the pack performance. While they can be useful in the right hands, and with the right attachments, these are usually guns you want to replace without the right gear or weapon combination to balance their deficiencies.)

  • Havoc (68/100)
  • Longbow (65/100)
  • Devotion (60/100)
  • Triple Take (50/100)
  • Eva-8 (45/100)

C Tier (Offering minimal damage and potential, weapons in the C tier are situational at best. Sure, it's better than punching, but that's about it.)

  • RE-45 (30/100)
  • P2020 (25/100)
  • Mozambique (20/100)

S Tier

1. R-301 (S Tier)

Why the R-301 is ranked so high on our list is because of its safety blanket-like plug and play simplicity. This is Apex Legend’s best Assault Rifle. It comes as no surprise that beginners and pros alike gravitate towards this weapon. With recoil that is next to nothing and respectable damage, the R-301 is a fantastic short to medium range weapon. The single-shot mode also provides versatility at a longer range. A full geared out R-301 can even be deadly at long ranges with it’s nearly non-existent recoil. In Season 2 this weapon continues to be the go-to staple for many players. 

  • Far and away one of the lowest recoil weapons, the R-301 is easy to aim for a beginner and absolutely devastating for more experienced players to have in hand.
  • With bullet damage around 11 to 28 HP, the R-301 may sound weak but it’s solid rate of fire more than make up for the lower bullet damage. 
  • You will almost always want to keep the R-301 on its automatic firing mode. The option to go to single-shot opens up this weapon to be extremely accurate at medium and long-range.
  • Having some of the lowest recoil in the game is great, but like all Light Ammo weapons, the R-301 suffers ever so slightly from a smaller base clip size - Find an extended mag as fast as possible. 
  • The R-301 is reliable, easy to use and, in the right hands, is the best weapon in the game.


2. L-Star (S Tier)


Why the L-Star nabs our #2 spot is much in part because it has entered Season 2 as one of the deadliest weapons in all of Apex Legends. Being the first new legendary tier weapon to be introduced, the L-Star takes no prisoners and offers some of the best damage dealing in the game. It is a nice middle ground between the Mastiff and Kraber in terms of offering a closer and medium-range approach.

  • Much like every other legendary weapon, the L-Star has out of the box excellence with no need for attachments. 
  • Damage. Damage. Damage. The L-Star can nearly out DPS a fully geared Devotion. Given it can reach top tier damage with no attachments, the L-Star is a must pick up weapon.
  • To balance the absurdly high damage and fast firing rate, this weapon does overload and entirely stop firing if you shoot too fast for too long.
  • Want more ammo for this weapon? Tough cookies. L-Star’s are just like their other legendary brethren in that their ammo is unique. This can be a problem in the game's new Ranked Mode where you usually need to outlast enemies with supplies and ammo.


3. Mastiff (S Tier)

Why the Mastiff is in our S Tier in the 3rd position is much in part due to its bazooka like damage. Like the other Legendary weapons in Apex Legends, the Mastiff comes from world drops and doesn’t require any attachments. An enemy who catches a faceful of bullets from this weapon will hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. The faster firing rate also opens up the Mastiff to be the best close range weapon in the game given its stopping power. The Mastiff’s bite is even worse than its bark. 

  • The Mastiff has moved up in our rankings with the new patch that has updated its drop rate from Airdrops to be more frequent in late game situations when the circle is tighter.
  • Some of the Season 2 changes to new map have added more indoor venues, and with the recent nerf to Shotgun Ammo, the Mastiff becomes even more of a top dog in its class.
  • Best in class damage for the shotgun category earns the Mastiff a top spot. 18 to 36 damage per bullet is no joke. 
  • Just like the Kraber and L-Star, you will not need to pick up any attachments for this almost overpowered shotgun. 
  • 8 bullets per shot make for each blast from the Mastiff to be potentially fatal. Tack on that the spread for these bullets are horizontal and you have a mean piece of metal. 
  • As you can guess, the Mastiff also suffers from not having ammo spawn in game which means there is a loose expiration on how long it can be useful for. 20 shots and you’re done. 


4. Kraber .50 CAL (S Tier)

Why the Kraber is in our #4 spot is because of it’s best in class damage and total lack of weapon attachments. Pick one up and you are good to go, no attachments needed to make this Legendary weapon useful. A gun this good is only found in special world drops but that is because of its capacity to shatter enemies’ health into nothingness with a well-placed shot. Sure, using a sniper may not be easy in Apex Legends, but connecting even one shot can turn the tide of a close fight. The recent buffs to this weapon are likely intended to counter the fact that Season 2’s map has much more indoor options, making sniping a touch trickier. Pros can use snipers like it's nobody’s business but the average player can still get plenty of value out of this .50 cal sniper. 

  • Flaunting insanely high damage ranging from 115 to 300 per bullet, which is a big upgrade from the 90 to 250 range it had before this patch, the Kraber can do the most damage in the game with a single headshot. Nailing a damaged enemy with even a leg shot can knock them down. 
  • No attachments needed. Not having to hunt for attachments can’t be understated. Pick this puppy up and start shooting. 
  • The Kraber comes setup with a 6x and 10x variable scope giving you an out-of-the-box type of range that can only be matched by other sniper rifles with a legendary scope that must be found. 
  • The biggest drawback to the Kraber is that its ammo is unique, meaning you won’t be able to find ammo for it anywhere. What you start with is what you get.


5. Spitfire (S Tier)

Why the Spitfire is number 5 on our list is because of its sheer power, versatility and complete and total ease of use all while being fully automatic. This LMG can spray a relentless sea of bullets with solid accuracy and recoil that is fairly easy to manage. Even though the Spitfire was nerfed in an earlier patch, it still is one of the least demanding guns in terms of skill for how overpowered it can feel. That nerf was also aimed at reducing this gun’s spawn rate instead of stripping away what makes it great. You won’t see many Pros using it with how accurate they can be, but for average players the Spitfire is reliable to say the least. 

  • With a chubby magazine size of 35 bullets and a rate of fire around 9 bullets per second, the Spitfire peppers enemy’s with ease.
  • Capable of cranking out 16 to 36 damage per bullet, enemies melt like a popsicle inside of a volcano if you hit your shots.
  • As mentioned above, the recoil on the Spitfire isn’t nearly as intense as something like the Devotion. For the damage it can lay on enemies, the recoil on the Spitfire is manageable. 
  • LMGs have a tendency to eat through ammo meaning you’ll need plenty of inventory space dedicated to heavy ammo to be in a good spot with the Spitfire. 
  • The only other downside to this weapon is that when you aim down sights, your movement is less than half of what it normally is. This is a limitation of LMGs in Apex, not so much the Spitfire but still worth being aware of. 


6. Hemlok (S Tier)

Why the Hemlok is the last gun in our S Tier is because of its very, very low recoil, exceptional range, and overall impressive damage output. This swanky weapon boasts two firing modes, both of which can tuck enemies in for a nice dirt nap. Outside of the R-301, you will be hard pressed to find a substantially better adaptable gun in Apex. No changes came to the Hemlok in Season 2.

  • Capable of delivering a quick dose of damage at range, the Hemlok’s output rivals the Havoc as one of your best AR options for putting holes in enemies with 13 to 36 damage per bullet. 
  • The recoil on the Hemlok is next to nothing while in Burst mode and is non-existent in single shot mode. The Hemlok may be one of, if not the most, accurate non-sniper rifle in the game. 
  • The only other rifle that can put out more damage than the Hemlok is the Havoc which is very attachment dependent to be at its best. 
  • Speaking of having multiple firing modes, the Hemlok can shred enemies with a quick 3 bullet burst at closer ranges and decimate enemies at longer ranges. Having a total lack of recoil on the single shot mode lets you spam shots without sacrificing accuracy. 
  • The biggest knock against the Hemlok is that its burst mode is less effective than full auto in up close and personal situations which is where the R-301 eeks out ahead. 


A Tier

 7. R-99 (A Tier)

Why the R-99 is ranked at the front of the pack for our A tier is directly related to it being a very easy weapon to use at close range and, with practice, at medium range. Other weapons in this tier are either highly specialized or are able to adjust to the needs of your situation. The R-99 is specialized at close range and isn’t dependent on a hop up to be deadly, like its cousin, the Prowler. 

  • Compared to other SMGs, the R-99 offers some of the highest damage potentials in Apex Legends mostly because of its insane rate of fire. This gun can empty it’s baseline 18 bullet magazine size in a second. Literally. 
  • While all other SMG’s, and many other close range weapons, can out do the R-99 from a damage per bullet perspective, the extremely low recoil for this weapon can help you connect effortlessly with stock and barrel attachments.
  • Ranging from about 10 to 18 damage per bullet, the R-99 is more reliant on attachments than other weapons, as you will want an extended mag to really reach this weapon’s full potential. 
  • Another feather in the R-99’s cap is its vertical recoil. Weapons that possess this quality in shooters can be irreplaceable for Pros and forgiving for the less experienced player. 


8. Peacekeeper (A Tier)

Why the Peacekeeper nears the top of our A Tier list but falls shy of the S rank, is because of it’s stopping power that can be truly hit or miss. Arguably the best non-legendary close range weapon, the Peacekeeper can tear through opponents at close range. Yet, the longer rate of fire forces you to hit your shots or you will risk getting torn up yourself from enemies at any range. The standard close range king, the Peacekeeper is always a solid option to complement longer range weapons. Season 2 brings a big change to the all shotguns that doesn’t hurt the Peacekeeper’s performance but does make it less of a no brainer than it used to be.

  • Barring the Mastiff, you won’t get better damage from a shotgun than the Peacekeeper. With each of the roughly 10 bullets per shell doing anywhere from 8 to 15 damage, an enemy who’s hit by the majority of your bullets will be hurting, badly. 
  • With a magazine size of 6 shots, the Peacekeeper offers plenty of opportunities for you to hit your target before needing to reload. 
  • The spread of the Peacekeeper helps it be very effective at close range but, without the right attachments, the Peacekeeper is not as versatile as other close-range weapons. 
  • What keeps the Peacekeeper from greatness is its rate of fire. For a weapon that can truly KO enemies with a well-placed shot or two, missing one or two shots being within spitting distance can also mean you are in trouble or, worse, dead. 
  • Shotgun Shell ammo stacks in the Apex have changed to 16 from 64. Suddenly, using a shotgun is a much bigger commitment even for the Peacekeeper where you may want 2 to 3 stacks at least. 


9. Alternator (A Tier)

Why the Alternator shot up our tier list is because of the massive buffs this weapon received in Season 2. It does more damage and received a hop up slot for the new Disruptor Rounds. These suckers do extra damage to shields to the extent that even 4 body shots can deplete 100 shield hit points. This is such a powerful new tool to have that well coordinated teams will usually just have a single team member with this weapon/new attachment. I would wager we see some nerfs to this suddenly dangerous weapon over the coming months. 

  • As a fully automatic formerly only early game weapon, the new Season 2 buffs to the Alternator’s damage, adding 2 damage per bullet, is substantial. 
  • The Alternator’s new Disruptor Rounds do 27 to 54 damage per shot. Two headshots and an enemy is without shields. 
  • The slower rate of fire hamstring the Alternator’s capacity to be as strong as the R-99 but with a stock and barrel stabilizer the limited recoil makes landing shots fairly easy.
  • One benefit of this weapon is that it can serve as a placeholder for better Light Ammo weapons you stumble across later given its larger list of attachment slots.
  • What keeps this gun from being higher ranked is that teams do not want to overcommit with more than one of these kitted out weapons on their squad. Once an enemies shields are gone, there are better weapons to use for the finishing blows. 


10. VK-47 Flatline (A Tier)

Why the Flatline is higher than ever before is because of its big Season 2 damage buff. A true master of none up until this point, the Flatline’s damage increase have opened it up to be a viable close and medium range option. With a moderate mag size, solid damage and a meh rate of fire, the Flatline can be used like an SMG in many respects for pretty great results.  

  • The damage buff now has the former 12 to 32 damage per bullet at 15 to 38 damage per bullet. This is a huge jump that puts the Flatline in a higher tier almost entirely because of it’s better damage potential.
  • When it comes to fire rate, this weapon has the slowest rate of any Assault Rifle at only 10 bullets a second. Its gross but with having higher DPS in Season 2 this isn’t as hindering as it once was.
  • With fewer weapon attachment needs, the Flatline is effective without needing to hunt for rare hop ups, with a stock to mitigate recoil, and an extended mag in tow, you can shred enemies up close without much of a hassle.
  • As mentioned above, you can use the Flatline like an SMG but bear in mind that aiming down sights comes at a higher cost to your movement speed than SMGs. 


11. Wingman (A-Tier)

Why the Wingman gets out #11 spot is because it happens to be much weaker than it once was. Prior to potentially one of the biggest nerfs to a weapon in Apex, the Wingman was everything, easily the best weapon in the game. Before the Wingman was nerfed, the damage and accuracy of this weapon couldn’t be outdone. Post-nerf, the Wingman’s magazine size has been reduced by 30% making each shot that much more important, and, ultimately, raising the skill cap to the point where it isn’t the obvious choice for the Apex community. Season 2 making the skull piercing hop up legendary makes it even harder for the small mag size to work for less-skilled players. Pros will always make the Wingman look like the obvious choice with their superhuman accuracy but there are safer choices that will yield better results for the average Joe. 

  • Capable of dealing up to 90 damage per headshot, and roughly 40 damage for body shots, few weapons come close to the damage output of the Wingman.
  • One of the strong suits of the Wingman is its accuracy. This tiny hand cannon is capable of hitting targets at range almost like a sniper but doesn’t allow for long range scopes. 
  • Aiming down sights with the Wingman comes at no movement penalty, keeping you mobile. 
  • Why the Wingman isn’t higher is it’s very high skill cap due to its measly 4 bullet magazine size. You must hit your shots to be a badass with this pistol but even hitting every few shots is better than what other guns can produce in the damage department. 
  • Most weapons with higher rankings in our list are more forgiving and more likely to be useful for players who aren’t Pros. 


12. Prowler (A Tier)

Why the Prowler is lower in the A tier and is ranked around the middle of the pack is that it is a solid SMG option outside of the R-99 but is even more dependent on attachments than its light ammo cousin. Dealing more damage than the R-99 with the hop up attached, the Prowler is a reliable option but can easily be replaced by better close range weapons that aren’t as needy. In the earlier stages of the game, before enemies are armed and armored, the base Prowler is a very capable weapon but later stages of the game demand the Select Fire Receiver. 

  • The Prowler’s default burst rate of fire isn’t as slow as the Alternator, but it isn’t as fast as the R-99. Suffering from Goldilocks syndrome, this weapon needs an extended mag and a select fire receiver hop up to compete with the R-99.
  • Much like the Hemlok, the Prowler has a burst mode as its default firing more. The big issue is that this burst only fires about 9 bullets a second which can spell doom for you if you come up against a Peacekeeper or R-99. 
  • The damage output for the Prowler is anywhere from 11 to 21 HP per bullet. This is respectable with the burst mode but is something special with the, sometimes hard to find, hop up that gives you the option to go full auto. 
  • With the Select Fire Receiver attached, this weapon becomes one of the strongest in close range but it can take time to put that all together.


13. G7 Scout (A Tier)

Why the G7 Scout is lower in the A tier is mostly because of it’s somewhat weaker base offering despite its more general utility to be efficient at medium and long range. It hurts me to put the G7 this low, as it is a weapon I am a fan of, but facts are facts, it’s good but not great, mostly due to its smaller mag size. Players typically gravitate to other rifles in lieu of the G7. NO changes came in Season 2 for the ole G7.

  • Let’s do the bad news first, the G7’s smaller mag size can be painful. At only 10 bullets per clip, much like other light weapons, you may be less than thrilled if you don’t have an extended mag. 
  • While the G7 is passable in close range, it opens up like a damn fine bottle of wine at medium and longer ranges. It’s wildly accurate, despite having what I consider the worst iron sights in the game. Try to get a scope ASAP.
  • Dishing out around 27 to 60 damage per bullet, the G7 isn’t the strongest sniper but it can still deliver the pain compared to many assault rifles. 
  • Part of why the G7 is so deadly is its rapid rate of fire and lower recoil. Treating the G7 Scout like a single shot assault rifle is better than trying to snipe with it. Lining up enemies with a gun that can shoot fast at medium and long range can feel like shooting fish in a barrel, even if you miss the barrel a few times. 


B Tier

14. Havoc (B Tier)

Why the Havoc is the top of our B-tier is for the pretty solid buff it received in Season 2. Also being apart of the energy ammo weapon type like the Devotion, the Havoc offers high damage output at the cost of recoil and, once again, a smaller but noticeable wind-up when compared to its bigger brother. Extended energy ammo mags being one of the new additions of attachments helps you reload less and take more advantage of the legendary Turbocharger hop up.

  • Strap in for a ride when you start to fire this puppy because it’s recoil is not pretty. You will want to get a stock as soon as you can. 
  • Tied for the most damage in the AR category with 13 to 36 damage per bullet, the Havoc can pump out cool blue bullets that can take down enemies fast in short and medium range. 
  • The Havoc suffers like the Devotion from needing the Turbocharger to be at its best. Considering that Turbochargers are rare, you might be better off relying on a different weapon. 
  • Extended Mags for energy ammo now help this weapon be a better option than it was before. 
  • Energy ammo max stacks are now 80 opposed to 60 which is a nice little gift for your inventory in Season 2.


15. Longbow (B Tier)

Why the Longbow nears the lower end of our tier list is mostly due to its lack of versatility. Where guns like the G7 or Hemlok can adapt to be useful in nearly any scenario, the Longbow offers nothing when it comes to managing close range engagements. Season 2 changes the skull piercer hop up to be of legendary rarity making it harder for this weapon to be at its absolute max strength. Again, Pros love the Longbow, and it has it’s place in Apex with some of it’s more recent buffs yet, other guns can do more damage for the more casual player.

  • The Longbow and all snipers received a buff earlier to reduce recoil and sway while aiming down sights. Notwithstanding this change, Longbows are still so specialized in long-range combat that its impressive bullet damage of 50 to 110 damage can seem like a pipe dream for how quickly Legends can move in Apex.
  • While being a better option after the buff, the Longbow still has a slower rate of fire that can force you to have to go full Robinhood and hit all of your shots. Not to mention, the bullet stream and loud noise have a knack of attracting all kinds of attention. 
  • Unfortunately, like many weapons in this tier, the Longbow needs attachments. Reduced recoil, a larger mag, and more headshot damage can make this gun a beast, but piecing everything together can take time and some attachments may be better on other weapons e.g. barrel stabilizers for your AR. 
  • Finally, why the Longbow isn’t higher is because of the change to the map with more indoor venues. This is can make shooting at targets more difficult if they are running around inside with more cover available. 


16. Devotion (B Tier)

Why is the Devotion now B tier? Well, this weapon is almost entirely reliant on finding the right attachments. Capable of the highest DPS in the game, the Devotion could put down a herd of Gibraltars in the blink of an eye if it didn’t have the worst recoil and wind-up in the game. Even with the new energy mag attachment, the Devotion is still one of the more difficult weapons to use despite having a cult following.

  • It cannot be understated, the Devotion does so much damage it can feel unfair. Serving up to 15 bullets a second when it is fully wound up, the Devotion is capable of decimating even the most armored of enemies. 
  • 44 bullets per magazine are pretty good, relatively speaking. Despite the obnoxious wind-up and recoil, in early and even mid stages of a match, the Devotion can wreck. Energy mags being added in to the game helps here, but more bullets without the Turbocharger isn’t as game changing as other buffs are to other weapons in Season 2.
  • Yet, for its high damage and high base magazine size, the Devotion is balanced with a wind-up that can leave you exposed before the weapon builds up to the juggernaut type damage dealing it is capable of.
  • The wind up can also give your targets time to sprint for cover opposed to catching them in a flurry of bullets.
  • A Turbocharger attachment makes the Devotion out of this world effective. While recoil will still be an issue, having next to no wind-up is huge. Sadly, Turbochargers are few and far between, as the one of two legendary hop up attachments in the game. 


17. Triple Take (B Tier)

Why the Triple Take is the lowest sniper on our list is because of its wonky firing and absolute reliance on attachments to be worthwhile past the early stages of the game. Firing 3 bullets per shot, the Triple Take can be fantastic in early rounds at closer ranges but fails entirely to be a viable sniper rifle without the right gear. Even with the right attachments, many other sniper rifles are just better and the extended mag introduced in Season 2 is helpful but, like with the Devotion, not such a big change to the point where the Triple Take is much stronger than it was before. 

  • The not-so-big surprise here? Triple Takes need a hop up, the precision choke specifically, to be a true sniper. This might be the only weapon in the game that depends so heavily on an attachment to perform the long-range shots you would expect. 
  • With bullets doing anywhere from 20 to 46 damage a shot, it is easy to think this weapon would be higher on our list. Yet, the wider spread of the default firing mode prevents this weapon from doing solid damage in the mid and late stages of the game. 
  • Sure, the Triple Take can trash unarmored early game enemies but it’s usefulness is short lived outside of the first few minutes in a match. Even then, its slower rate of fire, even slower than the Longbow, leaves the Triple Take in the bottom half of our rankings. 
  • Some pros love this weapon as versatile, but more often than not it’s a weapon to avoid unless you practice to be familiar with its unique triple shot firing.


18. Eva-8 Auto (B Tier)

Why the Eva-8 isn’t higher is because of its inherently forgiving nature that comes at the cost of being a damage dealing machine. The Eva-8 is a fully automatic shotgun that has the highest magazine size of any shotgun but also the lowest damage. Undeniably better than the Mozambique, the Eva-8 isn’t a horrible choice but many other close range weapons outperform what the Eva can produce. Season 2’s changes to shotgun ammo does a huge disservice to the Eva that chews through ammo which made this gun plummet in our rankings. 

  • Sadly, the Eva comes with the lowest damage of all the shotguns at 5 to 10 damage per bullet. This begins to be problematic when you may hit an enemy once or twice but are doing little more than tickling them. 
  • Having the lowest damage does afford the Eva-8 some benefits in categories like magazine size. Missing with the Eva isn’t the end of the world as the magazines come with 8 shells giving you plenty of chances to make swiss cheese of the enemy. 
  • To combat it’s miserably low damage, the Eva has a faster rate of fire than most shotguns. The issue here is that it can shoot so fast that it isn’t uncommon to get overly trigger happy, miss one too many shots, and leave yourself open for a close range counter attack.
  • Being trigger happy with the Eva now forces you to dedicate more inventory to this weapon. Other guns can do more with less space. 


C Tier

19. RE-45 (C Tier)

Why the RE-45 is lower on our list is mostly due to it being an automatic, slightly better P2020. In an early game situation, this gun serves as a much better option than the last two guns on our list but its usefulness quickly evaporates as enemies get better armor and better guns. Season 2 has added in Disruptor rounds that really open this weapon up to be deadly to shielded opponents but not to the extent that the Alternator can. It’s limited range prevents you from relying on distance meaning you will likely be using two closer range weapons if you choose to stick with the RE-45. 

  • 15 bullets per magazine give you some more wiggle room to pepper the enemy than other early game low tier weapons. 
  • Now dealing 17 to 28 damage per bullet with the hop up, the RE’s fast rate of fire with this hop up can decimate shielded enemies like it never could before but isn’t as good of an option as the Alternator. 
  • Dealing slightly less damage than the P2020 per bullet (9-16 HP), the RE-45’s faster rate of fire lets you make up for the lack of damage overall.
  • Another knock against the RE-45 as a whole is that its recoil can be a little much relative to the damage it can put out. 


20. P2020 (C Tier)

Why the P2020 falls flat on its face and is ranked so low, is for similar reasons the Mozambique does (spoiler alert). What separates this gun from being in dead last is that it has slightly more utility and range than our number 20 ranked gun and the new addition of Hammerpoint rounds that deal more damage to unshielded enemies. 

  • The P2020 is your most basic of pistols. It has a single shot fire mode and that’s it. 
  • A standard magazine size of 10 shots keeps you from being totally screwed if you miss.
  • Yet, this gun does so little damage per bullet (12-18 HP) that you essentially need to hit every shot to do anything more than tickle your target. 
  • Unless of course, you have the hop up and are hitting unarmored enemies in which case the P2020 can crank out 33 to 56 damage per shot making it an excellent early game option if you have Hammerpoint rounds.
  • With more range than the Mozambique, in earlier stages of the game, this gun isn’t your worst option but is damn near close to it. 


21. Mozambique (C Tier)

Why the Mozambique is the worst weapon in Apex Legends is because of it’s slow rate of fire, mediocre damage, and lack of upgrade options. This gun is better than punching, sure, but this guns viability exists only in the earliest parts of the game when enemies might be without armor or solid weapons of their own. Drop this weapon as soon as you can once the initial scramble of finding weapons is over. Sure, Hammerpoint rounds have helped make the Bique somewhat deadly with it’s damage output but everything else holding it back is just too much. 

  • With an abysmal magazine size of 3 shots, connecting with each shell before having to reload is a must.
  • Only having 3 bullets per shot also forces you to be up close and personal to do damage.
  • Another knock against the Mozambique is its mediocre damage compared to other shotguns. It isn’t the lowest damage in the shotgun family, but it does have the lowest DPS at 99, and that’s assuming every bullet is connecting. 
  • Hammerpoint Rounds open up this weapon to do up to 132 damage per shot, which is deadly, but something like a Peacekeeper is a much better option for all types of enemies, not just the ones without shields.
  • One final nail in the coffin for the “bique” is its slow rate of fire of a little over 2 seconds. 

That's our tier list! Do you agree, disagree? Let us know in the comments! 

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