[Top 5] Apex Legends Most OP Characters

[Top 5] Apex Legends Most OP Characters
Who is the Most OP Character of Apex Legends?

[Top 5] Apex Legends Most OP Characters

5. Valkyrie:

Insane Valkyrie owning the lobby

The newest entry in Apex legends, Valkyrie owns the sky period. 

A well-balanced legend scraping all the arguments that a new legend is always super powerful so that people may play it more. 

She is a support category legend with the likes of Gibby. Not too offensive of a character but has that tactical Missile swarm that can punch through enemies and rattle them. Still, not enough to eliminate a full-knitted squad, unlike the Gibby's bombardment. 

The VTOL Jet is an added advantage while in a fight. You can fly up with VTOL jets and fire a swarm of mini rockets on enemies taking cover on the other side. Or you can reposition your teammates to a better place with the Skyward Dive Ultimate ability. Which is most effective while running away from a closing circle! Leave no one behind!

Why is Valkyrie OP:

  • Tactical Missile swarm to stun the enemies.
  • Jetpack to Fly around 
  • Skyward Dive to launch herself into the air and skydive with an option to carry teammates. Also, while sky diving, she can recon the enemy's positions including the champion squad! Do look out for "CH" while diving, that's the champion squad.

4. Gibraltar

The thick boy is back in the Top 5 OP legends in season 9. This hunk gets his strength from the fortified status. Now he takes 15 % less damage. His dome shield protects his team, provides faster heals, and revives. A Perfect team support player. What more do you want?

While you can rush an infantry squad with confidence, you simply can’t do that to a squad having this tank. He will destroy you and still have enough health thanks to his Gun shield that upgrades when inflicting damage! 

Why Gibraltar is OP

  • The Dome shield protects from incoming fire. Provides faster heal and quick revives. It also saves you if you are in the middle of an engagement and are attacked by third parties.
  • Gun Shield gives you extra armor from incoming fire. It covers his whole body, so you get a cover anywhere you want. Also, the shield upgrades as the damage inflicted increases! 
  • The bombardment of Ultimate ability is devastating. It literally brings down hellfire. And is effective in 3rd party. You can call in the bombardment as a defensive measure, upon yourself while staying safe in the dome shield. This gives you time to reassemble and heal while keeping enemies at bay. Or you can use it as an offensive just to mess with other squads!

3. Bloodhound

ShivFPS rocking with Bloodhound!

The "technological tracker" they said, well said. The Bloodhound had their buff recently and this legend is seriously OP now. Thanks to the 6-second cooldown to the Eye of the All-father tactical ability during Beast of the Hunt Ultimate. They are now swift and can scan multiple times during the Ultimate. A true nightmare for the enemies. One simply cannot outrun them if they are chasing you using the beast of the hunt. 

Some players might have trouble using Bloodhound as they are not the attack-type legend. They are more like a support legend who gives valuable intel to the teammates while attacking or defending. However, we all know, it depends on the player playing the character, not the character. 

I want to warn you about the two disadvantages if you are looking forward to choosing Bloodhound as the main legend in Season 9. First, the large hitbox they possess is an open target if they are out in the open. Second, the tactical scan range is large enough to spot them if they are in your proximity. So much for surprising your enemies! 

Still, this hunter is thirsty for blood! 

Why Bloodhound is OP:

  • The new Beast of Hunt Ultimate gives you the ability to scan after every 6 seconds plus giving them an extra boost while chasing enemies. 
  • Tracking enemies for a longer time. Just like an overly attached Ex
  • Best combination with a Bangalore in the squad. The smoke grenade with Eye of the Allfather is a perfect opportunity for a clutch!
  • They can scan the survey beacons to reveal the next ring.


Back at it with Insane TTV_Wraith gameplay!

Wraith is the most played and most chosen legend by players worldwide. if you are a Wraith main, you would probably understand what I am talking about here. Yeah, I know you are also frustrated with TTV_Wraith players but hey, she still is the most OP character in the game for some players. 

Her abilities mimic a Ninja. Sneak n Shoot. With an absolute mad movements skill which makes it harder to shoot her. However, you need to master those skills. 

If you wonder why TTV_Wraiths quit right after they are dead, the answer is because they have mastered the art of the Ninja, who were trained to work alone and get the job done!

In competitive leagues or even Ranked games, you will find a Wraith in most of the squads. You should watch the gameplay of pros who main Wraith. It is crazy. They have managed to won the toughest games in the tournaments just because of how fast she can move. A true ninja assassin! 

Why wraith is OP:

  • Faster Movements 
  • Small hitboxes
  • Portal in/out and phasing out timely in tough situations help her and her teammates.
  • She can sense enemies beforehand which is helpful when rushing in on a squad or being aimed at.

1. Horizon

Apex Predator showing why you should main Horizon now! 

Ah yes, the "Gravitational Manipulator”. Dr. May Somers is the new OP chart-topper strictly because of her abilities. From lifting enemies out of the way using Gravity lift tactical, to deploying a black hole Ultimate through N.E.W.T and throwing grenades at them while they are being sucked into the Blackhole. 

Since she was introduced, this legend quickly became the next big thing. Got close in stats with Wraith in Win rate and Pick rate. However, a few nerfs in her abilities slightly reduced the impact she once had. But still, she sits at the top of the throne in Season 9!

The one irritating thing I noticed is, she is constantly talking, I guess that's what happens when you are stuck in space for too long!

"Fancy a bit of a blether?" 

Why Horizon is OP:

  • She can bounce around the map without feeling the effects of fall thanks to its Space Walk Passive 
  • She can lift teammates and or attacking enemies in the sky making them easy to shoot at. She can also lift herself from a fight to heal or to snipe, taking the advantage of height.
  • Her Ultimate ability is powerful, the black hole pulls you towards itself and you cannot escape it. Then you are one thermite or grenade away to get knocked down.
  • Pro tip- You can lift your toxic teammates out of the map as well .


These were the top 5 Most OP Characters in Apex Legends, let me know which legend is your main in the comment section. 

 Till then, Bye dearie!

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